Donald Driver wants to play in 2013 as well

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Sequels are always a popular choice in Hollywood and it looks like we’re going to get one in Green Bay next offseason.

After some speculation about what the team would do, wide receiver Donald Driver was brought back at a reduced salary for the 2012 season. Given the Packers’ depth at receiver, the move was seen by many as a sentimental gesture to a player who has been a member of the team for a long time and earned one last season with the franchise. If that’s the case, someone forgot to copy Driver on the memo.

“I’m going to play two more years, this one, then next year, then I’m completely done,” Driver said, via “(I’m) gonna put my cleats on the shelf and do something different. I’ve always said I wanted to retire a Packer and now I get that opportunity to retire for, as I always say, the best franchise in the world.”

Driver might want to slow his roll a little bit there. The Packers are already looking at keeping six receivers this year, with touted youngsters Tori Gurley, Diondre Borel and Shaky Smithson bidding for spots on the roster. If everything else remains the same — not a sure bet with Greg Jennings in a contract year and James Jones trade rumors still bubbling up now and then — the Packers would be in the same spot again next season with an even older Driver taking a spot away from a player with greater upside.

That doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but there would seem to be a good chance that Driver will have to decide between being a Packer for life or trying on another uniform if he wants to keep his career going a little longer.

10 responses to “Donald Driver wants to play in 2013 as well

  1. I love DD, but with so many young and talented receivers, I don’t see a spot for him on the roster in 2013. I hope he hangs them up after this year instead of trying to play for another team in the future.

  2. DD is the epitomy of class, but I don’t see how there’s any room to keep him THIS season. There were a few teams that tired to sign Gurley and Borel off the practice squad last year, and the Packers gave them minimum roster salaries, which are much, much higher than PS salaries.

    Say what you want, but the Packers’ scouting staff for acquiring receivers who can be developed, is just simply beyond ridiculous good.

  3. Sounds like a little bit of envy there #7. Perhaps you should be concerned about just finding a legitimate starter.

  4. It’s a tough business and Ted Thompson is not a sentimental guy, nor is Mike McCarthy. I think DD will be cut in training camp this year in time for him to sign with another team, if that is what he wants. No room for playing favorites with the young talent the Packers have at WR.

  5. Donald Driver is a STUD and can easily play for at least two more years. He’ll get another ring or two and then retire.

    MAybe you didn’t see him on DWTS. Dude is ripped. And you can make fun of him all you want, but Champions are Champions, no matter what the contest.

  6. Great man on AND off the field. His time may well be up, and GB management will show someone the door, just ask Brett Favvvera. In Ted We Trust.

  7. Driver will not be cut he will be there for veteran leadership and to mentor the young receivers. If there is one veteran who will be traded or cut loose it will be James Jones. He has had 3 years to separate himself and to be a go to receiver but he hasnt.

  8. IMO, Driver seems to be a bit overconfident in his own future. I seem to be the only packer fan that thinks resigning Driver this year is a mistake.
    And for Mickey who thinks Jones didn’t seperate himself; he did, from Driver. Jones is a much better reciever.

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