Antonio Cromartie thinks full offseason will help the Jets

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We’ve heard several different theories as to why the Jets slumped to an 8-8 record after two straight appearances in the AFC Championship Game and it doesn’t seem that we’re out of them yet.

In an interview with Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger, cornerback Antonio Cromartie pointed to last year’s lockout as a contributing factor for the Jets’ disappointing finish. To Cromartie, the fact that the Jets returned most of the core from the previous year’s AFC runner-up wasn’t enough to outweigh the lack of time to mesh caused by the labor strife. Cromartie thinks the return to normalcy will be benefit the Jets.

“We have an offseason. That’s the biggest thing, we have an offseason. Last year we didn’t have an offseason, and I think all the focus we put into last year didn’t — we weren’t able to blend well last year. I think the offseason we’ve had now, everybody can get a feel for everybody else and just go out and play football.”

There’s no doubt that the truncated offseason created challenges for every team in the league last season. Twelve other teams were able to shrug that off and play well enough to make it to the playoffs, though, and that makes this more of a rationalization than an explanation for what went down in 2011.

Not that the distinction matters all that much at this point. Last year is last year and the Jets should only be focused on the future.

10 responses to “Antonio Cromartie thinks full offseason will help the Jets

  1. can’t wait for this circus to implode, if they get off to a slow start the finger pointing and sideline squabbles will come! mememe Revis will hold out and his humble holiness will carry Sanchez’s clipboard until he can sharpen it up enough to jab markymark with it !! I for one can’ wait.

  2. for what reason would a short off season hurt the Jets? Did they have a new defensive coordinator or a new offensive coordinator or even a new Special teams guy? What about the turnover on offense and defense. They had NO reason to suc last year except for the fact that they are not as good as they thin they are. They even had Rex Ryan taking the heat so his players would not. Which is why Rex does a good job with his players. He takes the heat even if they suck.

  3. Hmmm… So let me get this straight.

    He thinks having a longer time to prepare and practice may result in them playing better?

    What an amazingly original insight!

    Of course as an excuse for last year it’s pretty lame. Every other NFL team had the same short off season and were a lot better than the Jets.

  4. “Antonio Cromartie thinks full offseason will help the Jets”. Well of course, and it will help all the other 31 teams too. What a stupid comment, you should be worrying about Revis’s contract and Rex Ryan’s superbowl promises each year.

  5. News flash for the brilliant Mr. Cro-Magnon man: None of the other teams had an off-season either. This guy obviously can only do what his little head says to simply because there’s nothing but a hollow vacu-cranium upstairs. The results are plain to see. Doesn’t he have “handlers” to advise him to… ‘just don’t talk’???

  6. Bill Belicheat has no idea what Cromartie is talking about. Neither do the members of the Packers, 49ers, Ravens etc….

  7. Cromartie’s theory is interesting:

    A team coming off two straight playoff appearances and which won 11 games the previous season was hurt by the lockout.

    Who could argue with logic like that?

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