Times are tough for unemployed NFL vets


Each of the NFL’s 32 teams has 90 roster spots at the moment, and most teams have filled that allotment in this short window before the start of training camp.

So basically, if you’re any good, or have a realistic chance at making a 53-man roster in the fall, you’re somewhere already.

There are, however, a few guys on the street who could help some teams, at some point this season. Alex Marvez of FoxSports.com lists the top 10 available guys, with the reasons they’re still out there.

Of the lot of them, the one that may make the least sense that he’s not on a team is running back Cedric Benson.

The Raiders have been reported to be interested, and that seems like a fit for a team that needs a steady fallback plan for Darren McFadden.

Otherwise, a lot of the guys looking for work are coming off injuries (Andre Carter, Max Starks, Braylon Edwards, Jim Leonhard), meaning teams will be extremely cautious when checking them out before camp.

This is the buyer-beware time of year, as there’s a reason these guys have gone this long without employment.

9 responses to “Times are tough for unemployed NFL vets

  1. It would seem as though Times are tough for unemployed PEOPLE everywhere, whether veterans or young. Let’s hope many ” catch on ” with employment situations soon.

  2. With the recent arrest of Dion Lewis…I expect the Eagles will be thinking long and hard about acquiring the services of a productive, proven RB to take some of the load off McCoy. A bruiser would be appreciated, considering the troubles Philly has had gaining 1 or 2 tough yards on 3rd down and in goal line situations.

  3. “Times are tough for unemployed NFL vets”

    Those words should never be placed together in the same sentence.

    NFL players make, on average, nearly half a million per season. Guys like Benson (almost all those late-signings this time of year) have trouble all because of themselves.

    They would be on a team still if they weren’t A) troublemakers, or B) couldn’t hack it.

  4. Andre Carter only has himself to blame. Guy is past 30, coming off a serious injury and is claimed to be looking for a long term pro bowl caliber DE contract.

    Might as well just give it up and sign with the Pats

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