Demaryius Thomas: I wish Tim Tebow stayed in Denver

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Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas hasn’t been shy about sharing his positive feelings about the departure of Tim Tebow this offseason.

He made it obvious by saying he wasn’t sad to see Tebow leave and he’s been more subtle with comments about Peyton Manning’s ability that draw implicit comparisons to what Tebow was able to do on the field. It’s surprising to learn, then, that Thomas actually wishes Tebow was still in Denver.

“Me and Tim, if you look at our stats, we had a great year together,” Thomas said on the NFL Network, via Nate Davis of USA Today. “And I wish he would have stayed around so maybe he could have learned some things from Peyton. But it’s over with now, and we’ve got Peyton on our side, so I’m just looking forward to the season.”

It’s hard to believe that Thomas is actually all that concerned about whether or not Tebow would have learned something from Manning, but it certainly sounds more diplomatic than expressing happiness about his departure. Having said that, there’s not much use in Thomas trying to hide his excitement about the change at quarterback. Manning’s arrival should mean more chances for Thomas and that’s all any wide receiver could ask for.

22 responses to “Demaryius Thomas: I wish Tim Tebow stayed in Denver

  1. Hes going to be REALLY pissed that Tebow was forced out after Manning takes his first hit and leaves the field on a stretcher, only to be replaced by a rookie.

  2. I was going to make some kind of political joke about flip-flopping here, but then I remembered this guy conspired in the rape of his unconscious girlfriend last year, and all of a sudden he’s just not funny anymore.

    Sorry, I don’t want to be “that” guy, but seriously, what a scumbag.

  3. actually tlmoon it will be worse than a rookie if they stick with caleb hanie as the backup. the guy ruined the bears season last year because he was so incompetent as a backup.

  4. jwreck says:Jul 11, 2012 11:26 AM

    I was going to make some kind of political joke about flip-flopping here, but then I remembered this guy conspired in the rape of his unconscious girlfriend last year, and all of a sudden he’s just not funny anymore.

    Sorry, I don’t want to be “that” guy, but seriously, what a scumbag.

    First, not a Broncos fan, but live here and your comments are based on the little you’ve heard in the media and not the actual court documents. She was not his girlfriend–this was more or less the first time they had gone out—and he did not conspire. His one mistake was leaving her in the house with a piece of garbage like Perrish Cox. So, direct you slander towards him, now in SF.

    Second, if you heard the interview on the NFL Net, this was a throw-away comment. He first comment last month, was the unvarnished truth. He doesn’t think Tebow can consistently get the ball to wideouts and tucks and runs it too much. He’s glad he’s gone.

  5. You can’t believe anything these players say on TV. They give political answers all the time. What was he supposed to do, bash Tebow on NFL Network?

    There are too many stories done like this. I want real news: transactions, injury reports, etc. I don’t care what a player thinks about another player.

  6. Thomas’ career, primarily because of injury, was a couple of weeks away from being considered a bust. Tebow focused on Thomas and now he is regarded as their #1 WR. Tebow always looked for Thomas and, early on, Decker, and Thomas’ play vs the Steelers is huge. He should have, from day 1, thanked Tebow for the contribution to his career – it looks brighter now.

  7. Why in the world would you doubt Thomas’ sincerity on Tebow? Tebow’s style put Thomas in one-on-one situations more often than not, letting him beat one guy instead of reading a corner and safety and altering his route correctly.

    Besides, Tebow is an infectious dude and a winning personality on the sideline. I’d be surprised if the other young offensive guys had much of anything bad to say about him. Except Brady Quinn, of course.

    Say what you want about Tebow, he made Thomas money last year and got a team that was headed nowhere thinking about the Super Bowl. He may not be the guy to get them there, but they were thinking about Andrew Luck six weeks into 2011, and that’s a fact.

  8. Of course he wants Tebowed back… If you have been following his progress with manning this offseason the guy is too dumb to grasp actual route running. He was a horrible route runner with Tebow but he would just huck it up to him since he was the biggest most athletic receiver.

    Remember ocho cinco not picking up on the Pats offense and having a horrible season? Look for something similar but not as dramatic. (because they don’t have as many options as the pats did)

    High on decker low on Thomas this season… Hopefully he can figure his stuff out.

  9. You’re gonna really wish tebow was in denver after the first game when manning is taken out on a stretcher.

  10. Two years from now Peyton will be retired just as Demaryius Thomas is entering his prime. With Tebow they had a chance to win. Of course Thomas wished Tebow could have stayed.

  11. Forget Hanie and Osweiler, I’m hoping the the Adam Weber and Eric Decker reunion happens if Peyton should go down. He’s better than the other 2 at this point anyway.

  12. Wow. What happened to “We have to actually learn routes now”? Don’t want to make the extra effort?

    I wish Tebow had stayed, too. And I wish Peyton could have finished his career where he started it. And I really wish Thomas would take a cue from great WR’s like Fitzgerald and NOT say everything that’s on his mind.

  13. The guy shouldn’t be lambasted for saying what everyone is thinking. Manning is better than Tebow. Tebow has serious deficiencies. Tebow could have learned alot from Manning.

  14. since when did being a smart guy on wonderlic make u a good ball player, bey bey has megatron talent n if peyton can get this kid going the only the sky is the limit i expect big numbers much like wallace had last year, decker will be the one but beys gunna be the home run

  15. I’m not bashing Peyton..lord knows he’s funny in all those commercials, but Tebow wouldn’t have learned anything from him because he’s a selfish QB who wouldn’t mentor his own brother if given the chance.

  16. For all of you broncos fans that actually think that Peyton manning was some sort of “willing to teach” the next guy in line a few things, think again. I’m not knocking Peyton, but he is a control freak, and wants all of the reps…. All of them, that’s why people bash Irsay for running a hall of fame qb out of town.. Reality was, Peyton wasnt going to give luck a chance, and not should he, luck wants to start from day one, and should.. Just don’t think or expect manning to show osweiler anything. It’s up to him to study manning, an his work ethic, and that’s it…. I mean, look at PEYTONS backups, painter, he learned so much, sorgi, never saw a snap….. You people act like Peyton is in practice saying, come over here buddy, I want to show you a few things…. I do hope Peyton well, and would never wish harm upon him…. But, he is not anything near the awesome teamate people think…. Just a heads up Denver fans!!! Good luck- genuinely

  17. Thomas knows what I know, & there are alot of people that feel this way, they just won’t say it. Tebow is going to succeed somewhere, and I don’t care about all the things people say he doesn’t have, he was given a chance on lesser of a team than Kyle Orton had, & managed to come away with some wins. Whether it was the Def…Spec tms, whatever…with Tebow as QB, the Broncos won some exciting games!

  18. I’m sure this will get deleted, but isn’t Thomas the one who was seen kissing Tebow on the lips? Could that have anything to do with wanting to keep Timmy around?

  19. Everyone in the NFL – even the fans – always say, “I just want to win that ring.” That’s not true, though. Tim Tebow took a less-than-beautiful path to one win from the Super Bowl. On a team with a porous defense who was destined for that No. 1 pick before he went on that tear.

    Oh wait, this is about Thomas, isn’t it? I’m always thinking about Tim Tebow. I fully expect the Jets to beat the Broncos at some point in the AFC title game because of him. I hope it happens this year so we can get destiny over with.

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