Former 49ers LB Saleem Rasheed sentenced on federal charges


Former 49ers linebacker Saleem Rasheed was sentenced to eight months in prison and another eight months of home detention after pleading guilty to federal charges of food stamp fraud, according to the Birmingham News.

Rasheed also pleaded to charges of falsely claiming a woman as his wife on immigration forms. He’ll only have to spend another five and a half months with time served.

Rasheed pleaded guilty to signing a Department of Homeland Security form for a woman he claimed to be his wife. Only problem? He’s married to another woman.

He also pleaded guilty to receiving $5,551 in Family and Food Assistance while claiming he was unemployed. Only problem? He was working as a teacher at the time.

The Alabama product was a third-round pick of the 49ers in 2002, and played for them for four years, before bouncing through Houston and the CFL.

Wednesday’s pleas aren’t Rasheed’s only problem. He was arrested in April on charges of engaging in a sex act with a student at Woodlawn High School, where he worked as a coach and teacher. Those charges have been sent to a grand jury for consideration.

11 responses to “Former 49ers LB Saleem Rasheed sentenced on federal charges

  1. If it were against the law for stealing money from an NFL franchise (nice signing bonus) and then not producing on the field, he would be charged with that too. A total loser and waste of a draft pick this guy was. Everytime he would be given a starting job in SF he would pull up lame and never played due to one b.s. injury after another.

    When Mooch was the coach, he said this guy would be part of an elite defense with his speed. But SR had no heart. Now we know he has no character either.
    What a loser.

  2. I know, maybe he can claim that getting hit in the head too much playing football made him crazy and thus commit all of these criminal acts. He should sign up for the “I didn’t know football was dangerous” lawsuit. Maybe at least he’ll win a few bucks to put on his commissary in the joint.

  3. “Even a worm will turn, if trod upon” ..Rasheed is about to find out just what this means. A Teacher, to betray the trust of his/her Students to pursue prurient interests, is disgusting and possibly illegal depending on age of student.This is also grounds for employment termination in the School District.And to claim benefits in a Gov. Program under False Pretenses, is illegal and fraught with penalties[loss of benefits,penalty weeks to serve on future claims,etc.] when convicted. Gov. Benefit Programs such as Food Stamps & Unemployment Insurance have Computer Programs & Program Employees who monitor these Benefits looking for illegal activities.The System does find you. Saleem has a host of issues to deal with & it is high time to turn things around !

  4. Leave a driving while under the influence or minor recreational drug charge to other teams. The real law breakers are the 49ers. Messin’ with the Feds is not too smart. Utter stupidity. But I can see a continuance of this type of behavior with Hairbough. He’s a punch you in the back then runaway kind of guy. You know, throw your qaurterback under the bus and then lie about it later kind of guy. No integrity whatsoever. His influence on this team will only make matters worse. Prepare for more serious problems with the current team.

  5. Patrick Willis wasn’t even in the NFL during the 2002-2006 seasons and he still managed to have better stats than Saleem Rasheed.

  6. This guy made over $2 million while on the Niners and then he went on to the Texans. What happened to all of that money? That’s just crazy.

  7. mjkelly77 says: Jul 11, 2012 5:17 PM

    Leave a driving while under the influence or minor recreational drug charge to other teams. The real law breakers are the 49ers.
    Really? The whole team? Don’t put blame on a team with great individuals just because some former 3rd round bust messed up. Every team in the league has at least one or two law breakers. How many NFL players got arrested this offseason?

  8. Him and Pac Man made it Rain Vegas style. 😉

    @mjkelly… Do you honestly think the man will have a job in Education after this? You can’t be a convicted felon and have access to kids. As soon as he was arrested that ended any chance of him being a teacher. What kind of message would that send to kids if they were to allow him access after this? But thank you Captain Obvious. Don’t know what we’d have done without you. 😉

    @Darren Grantt… DUDE IT’S FRACKING “PLED”! Do you plead in court or Pleaded? You pleaded for your life, you PLED out in court. There IS a difference. So sick of seeing this, the most common of mistakes in news reporting. If you have a question of which word to use consult Webster’s Collegiate Edition and leave spell checker for people who don’t get paid by the article. You’re supposed to be a professional.

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