Buccaneers come in 26th in Preseason Power Rankings


Things are different in Tampa Bay.

Maybe not enough to move them out of the last spot in the NFC South, but it’s hard to think they’ll be as bad as last year.

They’re still bad enough to come in at No. 26 in our Preseason Power Rankings, and they have significant ground to cover if they want to catch up in their division.

But if quarterback Josh Freeman can put aside a disastrous 2011, the Bucs have a good chance to improve under new coach Greg Schiano. He’s already making them more accountable, but he has a lot more work to do.

Take a look at the full preview here, and let us know if you agree with our placement.

13 responses to “Buccaneers come in 26th in Preseason Power Rankings

  1. Yes, I’m an admitted homer, but this seems low to me; the team clearly has plenty of young, talented players, and they had what appear to be excellent FA pickups as well as a really solid draft. The 2010 played incredibly well, and a pretty solid proportion of that core remains. Yes, 2011 was awful, but I have never seen a worst-coached team than the 2011 Buccaneers. No team in history I have ever witnessed has given up like that team; I honestly thing the 0-16 Lions would have blown them off the field based solely on how little most of that team cared.

    The team now has a better coach (yes, I realize Schiano is unproven, but ANYTHING would be a better coach than Raheem Morris), and you can make at least a reasonable argument that this team is going to have one of the singly best offensive lines in football. Freeman clearly has all the proverbial tools, and has shown desire to improve; maybe it doesn’t happen, but it looks good. The WRs will be better with VJ grabbing coverage, Doug Martin can help in the passing game, plus he and Blount can run behind two great OGs.

    Defense, sure, plenty of questions, but one of the highlights last year was Adrian Clayborn playing really well (5.5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles in the last 7 games). Losing Bowers hurts, but, assuming Gerald McCoy’s arms actually stay functional for a full season, there’s a very solid, young defensive line. LBs? Huge question. Secondary? No clue; Barron looks like he’ll be playing safety for years, and, if Aqib Talib manages to be sane, there are decent CBs.

    Lots of “if”s, but this is looking to be a “decent” team this year. Had there been a real coach last year, Tampa could have easily won 8-10 games (they were 4-2 before the epic 12-game stinkfest). So, anyways, too low.

  2. The NFC South is the worst to first division. No one expected the Bucs to do it in 05 or 07. No team has finished first or last in back to back years.

  3. I thought the prediction was too low. Mainly because their 10-game losing streak wasn’t really predicated on their talent level, but rather on their coaching. I don’t think they’re going to be world- beaters, but I also don’t think they’re the 26th-worst team in the NFL.

    Then again, I spent every year in the 1980s saying, “No way they’re going to have double-digit losses next year!” So you might want to take my comment with a giant shaker full of salt. A shaker of salt and a Donald Igwebuike field goal kick/heroin smuggling ring.

  4. I think it’s too low, yet at the same time I understand why they’d be ranked there. Personally I think they’re somewhere between the last two seasons. They aren’t as good as they looked in 2010, but they also aren’t as bad as they were in 2011. And with Schiano at the helm plus the added free agents, I think they’re more likely to lean in the 2010 direction. Playoffs are an outside possibility, but I think a more realistic scenario is 7-8 wins.

  5. Too high…this team is going from one extreme (Morris was their bruh) to control freak Schiano. These type of college rah rah guys need to win early for buy in. Problem is they will be 1-3 going into the bye week, he’s going to be pacing around with that who’s in who’s out, get in line or get run over stuff and these cats are going to laugh at him and mail it in. This team should have spent more in FA for Raheem and given that thing more time.

  6. zoxitic says:
    Jul 12, 2012 10:55 AM
    The Jaguars are better than the Bucs, Dolphins, Rams and the Vikings.


    Well they had 5 wins last year and 2 of them were against the Colts, who were terrible. That doesn’t sound like they are better than a few of the teams you mentioned.

  7. As a Bucs Fan this excites me all the gotta do is win , I mean it’s just a “prediction” Man I’m excited for the NFL 2012 Season !!

  8. I am a GIANTS fan, but I think the Bucs are really going to take some steps back in the right direction.

    I like Josh Freeman a lot, and they have some real good weapons around him, and a very under rated O-Line.

    The SAINTS will take a BIG step back this year, and I expect the Panthers and Bucs to take some steps forward.

    I also really like Coach Schiano, and I think he is going to be a great mix of Accountability/Fundamentals as well as the right balance of discipline with flexibility.

  9. While it’s true they have proven nothing yet, this is a very talented team with a good coaching staff. Eight or nine wins wouldn’t surprise me at all.

  10. What does it take for the buccaneers to get a little respect?
    In 2002, ESPN’s ranking put them at number 18. That’s when they won the superbowl… Just sayin’

    They revamped the entire coaching staff which was killing the team. They added the perfect pieces in place with FA and the draft.

    Adding a pro bowl guard, pro bowl wide receiver, talent at CB, added a top 5 pick Safety, etc. What else could they have done?

    Bucs will go 11-5 this year. My power ranking puts them at 8

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