Glazer thinks Brees will always be a Saint

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The Saints and quarterback Drew Brees are inching toward the moment beyond which they can’t do a long-term deal until after the final game of the 2012 regular season.  And if they get past next Monday at 4:00 p.m. ET, all we know is that, barring a highly unlikely trade, Brees will play for the Saints or no one in 2012.

And given that Brees already has made it clear that he’ll play in 2012, the question becomes whether he’ll hit the market in 2013, whether the Saints would devote $23.57 million to one player under a $121 million or so salary cap to keep him, or whether a long-term deal will come in 2013.

Appearing on Wednesday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show, hosted by an Internet hack with whom you may be familiar, FOX’s Jay Glazer said he believes Brees never will leave the Saints.

Though Glazer’s opinion on the surface may seem no different than anyone else’s, Glazer is more plugged in than anyone, especially when it comes to the Saints.  And even though he seems at times (or, as the case may be, all the time) a little erratic, he is always very careful about the opinions he expresses when it comes to the base of knowledge he possesses.

Although there’s a chance Brees is trying to finagle a path to the open market — especially since Titans owner Bud Adams reportedly was willing to pay Peyton Manning $25 million per year with a supposed noodle arm — Brees’ could simply be taking a page from the Walter Jones playbook.

Jones, one of the great left tackles of the past generation, played three straight seasons with the Seahawks under the franchise tag before signing a big-money, multi-year deal.  By keeping the injury risk for three straight years (and by not suffering serious injury), Jones was able to eventually get the kind of deal he could have gotten in Year One.

The end result?  A much bigger haul than Jones would have realized if he’d signed a long-term deal in the first place.

For Brees, whatever the Saints are offering by way of guaranteed money will be there, barring serious injury, in 2013.  So why not take $16.371 million now and add to it what he otherwise would have gotten on a long-term deal now?

Also, remember that, after July 16, Brees and the Saints can still negotiate the terms of a one-year deal.  So Brees could ask for even more than $16.371 million, explaining that for the lower amount he’ll skip training camp and the preseason, and that for a greater amount he’ll show up in time for the launch of training camp.

So while it’s too early to think about the Saints without Brees, it’s not too early to wonder about the unconventional ways the dominoes may fall to keep him in New Orleans, and whether there’s a way he can navigate the chess board to end up with a lot more than if he were to simply take the Saints’ current offer.

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5 responses to “Glazer thinks Brees will always be a Saint

  1. I think if Drew Brees and the Saints organization get together and talk on this 16.371 million and do the long term contract afterward this leave the New Orleans Saints organization owing Drew Brees round about 7 million. Everyone will be happy but Brees and his agent must negotiate to come up with a plan that is good for both sides so come on Drew Brees do business you playing with the best defensive in the league.

  2. My guess is that they get something done. But as Bud Fox asked Gordon Gekko, “how much is enough? How many yachts can you water ski behind?”

    Brees, in my eyes has taken a huge hit in the court of public opinion. He always came off as this great guy who played for the love of the game. Sure he probably deserves the $20mil but the team does have a salary cap. One guy makes 1/6 th of the entire cap. That is insane! And SELFISH. He never seemed like a guy all about the money, but he is. He doesn’t have his long term deal because he wants $20mil instead of the $19 mil the team is offering. Greedy, selfish bastard.

    Brees I am extremely disappointed in you.

  3. When people say Brees is greedy they have no clue. Do you have ANY idea how much the Saints owner, Benson, and the NFL make off of Breees? The ticket sales? The jerseys? The TV rights? He deserves MORE. Grow up.

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