D.J. Williams accused of manipulating three different urine tests


Broncos linebacker D.J. Williams, who is embroiled in a legal fight with the NFL over his looming six-game suspension for violating the league’s policies against banned substances, is accused of repeatedly attempting to cheat the drug testing system.

“The evidence is clear,” hearing officer Harold Henderson wrote, according to documents obtained by the Denver Post, “that Williams was involved in three separate incidents of attempted substitution of a specimen.”

According to the NFL’s version of events, Williams provided urine samples in August and September that the drug-testing lab concluded were something other than human urine. And in an incident in November, Williams was accused by the specimen collector of having a bottle near his waist while submitting the test, perhaps to pour clean urine from someone else into his sample. Williams then refused to give the tester the bottle.

In that incident, the collector said he saw Williams drop the bottle while submitting his urine sample. According to the collector, Williams then kicked the bottle into an area of the Broncos’ locker room where drug testers were not allowed to go. When the tester asked a trainer to go into the locker room and get the bottle, the trainer and Williams returned from the locker room with a different bottle. (Williams claims the bottle contained something legal that he uses for energy and it fell from his pocket during the test, and that he kicked it into the locker room accidentally.)

If Williams was attempting to put something other than his own urine in his sample, he wouldn’t be the first NFL player to do so. Most famously, former Vikings running back Onterrio Smith, who was banned by the NFL for repeated violations of the league’s substance-abuse policy, was once caught with dried urine and a Whizzinator.

Obviously, urine testing only works if players are submitting their own urine. If Williams tried to manipulate three drug tests, the NFL is right to treat him as though he tested positive on three drug tests.

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  1. Hearing Officer Harold Henderson?? Who is he,and did the “bad boys” have a Hearing Officer for the bounty deal? Are drug violations treated differenty than “Goodell violations”? I am truly ignorant about this.

  2. Haha. Would have been even better if the test on the urine he substituted came back that he was pregnant.

  3. An NFL player caught trying to circumvent league rules?

    These players who are trying to challenge the NFL in court over such frivolous claims are significantly damaging the reputation and credibility of their teammates and opponents.

    After pulling these stunts, Williams sued the NFL claiming his suspension was unfair. A federal judge dismissed the suit finding no impropriety. So of course Williams has appealed.

    Not surprisingly his lawyer is the same attorney representing Jonathan Vilma. Sound familiar?

  4. the NFL should’ve been doing blood tests for years now. the nflpa need to get off their asses and get on board.

  5. Now here is a player that should be banned a full season! Elifan4life, you must be pretty young if you don’t remember the wezzinator. Best thing was it came in different skin tones, yes it looked like a certain body part.

  6. Should of given collector a couple of racks to look the other way. I mean how much $$ does a pee collector really make?

  7. Williams is a POS, I really hope Elway shows him the door, he’s just not worth the headaches.

  8. Like ‘soccer’ players in the UK, footballer’s are obviously not the sharpest tools in the shed! When big money is at stake, desperate people do stupid things to maintain their share.

    Williams is the definition of stupid if all of this is true.

  9. The Whizzinator?!! now that is funny!

    No it’s the new and improved Whizzinator III!

  10. To Broncos fans,

    How will the 6 game suspension affect the D. As a Chiefs fan prior to Von Miller (hate seeing that 58 in a Broncos Uniform on a guy that could be as good as KCs 58, but he’s an unbelievable talent) DJ was one of the few LBs that I noticed making plays everytime we played you guys.

    Could this be addition by subtraction?? Or will your LB corps suffer w/o DJ in the mix??

  11. Please get rid of this bozo. I’m surprised McDummy didn’t trade/cut him – I had high hopes for Williams after Al Wilson left.

  12. prior913 says:
    Jul 12, 2012 8:56 AM
    To Broncos fans,

    How will the 6 game suspension affect the D. As a Chiefs fan prior to Von Miller (hate seeing that 58 in a Broncos Uniform on a guy that could be as good as KCs 58, but he’s an unbelievable talent) DJ was one of the few LBs that I noticed making plays everytime we played you guys.

    Could this be addition by subtraction?? Or will your LB corps suffer w/o DJ in the mix??

    Good question. I think that the loss of DJ for 6 weeks might be a hinderance, but you know that this league is a “next man up” league. I don’t speak for all of Broncos Country, but there are a few that would agree with me that Wesley Woodyard is more than capable of filling in the Will LB position in DJ’s absence. Woodyard is small, but he hits like a ton of bricks, and he is very fast, all the things you would expect out of a WLB in a 4o alignment.

    Denver also drafted another kid out of U. of Kentucky in Danny Trevathan, who I believe led the nation (or the SEC) in tackles last year. Another undersized LB, he is almost a carbon-copy of Woodyard, albeit a little more stocky.

    Having Von Miller in the lineup doesn’t hurt, though. And although I am not a fan of his, Joe Mays is supposed to have a breakout year, according to some in the Country. I like how he hits, but he is no Al Wilson.

    The biggest thing that will help the defense is having PMFM on the other side of the ball. Having the lead, making the other team have to throw more often, only leads to what is my team’s biggest strength on defense…pass rush. Last year, it was “Unleash the Tebow”…this year, it’s “Turn Loose the Hounds”, Von Miller, Elvis Dumervil, Derek Wolfe, Robert Ayers.

    Hate to say this, KC fan, but Matt Cassel might not make it out of the Mile High City. I’m hoping to revive some of the rivalries we used to have with you guys, though. So good luck in 2012-13, AFCW fans.

  13. Suspend him for the year…maybe that will teach him a lesson. This guy better not get away with this crap.

  14. DJ never really lived up to his draft status. At times, he was brilliant on the field. He was no Al Wilson though! He’ll likely be cut.

  15. This Bronco fan subscribes to three relevant theories: 1) Innocent until proved guilty by a preponderance of the evidence; 2) give people a second chance, but not a third.

    Mr Williams has already been in trouble at least twice before. DUI’s I believe. He also lost his “Team Captain” status.

    Therefore, I say he has already outlived his usefulness. If the facts are as suggested here, I’d like to see Elway cut him and Roger Goodell suspend him forever.

  16. Another great day f0r the University of Miami. DJ Williams on the juice, Jon Vilma trying to injure opposing players, Warren Sapp and Jeremy Shockey in a lovers quarrel… all the way back to the Mike Irvin’s coke parties and the famous Bennie and Bernie Blades shootout. You can’t spell scum without UM.

  17. Patriot42 what makes you think it’s something he gets high too maybe it’s steroids he tried to cover up of its marijuana its a slap on the rest if it’s any other drug as in cocaine or meth it’s out of his system in 2 days so iam pretty sure it’s HGH or some performing enhancing drug but if it’s weed give me a break if he gets banned

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