Brees thanks offense by nickname at ESPYs

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Ostensibly to save time while accepting the ESPY award for the best record-breaking performance of the past year, Saints quarterback Drew Brees opted to thank teammates and coaches and other members of the organization by nickname.

Here’s the full list of players thanked by Brees, by their nicknames in the locker room.  And they are:  Lance Romance (Lance Moore), Colstonberry (Marques Colston), Meach (Robert Meachem, who has signed with the Chargers), Devereaux (Devery Henderson), Bush (Jermon Bushrod), Big Nick (Carl Nicks, who has signed with the Bucs), De La (Brian de la Puente), Jah-Jah (Jahri Evans), Striefer (Zach Strief), Jedediah (Jed Collins), Marky Mark (Mark Ingram), Sprolesy (Darren Sproles), Do you know Pierre? (Pierre Thomas), Baby Brontosaurus (presumably, Chris Ivory), D.T. (David Thomas), J.G. (Jimmy Graham), and Avatar (presumably, Mike Higgins).

Higgins a/k/a Avatar supposedly “hates” his nickname.  Some have assumed that Avatar is Jimmy Graham, but there’s no other tight end who would be J.G. other than the guy with the initials J.G.

OK, so when do they send the Pulitzer?

UPDATE 7:20 a.m. ET:  As pointed out in the comments, J.G. is John Gilmore, who currently is an unsigned free agent.  So Graham really is Avatar.  And boom goes the Pulitzer.

9 responses to “Brees thanks offense by nickname at ESPYs

  1. J.G. woud be John Gilmore and Avatar is Graham.

    You can confirm by seeing Jimmy Grahams twitter feed.

    Higgins was on the P.S. most of the year. Gilmore played most of the year (until he was injured).

  2. Much prefer the Manning brothers, Brady, Rodgers , Rivers and even Newton over Brees right about now…

  3. you fools are so jealous. why you gotta hate. the fact that he thanked everyone by name was really nice. without each one of them it wouldn’t have happened and they deserved a thanks. drew is a great guy with more talent in his little finger than you fools could dream of and you gotta hate for that. what a shame. WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Steve Weatherford’s record in the Superbowl was more impressive than this dbag.

    What happened when the refs actually let the 49ers play defense, the way the game was intended? Saints lose.

    Let the defenses actually play defense!

  5. So many jealous haters of the Saints….your lives must be sad….no future of moving to head cashier at Walmart, haters?

    Who dat, we dat, your life ain’t dat…..

  6. So many people say sign your contract, but considering he got severely injured the last time he played under the franchise tag I cannot blame him one bit. It was damned near career ending, and he definitely took a lesser contract because of it.

    That said, Brees is cool. I remember watching him when he played in Purdue, and he is probably the most NFL successful Boilermaker other than Rod Woodson. He seems like a cool dude.

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