Bryant McKinnie says Vikings exaggerated his weight problems


Ravens offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie was released by the Vikings last summer amid reports that he had ballooned up to 400 pounds during the lockout. But McKinnie says that’s not true.

In fact, McKinnie says the most he ever weighed with the Vikings was 386, and that he was never a 400-pounder.

“I never was,” McKinnie said on Yahoo Sports Radio, via the Baltimore Sun. “That was exaggerated by the Vikings.”

Once you’re up to the high 300s, a difference of 14 pounds here and there doesn’t mean much, and no one disputes that McKinnie at times has failed to show up to training camp in the best of shape. But McKinnie says that won’t be the case this year. He’s currently down to 350 pounds and finding that once you get yourself into shape, it’s easier to stay in shape.

“Once you just be consistent and keep doing it, you start feeling better and better each day every time you go out and do it,” McKinnie said. “Add in the healthy meals and stuff, it definitely makes it a lot better because you’re putting good fuel into your body.”

McKinnie is putting fuel into a slimmer body now, but he wants to make it clear that he never had a 400-pound body.

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  1. “Once you’re up to the high 300s, a difference of 14 pounds here and there doesn’t mean much”

    Speaking from experience?

  2. He sat on a silver dollar and quarters popped out. That’s pretty big no matter what the scale says.

  3. thankheavenfornumberseven says:Jul 11, 2012 3:41 PM

    Apparently you can’t say “They released him before lunch, so they probably assumed he would be up to 400 by the time the press release came out.”

    YOu guys make me embarrassed to be a Vikings fan. How about coaches getting the most out of their players, rather than shipping off talented guys for nothing (e.g., Randy Moss, Mt. McKinnie)? Ridiculous. Why don’t you focus your energy where it should be – so the guy’s got a weight problem. Big deal. Good teams get the most out of what they have.

  4. Too bad the Vikes haven’t learned about a little thing called a “weight clause.”

    It worked with Donald Penn from the Bucs. He takes a huge paycut/fine if he gains too much over a certain timeframe, or if he goes over the coaches assigned weight for him.

    But it is true, this guy did pack it on a bit too much. Afterall, It’s tough to go back to Ramen noodles after eating fried chicken.

  5. I’d bet almost anyone in the NFL accused of a weight problem would like to think the team doing the accusing is “exaggerating”… This shows signs of denial for what is a serious issue to teams signing lineman for the kind of money they are paying these guys. Nobody wants to make someone rich that doesn’t have the motivation to lose weight and the will power and self control to keep it that way. After all they are looking to sign “professional athletes”. JaMarcus Russell anyone?

  6. And they also embellished his lack of work ethic too…look at him in the pic…pedalling his bike…full equipment…sunny day…not even breaking a sweat!

  7. Word was that he was easily over 400. Who knows. The truth of it is that he’d been given a weight to report in and he didn’t even try.
    This was only one of the issues with this oversized turd. A couple of years ago he back-doored into the pro-bowl and partied non stop and didn’t show up for practice, then was pi$$ed when they wouldn’t let him play the game.
    Cops were called to his house at various times and it seemed like he was in the news way too much and always bad. The kind of guy who never achieved close to his potential because in his own words, “football is just my job, I don’t love it.”

  8. They used the money saved from providing food for him to fund the remainder of their new stadium.

  9. The Vikings DID NOT exaggerate his weight problem last year but I think the media has this offseason. His weight never ballooned this offseason. He’s stayed at or under the 365 that he played at towards the end of last season.

    The problem for McKinney is that John Harbaugh has high expectations and when you don’t meet those expectations you sit. He wanted McKinney at 340-345 and McKinney didn’t get there fast enough.

  10. They put him on the stationary bike and told him to cycle over to Wendy’s to get burgers and shakes for everyone. It only worked for about an hour and a half before he caught on.

  11. Laziest underachiever in the NFL. Gets his first (undeserved) selection to the Pro Bowl a few years ago and pulls a no-show. Case in point. I would rather have no LT than have this cancer on my team.

  12. that 14lb difference on a 400lb man could disappear from him showing up to practice and getting weighed an hour later.

    OK fine,you are 14lb’s shy of 400, im sure it didnt change your quickness. Even 386 is way too much

  13. ““Once you’re up to the high 300s, a difference of 14 pounds here and there doesn’t mean much”

    Speaking from experience?”

    Look around. Im sure its not hard to find examples of obese people

  14. It wasn’t just about the weight. It was also about not being in shape- not even close. I remember at the end of McKinnie’s last season as a Viking him saying how excited he was for next year and that he was really going to work out and get in shape during the off-season…. famous last words. Probably said the same thing in Baltimore.

  15. Hey Vikings fans, what is the point of arguing about dumb McKinnie!! We have Matt Kahlil now!! I can guarantee that he will be 10x the player Mckinnie is. You can at least expect him to make it more than to one pro bowl and to not get kicked off the Pro Bowl team neither.

  16. That’s funny – I thought the only exaggerating that ever came out of Minnesota during the off-season was from the “fans” every summer saying how talented their team was and predicting a Super Bowl win.

  17. So the turnstile says he wasn’t 400? Ok. I’m sure cutting a left tackle just because, was a good idea. Or, he was fat, out of shape, and an issue in the locker room. How is Serena Williams not a pancake?

  18. Too bad our coaching staff could not get into the head of McKinney and get him to show up in shape and ready to go. A good coach will bring out the best in his players.

  19. Guess it’s time for the State of Minnesota Highway Department to Calibrate the truck scale. I woner how many times Brian went over the I-35 Bridge before it collapsed a few years back?

  20. Besides, him losing 14 lbs. is like throwing a deck chair off the Titanic and expecting it not to sink.

  21. Aww a bunch of sour Minnesota fans… Is he great? Nope. Is he consistent? Nope. But he sure jumps a hell of a lot less that Oher when he played LT! and bitching about a guy who hasn’t been on your team in years and now plays for a perennial playoff team won’t get you out of the cellar dweller status in the NFL!!
    Khalil may be better, but Ponder is the Kyle Boller of 2011. And once Harvin is doubled he has nobody to throw to. So maybe be a bit more concerned about that…

  22. For the serious coin he was paid he should have not ever made his BMI an issue. Glad to see he’s moved on.

  23. Bryant “I was kicked off the Pro Bowl Team” McKinnie?

    He’s as trustworthy as they come.

    I’d certainly take “Love Boat” McKinnie’s word over that of the Vikes.

  24. Should have eaten Sterling Moore before the playoffs last year, that way he could have saved the Ratbird organization from the embarrassment of getting bounced out of the playoffs in such a ‘Sterling’ fashion.

  25. Weight aside, he never did much in Minnesota, backs ran around him. Big waste of talent. Just glad the last of the “love boat” guys are now gone.

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