Browns expect Josh Gordon to play right away


It’s something you could probably guess by the fact that the Browns chose to use next year’s second-round pick to acquire Josh Gordon in Thursday’s Supplemental Draft, but General Manager Tom Heckert confirmed it in comments after the draft.

The Browns expect Gordon to play a role in their offense right away. Gordon has some serious catching up to do because of the late start to his time with Cleveland, but Heckert obviously wasn’t put off by that challenge.

“Where we got Josh was good value and we got him a year early,” Heckert said, via Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “We hope he comes in and plays right away. We expect him to play.”

Heckert placed Gordon alongside rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden and rookie running back Trent Richardson as the foundation of the team’s offense, which explains why he also revealed he was putting a second-round bid on Gordon regardless of where the team landed in the lottery. The door is certainly open for Gordon to win immediate playing time in the Browns offense and Heckert’s comments indicate he’s going to get every chance to earn it.

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  1. “A second round bid regardless of where the team landed in the lottery?”. Boy that’s really going out on a limb. Especially for an overweight, middle aged guy, like Tom. It doens’t change the pick that the Browns will give up next draft in any way. Whether it was the first pick in the supplemental round or the last.

  2. I have ragged on Cleveland for months, & they haveen’t been any better than a college team for the last couple of years, but I can give credit where it’s due. If these three players live up to their potential, then they have a very nice foundation in place. I can see that they are genuinely trying to better the team. But I stand by my opinion that any player cut or traded by the Browns, should not be judged solely on their play in Cleveland. It was a real mess, but there may be hope for them yet…

  3. He better be ready to play right away!! Essentially he’s a high second round pick considering that’s what they gave up to get him. He went undrafted and the Browns waste a high second rd pick??!!

  4. Like the fact that the Browns are looking to improve. Don’t know if I would be all that excited about a rookie QB, RB and WR as the basis for your offense.

    2nd rounder? Packers would have given you Jones for a 2nd rounder and you’d have an experienced WR who knows how to run proper routes for your QB to TRUST.

    Good luck – I like the NFL more when everyone’s competitive.

  5. Of course they do their wrs are the worst in the league outside of maybe Miami. Good thing they have a 30 yr old rookie Qb that should work out well passing to a guy who hasn’t played football in 2 yrs. bad bad bad team.

  6. Like the Millen Lions, the Browns have been awful since 2007 with a couple flashes here & there.

    Hope they get it together. But that division is a mother with the Steelers, Ravens and a much improved bangals team. They have a tough road ahead.

  7. I was pretty miffed when the Browns didn’t spend the necessary $ to sign Piere Gardon or someone of his caliber in FA so I definately think that Josh Gordon is worth the gamble with his upside ability, hopefully Little can show him the ropes on how to get the most of his rookie year since like Little he won’t benifit from having been a part of the team OTA’s offseason program.

  8. This is a HUGE reach for Cleveland (yeah, I know – even for them). Only two supplemental draft picks over the last ten years have actually survived training camp to make an NFL roster. And you sacrifice next year’s #2 on hyperbole and hope?

    Heckert has no business running this franchise, and Holmgren is living off his perpetually fading laurels. Cleveland diehards, I feel for ya.

  9. Weeden to Flash Gordon… Touchdown Browns!

    Since the draft, the Browns have added RB Trent Richardson, QB Brandon Weeden, a big tackle named Schwartz, and now another WR Josh Gordon to join Greg Little as targets or Weeden. I also like free agent WR Josh Cooper (Weeden’s other target at Oklahoma State) and 7th rounder pass catching TE Brad Smelly from Alabama. Plus a new Offensive Coordinator in Brad Childress.

    Criticize if you want, but that’s quite an upgrade to our offense in one offseason.

    Here we go Brownies, here we go! Woof! Woof!

  10. Isn’t Tom Heckert (GM) the one who stated, after the regular draft, that WR was not a NEED for the Browns?

    Hmmm, what changed his mind?

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