Texas prosecutor lets Ryan Leaf continue drug rehab in Montana


Ryan Leaf will continue his drug rehab in Montana after a Texas prosecutor agreed to rescind his pending extradition to Texas.

Leaf is currently serving a 15-month sentence with the Montana Department of Corrections for breaking into homes and stealing prescription medicine, and the first nine months of that sentence are being spent in lockdown drug treatment. Leaf was already on probation in Texas for similar charges, and the Texas prosecutors had said they wanted to bring him back to Texas for violating his probation, but now they’ve agreed to let him remain in Montana.

Leaf’s Montana attorney, Kenneth Olson, said he appreciated Texas allowing his client to continue his treatment.

The prosecutors down there did that as a courtesy to our system up here, and we’re appreciative of that,” Olson told the Great Falls Tribune. “What Texas does in the future I think will be affected to some extent by how well he does in treatment.”

Leaf, who was taken by the Chargers with the second overall pick in the 1998 NFL draft, has battled an addiction to prescription painkillers since his NFL career flamed out.

8 responses to “Texas prosecutor lets Ryan Leaf continue drug rehab in Montana

  1. This is an example of how the primal brain can hijack the logical brain and cause people to throw away their loved ones, possessions, and careers to get their addictive substance. Addiction has to do with brain chemistry and is a physical problem more so than a psychological one. Ryan Leaf just happens to be a high profile case among thousands each year.

  2. I’m certainly glad they dress him in horizontal stripes!
    He looks much thinner that way!
    Now, if he could only get a hat to match!

  3. It’s one thing to steal from a pharmacy. But you have to be a special kind of scum to steal other peoples pain medication.

  4. When he had time to think it over, Ryan thought it would be a slightly less cruel to be confined in “Big Sky Country” than the “Wide Open Spaces” of Texas. Not much, but a bit.

  5. Wow, that picture really sums it up doesn’t it?

    You can’t tell the difference from this former all world college QB from the two toothless meth heads to his left and right. (I’m taking an educated guess about the dental situation of said meth heads)

  6. He has really hurt himself more than anyone else, so I don’t think calling him names is right. I think a little empathy is appropriate in case like this.

  7. I know Leaf is a walking punchline for jokes, and the all-time definition of bust in the NFL, but have you ever stopped to actually think about how truly sad of a story this really is? Think Peyton Manning..then Ryan Leaf..and how a few decisions made differently, might have told an entirely different story…I am not defending him at all, but it is tradgic!

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