Rams come in 28th in PFT Preseason Power Rankings

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At least based on majority poll results accessible at the links above, you believe we ranked each of those teams pretty accurately in our preseason Power Rankings. We have them as the four worst teams in football.

The St. Louis Rams are fifth worst. (Or 28th best, if you prefer.) How do you feel about that?

8 responses to “Rams come in 28th in PFT Preseason Power Rankings

  1. First half of the season-Lions,Bears,Pats,Packers. Us Ram’s fans are in ready for another terrible season

  2. I’d say that the Rams are better than those teams already listed. Beast at RB, good young QB, question marks at WR and an underpowered defense. We’ll have to see what Fisher’s plans are for that unit, but overall the new-look Rams are themselves a question mark.

  3. You guys are trippin! No effin way the Rams are better than the Vikes! The Rams o-line is in worse shape than Minny’s.

  4. I’m torn here; on one hand, I sort of want this team to turn the corner back to respectability, because I’m holding out hope that they will eventually return to L.A., and I’d like my Home Team to be competitive. On the other hand, I really do enjoy watching them find ways to lose for the duration of their stay in St. Louis.

  5. Stay classy NoHomeTeam. You pretty much summed up in one comment why LA doesnt have a team.

    The St Louis Rams did something here they COULD never do in LA. Win a superbowl.

    Enjoy THAT while you watch Grey’s Anatomy re-runs on Sunday afternoons for the next 10 years.

  6. The Rams had one of the hardest schedules last year and this year again they look to have one of the toughest schedules in the league. I dont know what happened when I wasnt looking but I thought that the scheduling process was supposed to give the Superbowl champs the hardest strength of schedule and the first pick in the draft team the easiest. When did that change?

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