Stephen Davis already experiencing memory loss


Former Redskins and Panthers running back Stephen Davis said Wednesday he’s beginning to have problems with short-term memory, and he added another name to the growing docket of concussion lawsuits.

Davis, 38, told Nathan Fenno of the Washington Times he’s having trouble remembering conversations with his wife or paying bills.

“Looking at the results and they’re not that good,” Davis said of a recent visit to a neurologist. “I need to get special treatment, further treatment to try and get it taken care of.

“A lot of things scare me a whole lot, and it bothers me because there isn’t no telling what day I’ll forget everything.”

Davis filed his lawsuit last week, one of more than 2,600 former players to have done so. He said he can’t remember how many concussions he sustained, but said there would be multiple ones in the span of a few weeks.

“The coaches and doctors try to get you back on the field regardless of if you’re hurt or not hurt or have a concussion,” he said. “It’s more about getting you back on the field than making sure you’re OK.

“If you could put your hand on your nose, you were good to go back in.”

Davis said he needs background noise like a television to drown out the ringing in his ears, and complains of severe headaches. There are physical issues too from his career as a bruising runner, who amassed  8,052 yards and 65 touchdowns. He needs a knee replacement and is having shoulder problems as well, making getting out of a bed or a car an issue.

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  1. Only 38 years old too, that’s sad.

    On a side note I always considered him one of the most underated RB’s of his era. He was an absolute workhorse that never got much credit.

  2. come on man. Part of that is called getting old. I have had a desk job the last seven years and have a bad shoulder problem from that that makes it near impossible to sleep through the night. And yeah, it hurts the rest of the day too. Complaining about concussions I understand. But you can’t blame the NFL for all your injuries. You are a big boy.

  3. I feel bad for the guy but im tired of all the lawsuit stuff in this country. Everyone is always looking to point a finger and get a cash settlement.

    You had to know that ramming yourself full speed into other guys in pads and helmets thousands of times would cause you some long term issues. The human body is an amazing machine but it wears down when abused. Short of making the league a 2 hand touch league, im not sure theres anything the NFL could have done to prevent players from hurting themselves.

  4. So can these players know the difference between memory loss from concussions and memory loss from being old?

  5. Let’s just cut the crap and get down to the nitty-gritty without all the pre-suit build up…when does HE file for concussion damages?

  6. i live in columbia and my girlfriends law firm is representing davis and some other players.

    i told her if these lawsuits ruin the nfl im gonna blow that place up.

  7. Is he giving back the money? Is he giving back all the people cheering for him? The bright lights? The travel?

  8. Why is it ALL nfl for these players? Wouldn’t college have contributed? Maybe even High school during their formative years?.

    Not saying their isn’t a problem, just wondering about the assessment of blame,

  9. Waiting for NHL, MMA and boxers to jump in and sue their ‘league’ for concussions as well. I mean, no one else has ever ‘forgot’ conversations with their wife or ‘forgot’ to pay bills on time, unless they’ve been concussed.

    I’m going to pick a bill to be late on and when assessed a fee, I’m going to claim it was because of concussions suffered as a youth playing football, baseball, wrestling and showing off on a BMX.

    I don’t have the balls to make the same claim to a girl about a conversation. I’ll just eat the bullet, lol.

    Concussions are serious and need to be prevented as much as possible. I just feel this lawsuit is the wrong course of action. (I hate lawyers as they make shortcuts for others who refuse to be accountable and earn their way through life by suing someone else for financial gain)

  10. What? I can’t remember what I just read. I forgot to where my helmit. How many of these old timers are actually old timers.
    If your 65 and losing your memory join the club.

  11. Sounds an awful lot like the symptoms of smoking too much weed. Should these players be drug tested to see if these so called “short term memory” problems are drug induced? I forget conversations with my girlfriend all the time along with where I put my car keys but I’m pretty sure its not due to concussions 😉

  12. I’m confused. Just last year Peter King did a story on the health of the 1986 Bengal players. He managed to track down most of the living members and wrote about their condition. Some have serious physical problems and some don’t. I don’t recall any discussion about memory issues, cognitive impairment, or dementia. Doesn’t that seem strange? I don’t know who is telling the truth, who is exaggerating, who is hiding?

  13. @kpow55

    You don’t sue the person when they shoot a loved one and end up in jail for life. You sue the gun manufacturer for making the gun because they have the money. The reason they’re suing the NFL and not the NCAA or their high school program is because they have nowhere near the money that the NFL has.

  14. This is getting monotonous you really were concerned while making the millions too weren’t ya… Give me a break….. I feel for anybody that has health issues, but enough is enough you signed on for Football they hit you… DUH!!!!!!

  15. All joking aside, the NFL and NCAA have a major issue on their hands…one that threatens the very integrity of the sport.

    Wonder why there haven’t been any good heavyweight boxers in awhile? Once Dementia Pugilistica was proven as fact athletes abandoned boxing for other sports..primarily football.

    While not all football players will develop Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), the perception will give pause to paarents to allow their sons to play the sport.

    Football, king of the sporting hill now, will be radically different in about 10-15 years…about the time it takes for the new generation of players to no longer be there.

  16. Man, assuming this is true – and Stephen Davis has ALWAYS come across a straight up guy, hard not to feel for Davis.

    Everyone who signs up for football knows it’s the perfect forum to destroy anyone in the opposite colored jerseys – and the opponents are trying to take your head off. Unless you’re a Kicker, that’s football. There’s a well-known element of risk involved.

    Statubg that, not sure suing the NFL is the right way to direct blame – but even so, how do you not feel for Davis? Dude is only 38 – was always a class act.

  17. Constant ringing in his ears? Headaches? Memory Loss? Sounds like anybody who has ever made a career out of being in a band. Who can they sue?

  18. i live in columbia and my girlfriends law firm is representing davis and some other players.

    i told her if these lawsuits ruin the nfl im gonna blow that place up.


    Man, you’d better not screw up your relationship w her. Otherwise, you might get to hang out w Homeland Security agents and take a mandatory vacay to Guantanamo Bay.

  19. I’m 28. Sometimes when I walk into a room, I don’t remember why I walked in there.

    Sometimes my friends say “Remember when I told you…” and I don’t remember.

    Sometimes payments slip my mind. So do other things.

    But I want to see some PROOF that this is related to playing NFL football.


    And I want to see more PROOF that preventative steps were NOT taken by the NFL after YOU signed up for the NFL.


  20. Davis said, “The coaches and doctors try to get you back on the field regardless of if you’re hurt or not hurt or have a concussion, “It’s more about getting you back on the field, regardless of if you’re hurt or not hurt or have a concussion.”
    Come on guys. It’s obvious. Give the man his $10 million.

  21. I feel sorry for Davis and other players going through post-football injuries and illnesses, but when you strap on a helmet and put on pads you know and you assume the risk of getting injured. The owners and NFL can and should do more, but the players know the score and they will continue to lineup on Sundays.

  22. it’s called getting old. i forget where I put my keys sometimes which is something that never happened when I was 18.

  23. I’m so sick of idiots saying Michael Westbrook beat up Steven Davis. Westbrook sucker punched Davis at practice. If he were a tough guy, he would have confronted Davis like a man. But any real Redskins’ fan knows that Westbrook played like a girl. Steven Davis was a hoss. By the way, how long did Michael Westbrook last in the NFL? 3 seasons, maybe?

  24. “he’s having trouble remembering conversations with his wife or paying bills.”
    What a country, for the rest if us it’s called divorce.

  25. Hey honey i forgot to pay the car note lol blame it on the concussion, what a load of crap. Anyhow, these lawsuits just have to be thrown out of court, frivolous if you ask me.

  26. ”he’s having trouble remembering conversations with his wife or paying bills.”

    Pretty sure every married, 38 year old man has these adoptions as well.

  27. ”he’s having trouble remembering conversations with his wife or paying bills.”

    Pretty sure every married, 38 year old man has these syptoms as well.

  28. “A lot of things scare me a whole lot, and it bothers me because there isn’t no telling what day I’ll forget everything.”


    Yes, medical journals are just littered with examples of former football players who suddenly forgot their own name aged 28.

  29. I would love to see one of the old players who are hurt and suffer from memory loss and other ailments to go speak at the next Rookie Symposium and tell the their story and see how many rookie players walk out.

    One of the problems is that when you want something (money, women, cars, fame) at a young age you will do anything to get it like running 20mph into a guy like Ray Lewis or James Harrison. You would work out everyday and do hitting drills all day—headache or no headache—–but after the money, women, cars, and fame have disappeared you begin to disrespect the process and the SACRIFICE it took to get there. I’m not saying these guys are faking their individual problems but to forget why you did ANY OF IT in the first place is the biggest memory loss anyone of them could suffer. IMO a lot of these players knew what they were doing but some of them did not really love the game, they love the “side items”, once those items disappear they like to re-think life and the price of playing football for once as a “NORMAL” person and by then its way too late. Millions suffer from the same ailments but don’t have a job to sue, they continue living life as a normal person knowing they never received the money, cars, or fame to attach to their injury/ailment.

  30. burnzy32 says:
    Jul 11, 2012 7:16 PM
    “you knew the risks when you put the helmet on and cashed in the million dollar checks”

    Uhhh, wrong. Those risks weren’t presented to them, hence the merit of the lawsuit.

  31. 1st point: Is he suing Auburn (1,945 carries), his high school and his pee wee league as well? How about friends he wrestled with or played touch football with?

    2nd point: Is he suing defenders who hit him helmet to helmet or hit him with cheapshots outside the defined rules of the game?

    3rd point: Is he suing Michael Westbrook for punching him in the face?

    4th point: He performed a dangerous job where he was well compensated (about 30 million not counting his 1st 4 years and any licensing and sponsorship money)

  32. NFL players have known since their days of Pee-Wee ball that injury, up to and including death, was/is possible.

    They continued to play anyways.

    It was their choice to play football in college, and it was their choice to play in the NFL. If they were hurt and didn’t feel that they could go back into the game and play, then they should have refused to go back in. PERIOD.

  33. Stephan Davis already experiencing memory loss.

    Translates to…..

    Stephan Davis already broke.

  34. I’m not taking a side on this particular claim. Love Foobaw. Love Stephen Davis.

    But here’s one thing I notice – in not a single one of these news releases have I heard about ANY type of therapy the atheletes are going through.

    They have tools and exercises to use for these symptoms. Why is there no discussion of this?

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