Brandon Jacobs thinks Randy Moss has a chip on his shoulder


Jim Harbaugh isn’t the only one in San Francisco who likes what he sees from Randy Moss.

Brandon Jacobs, the running back who like Moss signed with the 49ers this offseason, says that after watching Moss doing offseason work, he thinks the Moss in San Francisco right now is motivated to play like the Moss of old. Jacobs told Jim Rome on Rome that Moss has been assuring teammates that they’re going to like what they see from him this year.

“His motivation level is high,” Jacobs said. “I think Moss has a chip on his shoulder. I’ve spoken to him a lot, and he starts off everything with, ‘Just wait.’ He’s got a chip on his shoulder, he’s ready to go out there and show everybody that he can play still.”

There was a time when a motivated Randy Moss was the best receiver in football, but that time is long in the past. Moss is 35 years old, didn’t play at all in 2011 and didn’t play well in 2010. No matter how motivated Moss is, no amount of motivation can help Moss outrun Father Time.

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  1. The first three paragraphs are reporting a story. The last paragraph is editorializing. Just wait.

  2. Moss doesn’t have to be the “Moss of old”. Push the top of the defense occasionally and make big grabs (both he should still be able to do) that is what SF needs. We’ve got Manningham, Crabs and AJ at WR coupled with Vernon at TE.. I think that should do. So let us begin to hear the naysayers about the QB who’ve never actually WATCHED him play. He is accurate and he WILL prove this year how good he can be!

  3. Im sure he does have a chip on his shoulder. A motivated Randy Moss is always dangerous on the field. The problem is that motivation lasts only until he gets frustrated with the QB, the team losing, or the play calling.

    Alex Smith doesnt exactyly strike me as the type of guy who will get Moss to buy into whatever he’s trying to do. Im sure Moss will have his good games though theres no denying his talent

  4. And, I could imagine a very motivated Brandon Jacobs mowing guys down at the line of scrimmage as well. He’s working on his burst, he’s heard the talk and he’ll be running behind a better run-blocking line. He could be a beast again this year.

  5. What’s the point of this article?

    “Brandon Jacobs said this”

    “But Moss is old so he sucks”

    I was going to click and comment either way you don’t have to throw in an opinion for shock value, and if you are at least don’t be lazy.

  6. Sorry Randy. Time waits for no one. Not even you. Bump Randy hard at the line and he’ll give up by the end of the first quarter. After that he’ll be as good as a pylon.

  7. Yeah I see Moss returning to form. 70 catches 1200 yds. 12 TD. He is making crap money and NEEDS to perform if he not only wants another good chunk of money but also to even continue playing in this league. Moss has been selfish at times but he isn’t stupid. He realizes this is his last chance if he doesn’t perform. That is when Moss is the most dangerous is when his back is against the wall. It’s been like that his whole career.

  8. So – what do we have: a motivated Randy Moss; a Top 5 Defense under the guidance of Vic Fangio that finally has a chance to learn their playbook; a QB finally on the positive end of a learning curve; an enhanced Special Team; an offense that includes Vernon Davis and D. Walker with additional speed added; an Offensive Coord with more (and better) weapons than ever before; and, an idolized Head Coach that’s managed to get ‘buy-in’ across the board to his “…be better today than you were yesterday’ mantra; along with an offense that the first 2-3 opponents have not seen – and thus cannot prepare for. Hmmmmm!

  9. When motivated he can still be highly effective. The questions is…. how long will it take before he turns into psycho-Randy. New England got 3 years out of him before his alter-ego appeared. I’m betting we’ll get to see the highly entertaining psycho-Randy almost immediately if the 49ers don’t win consistently.

  10. Umm, lets not jump on the Moss Bandwagon just yet. Are we going to see the Moss from the Patriots or the Moss from the Vikings or Titans. We will see once the season starts, cuz theirs no telling.

  11. The thing is no one ever doubted whether Moss still had it. The question is can he or will he maintain a positive attitude the entire season, will he run block with 100% effort, will he run proper routes when the play isn’t designed for him? will he answer the media’s sometimes dumb azz questions.

    If Alex Smith fails to get him the ball, will Moss alienate him like he’s done previously?

    Having a chip doesn’t mean Moss did away with his old selfish ways.

  12. I hope he pulls a hamstring week one. This guy is a fricken loser. I dont care how talented he is… Horrible human being that doesn’t deserve anything.

  13. Too bad he will have Alex Smith at QB and are a run first team!
    Just saying.
    Still a really really good team and if he can stay team oriented he will help. Only needs to make the plays when needed so would worry about 100 games. He can get you over the hump in playoff games and opening up the field for other guys.
    Go Patriots

  14. I don’t understand the moss hate that u and mike write every article. I’m a lifelong cowboys fan, so no allegiance to moss but he’s the most dominant wr since rice. The way you just snub your nose like he’s crap just sounds dumb. If everyone who’s w him everyday is saying he looks great and u don’t think he is, take some of that NBC money and fly to sf and see for yourself. Then report back an educated opinion instead of your couch opinion.

  15. Do people just completely forget that Harbaugh isnt a run first coach, he is a WCO coach. And that the offense under Roman only got through a lil over half of the playbook and was still installing plays up to and including the Championship game. Moss will be better than Hastings and Swain no matter what and that means if they play moderately close to the potential of the offense, they 49ers will be in the championship game again.

  16. He’s 35 – it’s over. Anybody expecting a resurgence is fooling themselves.

  17. randy is a freak. people who say his last year proves he’s got nothin left forget that he began that year with one of the highlights of the year (burning revis for a 1 handed td grab). he can easily give them double digit TDs and his presence on the field will open up stuff underneath for the other guys

  18. I dont think he will be much of a threat. maybe sometimes. 49ers are a defense oriented team and with a good offense could be very scary. Like my Ravens are i would love to see a super Harbaugh bowl this year and how the offseason has gone i could forsee that happening. Dispite Suggs hurting himself.

  19. Hey Jacobs. Dont worry about Moss, What are you gonna do? Get cut? Your probably#4 on the depth chart. Your the one that needs the chip on your shoulder.


  20. The chip must be what causes him to go half speed his whole career when his number isn’t called.

  21. Moss of old?

    Moss is old!

    When Alex Smith, not Peyton Manning is throwing to him, he’ll get get bored because none of the balls will be even close to him.

    By the end of the season, he will be taking so many plays off that every announcer will notice how tired he really is. You think Billicheck lets good players go?

  22. I dont expect moss to put up 20 plus td’s. Jus a cuple splash plays here and there to keep defences honest. And to use his 6-4 frame to outjump defenders in the redzone. Thats wat we needed most

  23. But really one must question first, Can Alex Smith throw the deep ball. Something he’s never done nor really been asked to do. Moss is great at one thing and that’s fly routes down the sideline. I can see Randy beating most teams 2nd and 3rd best db, but can the ball get to him…..we shall see.

  24. If there was a chip on Randy Moss’ shoulder, Jacobs would have eaten it a long time ago.

  25. What is the over/under on Moss’s 100 yard games?

    And where would you bet on an over/under of moss having 7td’s .

    Bias folk need not reply.

  26. I’m in the…. Don’t tell me show me….. I hope he plays out of his mind…. I really do…..however, given his recent past…… Prove it to me…..every game all season…please

  27. The Tinman has proven over and over that when things don’t go his way, he quits and pouts like a three year old. How can I cheer for a guy like that?

  28. I have to admit the 49er’s strengthen their team this year with offensive free agent acquisitions.

    We’ll see this year whether Alex Smith will make or break this team. Personally, I don’t think he’s very good

  29. @tigershark49….. Excellent point Sir! There was an article 2 days ago about the Saints and their stable of ‘backs, but SF sports (IMHO) a better collection starting with perennial all-pro Frank Gore, the 2 speedy youngsters Hunter and James and they’ve added a 2-time SB champion in (yes he IS a loudmouth) Jacobs. Talk about dangerous!…..I’ve somehow left Anthony Dixon out. I wonder how that happened?!

  30. Moss is not playing for incentives or a big contract. Moss is an enigma by most accounts. He is just playing to win and show everyone that he can. What motivates most, does not motivate Randy by any means.

  31. as a niners fan i cant wait till september. Alot of talk b all the haters saying hes going to be a flop but you know what??? hes better than swain and tedd ginn and williams at the receiver position. so everyone needs to take off their delusional glasses. SUPERBOWL BOUND.

  32. Randy Moss has rested for most of 2 years now, so he should be as fresh as a spring chicken. And let’s face it, he never worked his fingers to the bone anyway…
    His incentive-driven contract ensures that the 9ers can’t lose in this situation. Either he blows everyone away with his effort and production, or he quits and gets cut in week 6. He knows that if he doesn’t produce, he won’t get paid this year. 9ers front office got it right. They are the ones that helped motivate Randy. Just wait.

  33. I’m not going to be rooting for the 49ers, but I do buy that Moss will be good this year. I’ve seen Moss when he is and isn’t motivated, and even at age 35 I’m expecting him to have a pretty good season.

    He has always wanted to win a Superbowl, and I think he knows this is his last shot. They will most likely make the playoffs this year, so they will certainly be in the mix to make it to the superbowl.

  34. Unless Brandon Jacobs is planning on covering punts and kickoffs, I don’t know if he will make the 53-man roster… Anthony Dixon is a decent short-yardage back, and he loves special teams.

  35. OK, Viking fan here, with a love/hate feeling for Randy. Even at 35 Randy can out shine most recievers out there, but that is when Randy wants to play. Remember, Randy plays when he wants to play, his quote not mine. He also can cause a lot of problems in the locker room and off the field, so get ready SF for some maybe amusing but mostly frustraing press from Randy. I guess if he plays well off the field you can put up with the rest.

  36. 49ers adding Randy Moss to the team is the best move all off season cant wait till football starts this should be a good year for all 49er fans with Moss on the team they might go all the way if Alex Smith has a good year like last season…. Go Niners!

  37. I don’t believe the hype. So he can run fast. Big deal. Every young defensive back in the NFL is fast. I’ll believe it when I see him going up for jump balls in a crowd, which he hasn’t done since 07. But is he really that fast anymore? Two years ago he was getting chased down by linebackers.

  38. ybo1 says:
    Jul 12, 2012 11:13 AM
    OK, Viking fan here, with a love/hate feeling for Randy. Even at 35 Randy can out shine most recievers out there, but that is when Randy wants to play. Remember, Randy plays when he wants to play, his quote not mine. He also can cause a lot of problems in the locker room and off the field, so get ready SF for some maybe amusing but mostly frustraing press from Randy. I guess if he plays well off the field you can put up with the rest


    Viking fan here too. I cheered for the 49ers when they beat the aints in the playoffs last season. But…..don’t get overly optimistic 49er fans…..Vikings fans have seen this movie before.

    I honestly would love to see him end his career on a high note though. He is the greatest deep threat to ever play the game.

  39. Uhh Randy Moss hasn’t somehow forgotten how to catch a ball.. He doesn’t need to get open to catch the ball.. If Alex can get the ball that far downfield with ANY accuracy, Moss will grab it. All the naysayers here… Geez!

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