Vikings land at No. 29 in preseason power poll

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The Minnesota Vikings avoided the bottom three spots on the PFT Preseason Power Rankings.

But not the fourth.

The Vikings are No. 29 in our space-filling team-by-team previews.

The ranking isn’t as relevant as the effort to summarize the team’s strengths, weaknesses, changes, looming camp battles, and prospects.  But if the ranking gets your juices flowing, then it’s a welcome addition to the process.

So read the entry, and then let us know whether you agree with where the Vikings have landed.

14 responses to “Vikings land at No. 29 in preseason power poll

  1. At this point, it doesn’t make sense to quibble over whether they’re #29, #28, or #25. All that matters is where they are at the end of this season and the beginning of next season. I expect a relatively quick ascent.

  2. Depends how Peterson is returning from injury. If he’s not up to snuff, they will be #32 w/o a doubt.

    Inexperienced QB, no WRs, terrible defense . The only thing the have is AD.

  3. The Vikings with a healthy AP were one of the worst teams in the league last year. This year, AP coming of an ACL injury means teams won’t have to respect the run vaguely as much, and it’s not like the Vikings’ WR corps is exactly impressive. Throw in an aging defensive line, questionable LBs, and possibly the worst secondary in the league, and Minnesota has a pretty solid chance at the first overall pick next year.

  4. I can see most of the small market franchises ending up on the bottom of your list, and the larger market franchises at the top. Why? To cater to popular public opinion.

    I like the Vikings, but I am not optimistic about there chances this year given their offseason problems, uncertainty of Adrian Peterson, and lack of experience (quarterback) and talent (wide receiver) at key positions.

    I would put them maybe 3 spots higher. Frankly it doesn’t surprise me at all given your outspoken negativity regarding the Vikings they are this low. Kind of surprised you don’t have them listed at 32.

  5. These power rankings are pretty worthless every year. Each year some teams falter and some rise up much to the surprise of everyone. Curious as to the SB predictions. Whoever is picked can be chalked up as two teams that won’t be there.

  6. The Vikings may surprise people this year……….go ahead and hate……this sight is mainly full of GB band wagon fans anyway

  7. An unbiased Bears fan’s take:

    I like Ponder, AP, and Harvin on offense, and Allen is a beast on defense, so the Vikes do have some playmakers…Enough to be 5-5 at the bye, probably not. Plus, they still must face the Bears and Packers 4 times in their last 6 games, so 7-9 is an outside possibility.

  8. Just go ahead and bet against the Vikes. I will be man enough to admit I was wrong, But will any of you Haters do the same?

  9. So I guess I was wrong about Fins at 29 (did not expect Colts at 31). Guess that means they get 28. 27 will be the highest. Expert “consensus” you know. In any case I can’t imagine another team being 28 with all the Fins bashing this off-season, but if they do make it to 27, then I guess it means Cards are 28.

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