Federal investigation in Utah takes down counterfeit jersey websites

An intercepted shipment of fake NFL jerseys to a Utah man was part of a federal investigation which has taken down 70 websites selling counterfeit NFL jerseys.

According to a report in the Deseret News, Homeland Security and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have shut down 70 websites which deal in fake goods.

“This operation targeted criminals making a buck by trying to trick consumers into believing they were buying name brand products from legitimate websites when in fact they were buying counterfeits from illegal but sophisticated impostor sites located overseas,” ICE director John Morton said in statement.

“The impostor sites were simply a fraud from start to finish and served no purpose other than to defraud and dupe unwary shoppers.”

The sites which were shut down included several with names close to the real thing, including nflshopjerseys.com, nflshopjerseys.net and nflshop18.com.

Some of the websites had sophisticated means of tricking customers, including data encryption on their websites, which apparently convinced some customers they were buying the real thing.

Investigators interviewed a man in Sandy, Utah, who ordered more than $1,000 worth of jerseys priced at $18.50 each.

Now I’m no U.S. Marshal, but given the NFL’s insatiable desire and uncanny ability to collect others’ money, such a price might have alerted me to the fact something might not have been on the up-and-up.

7 responses to “Federal investigation in Utah takes down counterfeit jersey websites

  1. Someone would have to be pretty dumb to order jerseys at 18-25 bucks a pop and not know they are fake. Maybe guys are knowingly doing it so they don’t have to pay 100 bucks for the real thing

  2. The buyers knew. We all know when we buy counterfeit products except for maybe prescriptions. I’ll buy an imposter jersey at 1/5 the cost of an authentic jersey any day so long as it looks nice. And don’t give me that “it takes someone’s job” crap since fully 100% of the authentic jerseys aren’t made in the USA. There is no logical reason a sports shirt should cost 100 plus dollars. I don’t care whose name is on it.

  3. I’ve purchased a few of these bogus jerseys off a site in Hong Kong last year (has since been shut down). They are stitched and almost identical to the real thing. They are extremely high quality too. And they were $30, as opposed to the ridiculous $150 the NFL tries to charge. Sorry if that makes me a bad fan or something, but I’m not buying a replica iron on jersey for $80 and a stitched one for $150. I’d rather pay my bills with that kind of money.

  4. Take these websites down if you want, they are infringing on copyright and trademarks, but don’t pretend it’s all about ‘defrauding customers’. The majority of customers of these sites know they are buying a fake and are perfectly fine with it.

  5. i got 3 jerseys from one of those web sites and quite honestly theyre pretty good jerseys better than paying $150 plus for an authentic one only cost me $19.99 per jersey. Hope they dont shut down all the web sites because we all dont have the money to buy a real one and as much of a football fan i am i still like sporting my team fake jersey or not they still satisfy fans who arent blessed with riches….

  6. The real criminal act here was the man who was undoubtedly going to sell those jerseys at a very nice profit.

    But the real criminal is the NFL, for peddling their jerseys for nearly $300 while you can get pretty much the same jersey shipped from overseas for $30-40. Considering the jerseys, were/are made in El Salvador, I really don’t care who I’m putting out of work. Personally, I’d rather my money go to support a Chinese worker and his family, I’m already paying tons in taxes to support the El Salvadoreans here in the states illegally.

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