Report: Josh Gordon may be “overhyped”

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We asked the question on Tuesday, and a pair of unnamed league sources (via Albert Breer of NFL Network) answered it on Wednesday.

Is former Baylor receiver Josh Gordon being overhyped?

Breer says that an unnamed executive and an unnamed scout used the same word to describe Gordon:  “Overhyped.”  They also said he would have gone somewhere between round five and round seven in the April draft, if he’d been part of the process then.

Of course, part of the process now is the same as part of the process then.  Teams that want to see someone burn a higher pick than they should will talk a guy up.  Teams that want to see the guy still there at the round where they may try to get him will say things like, “He’s overhyped.”

The wild-card for many teams is the owner.  If he becomes smitten with a player, he may apply pressure to the front office to make a move prematurely.

And so no one ever tells the whole truth about the draft.  Actually, there’s an even greater incentive to misdirect competitors in the supplemental draft, since it removes a pick from the process for the following April, pushing the pool of available players another step closer to the awaiting arms of the other 31 teams.

14 responses to “Report: Josh Gordon may be “overhyped”

  1. That talent evaluator with the redskins the rookie QB, RG III says to draft Gordon. Take some of RG III signing bonus to pay for this over hyped guy. He is a dime a dozen receiver.

  2. Let’s see what Mike Mayock has to say. We saw him evaluate Terrelle Pryor and Ahmad Brooks.

  3. In a sense, he is hardly “overhyped” at all. Unless you are a Baylor fan, nobody had even heard his name until a week ago. Yes, he may be overhyped in the last week, but the reality is that no team is really going to be fooled by somebody who is relatively unknown. I would be surprised if somebody even took him in the third round.

  4. Report: Josh Gordon may be “overhyped”

    Just like robert griffin, the guy who’s pushing the Redskins to go after him.

  5. I would love to here his whole sad story of how his mom raised twelve children without a dad – they always fail to mention the 2700 a month welfare checks, food stamps and food shelfs, etc and all the local toys for tots giveaways.

    This guy is tall, somewhat fast and can catch a ball. So can 70 others already in the NFL right now pal.

  6. “Overhype” an athlete is what an agent is suppose to do. Considering Josh has not played in a year and he has five articles on profootballtalk means his agent is doing a good job.
    Any team who will be getting additional picks via the compensatory system should roll the dice and take him since they will get the pick back anyway.

  7. If Gordon was on the board in April with no Combine results, just one year of significant playing time in college (but no football since 2010), the red flags on his off-field record, AND you knew he would miss all the OTAs and not even look at your playbook until the eve of training camp…would you use anything more than a 4th rounder on him? If the answer is “no”, then why would you do it tomorrow?

    Are NFL execs (and/or owners) really that easily bluffed? Let’s invite them to a poker game…

  8. That’s right ernie ernie, people on welfare live like kings. Your days of ill gotten wealth and power are coming to an end poor people.

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