Adrian Peterson’s lawyer: “There wasn’t anything to arrest him for”


The attorney for Vikings running back Adrian Peterson says the Houston Police Department had no valid reason to arrest Peterson on Saturday, when they arrested him and charged him with resisting arrest, but not with any other offense.

Attorney Rusty Hardin told Mike Florio (who’s filling in on the Dan Patrick Show today) that it’s baffling that Peterson would be charged with resisting arrest when the police still haven’t said what Peterson did to deserve an arrest in the first place.

“That’s because there wasn’t anything to arrest him for, and that goes right to the heart of everything,” Hardin said. “There was no basis for it. . . . He wasn’t doing anything to merit an arrest.”

Peterson particularly takes issue with the allegation from the police that Peterson pushed an off-duty police officer. Hardin said Peterson’s defense team has interviewed six witnesses, all of whom side with Peterson.

“Adrian never pushed or hit a police officer or shoved him or did anything,” Hardin said.

Hardin said Peterson is hoping his fans will give him the benefit of the doubt, given his reputation as a good guy off the field.

“This kind of conduct they’re suggesting is so totally inconsistent with Adrian’s history,” Hardin said. “He has been very careful over the years to conduct himself in a way that no one would think he would do something like this.”

Ultimately, Hardin said, Peterson isn’t interested in just paying a quick fine and getting the whole thing over with. Peterson wants to be completely exonerated.

“He wants everybody to make sure they understand he didn’t do this,” Hardin said.

Demonstrating that he didn’t do it will probably be more time consuming and more expensive than just making it go away quietly, but Peterson is determined to make sure everyone hears his side of the story. And his side is that he did nothing wrong.

45 responses to “Adrian Peterson’s lawyer: “There wasn’t anything to arrest him for”

  1. I’m a baised Vikings fan, but these are the actions of an innocent person.

    This story doesn’t pass the sniff test, and this is one of the big reasons why. The DA couldn’t sign off on other charges because they had no cause to arrest him in the first place. Not to mention that the TMZ twist to this is looking more and more innaccurate, as Peterson was only there for 1/2 hour.

    Something tells me that when this is done, there’s going to be a Houston off duty cop that might find himself in his own bit of hot water.

  2. You know, Peterson is lucky he wasn’t followed out by the cops and ran over by the squad car…..HPD is known for running over ‘suspects’ with police vehicles, check the Chad Holley video. Dude got creamed by the cop car, then a good ole butt whooping.

  3. Isn’t Houston the same police department gave Ryan Moats a hard time when he was on his way to see his mother-in-law (who was dying)?

    Not sure what the whole story is here, but it seems the police need a better explanation of this. They don’t need bad P.R. anymore than Peterson does.

  4. I guess “Rusty” is hopeful that the video of the transgression is inconclusive. This will be great when later someone steps forward out of nowhere with a cell phone video showing Peterson being drunk, disorderly and abusively aggressive. I can see it now …

    Rusty Hardin reiterates the words of the immortal Algonquin J. Calhoun Esq … “Your honor, my client wishes to throw himself on the mercy of the Court.”

  5. The “pushed ” off duty police officer must identify himself as a police officer before such arrest can be made. IF Peterson pushes the OD police officer then the push itself is a misdemeaner. I take exception to Peterson being arrested for being black on Friday night. As a retired PO there are many good police officers out there just trying to do a tough job. And, I admit, there are some officers out there that need training, Ive seen them and some shouldnt be on the road. If some of you dont believe its not a very tough job, then try it yourself. I believe Peterson will walk on this one, doesnt seem to be any PC.

  6. Love how Peterson’s lawyer and dad seem to know everything that went on at a time and place when neither were there. AP told them….so it must be true. The club owner has some not-so-positive things to say about Peterson’s behavior the entire night.

    AP should just pay the pocket change fine and move on. If he would have, everybody would have forgotten about it by now. Making it linger isn’t helping. All of this BS is just making him look worse.

  7. Although it will take more time and effort to prove that he did not do anything wrong, in the long run proving his innocence will benefit him in endorsement deals, goodwill, and not potentially getting his first strike, the second of which could lead to a suspension/lost paycheck/fine, etc.

    If he didn’t do anything, he should just pay the fine. He has the money to defend himself.

  8. a psychology grad student told me that police tend to score as bullies on psychology tests but they just chose to make it legal instead of.

  9. Officers are trained to get in your face, and make you escalate it to the point that they can arrest you. 2AM, Drunk and trying to impress some bar friends sounds like Peterson is guilty of being “that guy”. He probably did nudge the bouncer/off duty officer, but that is all it takes is a touch and you’re “assaulting a police officer”.

    Either way the clubs security footage should either exonerate Peterson or clearly show he touched the bouncer first.

  10. Hardin’s statements regarding Peterson’s alleged behavior being “totally inconsistent” with his history are completely irrelevant. Everybody has a bad day or night every once in awhile. everybody screws up and makes a bad decision at some point. This incident very well could have been one of those times for Peterson.

    I’m not saying Peterson is innocent or guilty. I am just pointing out that Hardin is engaging in the same assclown behavior and making the same irrelevant statements he made while representing Roger Clemens.

  11. Let’s all be real, if Adrian wanted to get the man out of the way he wouldn’t have “shoved him”…he would have done what he did to Al Harris and William Gay, full ACL or not. Innocence.

  12. mjkelly77 –
    You’re just not thinking friend.
    It’s HIGHLY unlikely that is going to happen.
    High priced lawyers are high priced because they are GOOD.
    And they DON’T do things like make up outrageous and untrue stories that could EASILY be proved otherwise making them later look foolish.. and (here’s the important part…) Less high priced…

    So, highly doubt he was drunk, aggressive and disorderly, because as you say, all it would take is a cell phone video to make them all look like liars.

    Which anybody who went to law school knows JUST AS WELL as you.

  13. I love how everybody is so quick to jump on the HPD as if they were in that situation. People have a tendency to get a little violent when they’re drinking, (every stadium in the nfl on sundays) and this jacked NFL athlete who trucks little dudes for a living is on another planet and there’s no telling what his next move is. I’m sure the police did get a little aggresive…but its their job, grow up hippies and AP, pay the man off and issue a fake public apology like a normal athlete.

  14. Im tired of seeing statements and press releases from people who are going off of APs word.

    When will some evidence be presented? Because as far as I know, nobody in jail has ever committed a crime. Everyone is innocent.

    I have no idea what he did or didnt do. Im just tired of seeing people take sides when noone has any idea what went on that night.

    The only fact I know is that he got treated for facial injuries on Tuesday for something that happened Saturday. And his mugshot from 15 minutes after this incident shows him smiling, with no facial injury whatsoever. Especially the black eye he claims to have had.

  15. I’m confused… how can someone be charged with ‘resisting arrest’ when that person hasn’t been charged with an offense other than resisting arrest? Does Houston have one of those arcane laws that say that lump all sorts of offenses, such as failure to comply with an officer of the law, under the heading of resisting arrest?

    The fact that the amount that AP is paying Hardin every hour is probably twice the amount of the fine is telling, tho.

  16. All Day should’ve hired Kevin Costner to defend him. He can lawyer it up, bodyguard it up and build it until they come. Triple threats hold it down and go off for 40s. Get at me.

  17. Let’s see if the security footage ever sees the light of day…Sure seems like a weak arrest. He has a clean reputation and a lot of witnesses. But nothing good happens bar-hopping after midnight when you are in the NFL. The “Little Ceasar” mentality of a security guard off-duty deputy seems to be the ruckus here.Show me the footage of an unruly abusive Peterson and I would be shocked. I believe his side of the story until they show evidence that proves otherwise.

  18. I am with AP on this one. If you are innocent, stand your ground and let them try to prove you guilty! Why would you just “pay the man” if you aren’t guilty? I don’t care how much money you have, it is NO reason for anyone to try to fleece you by false arrest! Also, it should not take this long to get the “official video” from the club to prove or disprove the allegations.

  19. I’m curious, if Peterson is exonerated, does the HPD have to pay for his attorney fees?? Or at least a portion of them?

  20. I love how people are so quick to rush to judgement, have no idea how the legal system works and for their pure blind hypocrisy. Everyone’s so quick to lament the NFL’s use of public opinion to vilify players, but when a player does it to some other entity (without any proof being shown to the public…first), it’s ok? I see. So even if it turns out there’s video evidence to support the claims that Peterson did indeed misbehave in a bar, the Houston Police are already pariahs of the community.

    Wish the police would hurry it up, if they made a mistake, they need to own up to it and apologize to Peterson. If not, personally, I think they should file full and complete charges against him, and seek to hit him with the maximum penalties. It’s the only way they’ll see a modicum of respect out of this entire situation.

  21. So, OK, haters, let’s see…..

    Peterson gets “drunk”, “mouths off” to a bar employee that happened to be an off duty cop. Peterson “shoves” this employee — why? Said employee asked Peterson to leave — “Disorderly, Drunk”….more cops called in to “Control the situation” whereupon Peterson “resists arrest” and is hence “subdued” by as many as three police officers, giving an alleged black eye and split lip which required medical attention.
    Peterson is a celebrity and this little story circles the globe in minutes, indicating the above to be ‘fact’.

    Peterson gets big-name lawyer who’s now famous for an even bigger victory in front of CONGRESS. Peterson can afford such representation easily and he’s, shall we say, upset that his very good name has been shoved in the mud and stepped on. But in the view of the moronic haters here, Peterson is just bailing water on his ‘sinking ship of lies’ and Peterson should just ‘man up, pay the fine and move on’. That tactic would make sense if Peterson were a moronic non-celebrity that posts on blogs. He isn’t, he’s a zillion-dollar face of a football franchise. He has a lot to lose here. You haters do not have anything to lose, and nor do I. But with the lawyer that exonerated his celebrity client before CONGRESS recently, the facts appear to be coming out. Unless you really believe that Peterson and the lawyer have located, paid and coached all the witnesses to lie and have somehow suppressed video. And seriously, if there were cell phone videos of the “moment”, can you not believe that the owner of that footage would have sold it for a king’s ransom already and put it on one of those horrid gossip sites by MONDAY?

    Why no comment from the Houston PD? Why no media appearances from them? It’s just a simple shove, right? Misdemeanor? If there were no questions about the way the ‘event’ was handled, would this not be over?

    Sure, I’m a lifelong Vikings fan and I love Adrian Peterson. The NFL loves AP. Millions love AP. AP has very much to lose. If I were him, I’d be doing the very same things.

  22. Obviously we don’t have the facts, however given AP’s pretty solid history of being a good citizen and my own experience with police officers in the 10 or so traffic stops during my 30 yr driving history, I’m inclined to side with AP. Plenty of fantastic police officers out there who truly do honor and respect the badge but there are plenty of mediocre bums who abuse and disgrace the badge as well.

  23. Viking fans have his back. This guy is one of the last players you would have to worry about being some punk criminal, Peterson has been great on the field and a model citizen off. Speeding tickets aside, but who cares about those anyway, he never causes trouble unless you’re the playing for the defense then you have to worry about him coming at you with wreckless amandoment as Peterson runs hard, angry and fast.

    Now, if only our offensive line could block better.

    I’m just glad these idiot cops didn’t mess up his knee when they jumped on his back. Could you imagine the lawsuits if they had caused his knee to buckle and the rehab took another six months?!

  24. The way Peterson is attacking this is very, very telling. It rather resembles the way he runs over dudes on the field.

    There’s no juke moves or fancy footwork here. AD is running this right up the gut and I think there’s gonna be a certain arresting officer that’ll be doubtful for the rest of his career.

  25. This club owner isnt very smart. You realize football players aren’t going to come there anymore right? People wont say hey I saw AP having a good time at the club (that’s closing soon). All for your off duty cop buddy? You’ll learn real soon that there are no friends when it comes to money. I bet they spend more money in that bar in one night than the entire police department in a year. Go ahead and say goodbye to that idiot. Didnt you learn in business class about maximizing profits? I can tell you right now I don’t want to go there. I could get tackled for no reason. No thanks

  26. Another “innocent” guy who was just minding his own business when some jerk cop who had nothing better to do decided to pick a fight just so he could arrest him….

    Sounds like another celebrity that got caught up in the moment and forgot that everybody has to play by the same rules and now he cant handle the consequences of his actions.

    Typical and what’s even more typical is that most of you idiots believe him. If you do you’re naive.

  27. None of this would have happened if Peterson wouldn’t have been in a bar at 2:00 AM. I’m not saying that he broke any laws, but nothing good can happen in a bar at 2:00 AM.

  28. My guess is the truth lies somewhere between. I bet Peterson was a little tipsy and smart-mouthing the police officer. I’m also betting the police officer was not uniformed and didn’t clearly identify himself. HPD probably realizes this and is stalling because – while Peterson may have been in the wrong – the HPD officer was a little more in the wrong. Then things got out of hand and here we are.

    It’s probably best for HPD to apologize to Peterson, publicize that its officer was doing his best to clear out the bar but got carried away. Dismiss the charges, and suspend the officer for a day or two.

    Unless the video footage proves otherwise.

  29. Frazier28/7 says:
    Jul 11, 2012 12:11 PM
    Could you imagine the lawsuits if they had caused his knee to buckle and the rehab took another six months?!

    Could you imagine if he’s guilty the only person he could blame was himself?

    When the club is closing and they tell you to leave, you know what you do?

  30. eaglesw00t says:
    Jul 11, 2012 10:51 AM
    Im tired of seeing statements and press releases from people who are going off of APs word.

    When will some evidence be presented? Because as far as I know, nobody in jail has ever committed a crime. Everyone is innocent.

    I have no idea what he did or didnt do. Im just tired of seeing people take sides when noone has any idea what went on that night.

    The only fact I know is that he got treated for facial injuries on Tuesday for something that happened Saturday. And his mugshot from 15 minutes after this incident shows him smiling, with no facial injury whatsoever. Especially the black eye he claims to have had.

    So because scared cops “didn’t know what this big guy would do next” they had the right to be more aggressive?? Aren’t they “trained” to handle these situations? That’s a real dark road you are heading down. As a black male I get irritated when I constantly see comments that everything is racist. However, the sad fact is that there are STEREOTYPES and unfortunately a lot of them are used by police. Some see a big guy and just assume he is trouble. Then when he had the audacity to speak back to them it was escalated because he was being “aggressive” That’s what happens quite often and the firm I worked at has made a killing getting charges like this dismissed. You would be shocked at how often these charges are dropped.

  31. Why was he out drinking all night when he is supposedly rehabing his knee? Makes me think what was he doing the nights & weeks prior to the 3 fumbles in the NFC Championship game?
    He also drives worse than Justin Beiber. So AP has a history of ignoring laws. Who knows. Show the videotape already.

  32. First of all, off duty officers should not be allowed to work another job where alcohol is involved. Eg. Bouncer @ a bar. Very unprofessional of HPD to allow their ppl to do this.
    In this case, it really looks like the cop screwed up. Time will tell.

  33. Remember Ryan Moats? How about Robbie Tolan? They both had more than unpleasant run-ins with Houston area cops. Tolan was shot by a cop in his own driveway. I for one am not surprised AD is another arrest statistic.

  34. How can a person be arrested for resisting arrest without being charged with a crime in the first place to justify the arrest that was supposedly resisted?

    The Houston Police are corrupt!

  35. qinct says:
    Jul 11, 2012 3:13 PM
    Remember Ryan Moats? How about Robbie Tolan? They both had more than unpleasant run-ins with Houston area cops. Tolan was shot by a cop in his own driveway. I for one am not surprised AD is another arrest statistic.


    Lest we forget Chad Holley, and that smash down he got. A Federal judge attempted to block that video from coming out, but Ch 13 ABC leaked it, showed it and it enraged the public.

    I don’t think Peterson should sue them “into the stone age”, but I have a sneaking suspicion the “were modern day slaves” comment was a little more plausible then thought.

    Of course there wasn’t anything to arrest him for.

  36. Just another crap hole in good ol US of Aholes! Houston’s finest will give you drunk in public INSIDE a bar just to help the locales get free labor out at the bean farm! This time they sized up AP figuring he’d pick ALL DAY long!

  37. This thing has acted like a duck for too long, Peterson should start filing law sutes RIGHT NOW an um talking about every body, the police… The club owner.. The city of Houston.. The club manager an the taxi that drove by out side. Peterson was attacked thrown on his face an wrongfully arrested, the police lied an said Peterson pushed him an the tape will get out

  38. Yeah Hardin got Clements an aquitall and now he’s a trying to get public opinion option on AP’s side and doing a bang up job like he did for Roger. He convinced a nation that Clements never used Roids……or did he?

  39. crowd-sourced info says the OD officer was in uniform

    this is going to come down to one of them lying. AP going hard after it makes it seem like he’s telling the truth.

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