Cardinals 25th in PFT Preseason Power Rankings

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The 2012 PFT Preseason Power Rankings are slowly but surely moving up to halfway decent teams. The Cardinals can be a playoff contender if things break right. Or so we think. But they need to improve in areas we’re not so sure they can or will.

But we’re listening to your opinions. We want to know what you have to say. Will the Cardinals outperform their PFT Power Ranking this season? Or are we too optimistic? Or is it spot on?

4 responses to “Cardinals 25th in PFT Preseason Power Rankings

  1. The Cards were on a tear at the end of last season. What was it, 7-1 in their last eight games, including wins over both the Niners and Seahawks?

    The lack of a proven starter at QB masks the fact that this team is pretty solid otherwise, with the exception of the o-line. which has a few question marks. Their defense was starting to put a hurt on people last year, and they have some young, talented defenders who should only improve with experience.

  2. I’m a Ram’s fan so obviously I dont want the Cards to do well but I’s smart enough to know that they are a decent team as is all the other teams we play in our division. The days of the NFC West being the weak division in football are about over

  3. Cardinals are a lot better team than they are given credit for. They also beat Dallas towards the end of the season last year. They are better than Seattle which hasn’t been listed yet

  4. If the Cards had a legit starting QB, they could compete for a super bowl…they are talented up & down their roster!!!

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