Josh Gordon lands with the Browns as a second-round pick

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Josh Gordon is heading to Cleveland.

Gordon, the former Baylor wide receiver who left college football behind and entered the NFL supplemental draft, was selected by the Browns with a second-round pick today. That means the Browns do not have a second-round pick in next year’s draft, but they do have another young playmaker on offense.

The supplemental draft order was determined using a lottery in which the Browns got the second pick of each round, so only one other team — the Buffalo Bills — even got a shot at drafting Gordon in the second round. Every team passed on Gordon in the first round.

As a sophomore at Baylor in 2010, Gordon caught 42 passes for 714 yards and seven touchdowns, but he was suspended for the 2011 season after he failed a drug test. At a Pro Day workout this week, he measured in at 6-foot-3 and 224 pounds and ran a 4.52-second 40-yard dash.

Everyone agreed that Gordon was the best prospect in this year’s supplemental draft, although there was disagreement about just how good a prospect he is. Some saw him as worthy of a second-round pick, while others said he was overhyped and suggested that he was getting far more coverage than his college production warranted because it’s a slow time when everyone is desperate to talk about any NFL news.

As it turned out, the Browns believed the hype was real, and Gordon is the latest addition to an offense that also added first-round running back Trent Richardson and first-round quarterback Brandon Weeden. The Browns made clear with the regular draft that they were serious about bolstering their talent on offense, and they’ve done it again in the supplemental draft.

68 responses to “Josh Gordon lands with the Browns as a second-round pick

  1. Idk bout this one… I think he has potential but a 2nd round pick? Thats awfully high and to forfeit your 2nd rounder next year to get a guy who hasn’t played football in over a year

  2. That high of a pick is going to give an already problem child a bigger ego than he already has. Hope he doesn’t turn into too much trouble for that maligned franchise.

  3. The Tennessee Titans, by taking Kendall Wright, have made the Browns blow picks on Weeden and now Gordon. No wonder why the Browns traded up to get Richardson; they were worried about what picks they might blow if they DIDN’T get him, ala Wright.

  4. Front office must have felt they had to make this move. You can’t go into the 2012 season with that WR corps. Little almost led the NFL in drops last year, Mohamed Massaquoi is a concussion waiting to happen and Norwood is tiny. Give someone the rookie QB can throw to.

  5. So Holmgren had a hard on for Kendall Wright and didn’t get him, so he decided to reach for Weeden AND this guy? Can you say clown shoes?

  6. Kinda feel bad for McCoy. His offense lacked any real playmakers, but as soon as they essentially bench him, they go crazy trying to surround the Weeden with young talent(trading up for Richardson, picking Gordon with a 2nd round pick today). I would have liked to see how McCoy would have done with these guys.

  7. As a Cleveland fan, I’m okay with the pick. They have been stockpiling picks and rebuilding for years. They have the most loyal fans in the country but it turns out that 15 years of offering a horrible product can turn off even the best fans. Is picking Gordon in the second round a bit of a reach? Possibly. But now is the time for the Browns to take that next step. Their rookie qb will be 28. They have shored up the right side of their line and drafted a rb who should be better than anyone else they have had for the last decade. In sum, the entire draft is a calculated risk. The Browns needed to take a risk to improve the WR position this year.

  8. It will be easy to criticize Cleveland for what will say is a reach, but I have no problem at all with this pick. Some thought Gordon was better than Wright from Baylor who went 20th. Holmgren/Heckert have drafted pretty well in the last few seasons and I have no doubt they did their homework on this guy. Of course, Gordon could be a bust, but even the best front 0ffices bust on half their picks (Limas Sweed to Pittsburgh anyone?).

    Cleveland needed playmakers and they rolled the dice to try to grab a potential one. It’s hard to fault them for taking the gamble.

  9. I think they overpaid (will be interested if anyone else put in claim for him in round 2) but if this guy has any talent he will play this year. Should be interesting to watch this young team.

  10. They are the Browns after all. Can’t wait for there to be a player they desperately need when they were supposed to pick in the 2nd round next, but whoops we blew it on a reach that would make the Raiders jealous.

  11. redlightrieman says:
    Jul 12, 2012 1:33 PM
    Idk bout this one… I think he has potential but a 2nd round pick? Thats awfully high and to forfeit your 2nd rounder next year to get a guy who hasn’t played football in over a year
    Especially a 2nd round pick that would very likely have been one of the top 5 picks in that round next spring. I could see the Patriots or someone that would expect to pick near the bottom taking a flier, but the Browns? Makes no sense. Unless Holmgren is feeling the heat and getting desperate.

  12. I still have to think that if you needed immediate help at wide receiver for this season, a veteran wide receiver would have been a better option. I am sure Josh will be good eventually but the biggest issue with the Browns wide recievers is inexperience and now they add another young wide reciever. How many 4-12 seasons does Mike Holmgren get before we start to question whether or not he really knows what he is doing? Even if he loved Kendall Wright, why not take Stephen Hill or Rueben Randle instead? How different is Josh Gordon to Stephen Hill? I feel sorry for the Browns fans.

  13. Total desperation buy a guy who was removed as a GM in Seattle & told just coach the team.

  14. What a joke the Browns (Clowns) have become with Holmgren and Tom Heckert running the show. It started by not trading for RJ3 and has gone down hill from there. This guy is far removed from being a polished receiver and the Browns will get nothing from this year if that was there goal.

  15. So the team with a 30 year old rookie QB takes a developmental prospect at WR that has off the field issues with a future second round pick?

    Sounds like a formula for success!

  16. I’m a ravens fan, and I think this is a great move for the Browns.

    Its a first NEXT season that they gave up. Its basically a zero interest loan.

    In addition, he has some elite measurables that they might not be able to get at that same position next year.

    And they made sure to get the guy they wanted.

    Maybe if they were this proactive with Colt McCoy and getting him tools he wouldn’t have gotten so rocked.

  17. The Redskins could have had this kid, if they had decided to part with next year’s #1 pick.

    Oh, I forgot…they don’t have one next year. Or the year after that…

  18. Well when your rookie qb is 3 years away from retirement, i guess you should be in a “win now” mode.

  19. Ted Thompson has built a machine in Green Bay by hitting on 2nd, 3rd & 4th round picks. That’s how good teams are built. Good GM’s have a “gut” feeling about certain players, and sometimes you just have to roll the dice…….

    A 2nd round pick is like gold in the NFL, so the Browns better be right. Gordon looks to have all the physical tools, but lacking a bit up in the cabbage dept as demonstrated by the drug test. As with any pick really……a wait and see’er

  20. Supplemental Draft experts come out of their lairs this time of the year, how interesting. I don’t care where the hell they picked him if he’s gonna be a #1 WR for the Browns sometime sooner than later. But all you naysayers who bash the Brownies just for getting up in the morning are just dead weight. Wish you would just shut up for a while or write something that shows you know a little about the building a team.

  21. Even if this pick was a reach, he’s now their most familiar name at wide receiver. hahahahahaha
    Just messin’ Cribbs

  22. Time will tell if the kid is worth it or not. Surprised though as a lot of rumors had Packers Wide Receiver James Jones being traded to Cleveland either for McCoy or for a 3rd to 4th round pick. Now Jones is no #1 receiver but a solid 2 or 3. Meaning the Browns could have had a proven receiver for less than what they gave up for Gordon.

  23. Hey Browns fans haters are gonna hate thats all they have to do, they just troll around talking ish. But from a Seattle fans perspective I like what you guys have done this offseason. John Clayton said if this guy never got into trouble he would have been a top 15 pick, so everyone can say what they want but the fact is no one knows what moves are good or bad until the season is over. Good luck dog pound! Go Hawks/ 12th man!

  24. 3 rookies are the key pieces to this offense. That being said they’ll still finish last in the division again. Yes Cincy did it last yr but Weeden is no Dalton and Gordon is nowhere close to AJ Green. Richardson is good don’t get me wrong but you do NOT run on Baltimore or Pittsburgh, which has always been the way. That and their porous run D did not improve at all this offseason, which means you’ll see the likes of Rice, McCoy, Murray shredding them in 2012. Sorry Brownie fans you’re still at least 2 years from contending.

  25. Josh Gordon sounds like a kid whose Bar Mitzvah I am going to next month. When we were kids, there weren’t alot of brothers named Josh were there? I want to say I think this is a great development. Lots of brothers named Jonathan these days too.

    I’m imagining some 12 year-old kid in Shaker Heights named Josh Gordon being really excited about this acquisition.

  26. My guess is the people ridiculing this pick or calling it a reach have never actually watched this kid play. Living in Texas, I get the chance to watch a lot of Baylor and several (VERY) early predictions had Gordon pegged as a top-10 pick in 2013. It’s a bold – and maybe a little desperate – move, but this kid has serious potential to be the Browns’ future number 1 if he can keep his nose clean.

  27. Supplemental Draft experts come out of their lairs this time of the year, how interesting. I don’t care where the hell they picked him if he’s gonna be a #1 WR for the Browns sometime sooner than later. But all you naysayers who bash the Brownies just for getting up in the morning are just dead weight. Wish you would just shut up for a while or write something that shows you know a little about the building a team.

    Hey, we all wish Browns fans would shut up. But you can’t get everything you want.

    Speaking of building a team, how many coaches have you deep-thinkers run out of town?

  28. They gave up the 33rd pick of next years draft for this headcase. It’s no wonder they suck every single year. You browns fans …….I honestly feel for you guys. I’m a steelers fan

  29. Ok as a Browns fan i am really excited about this. Instead of using a first round pick on a WR next year which they would of been forced into a corner on it they can now focus on the DE position for next year. The thing about Heckert is that he likes to trade picks so if we dont have a 2nd round pick next year we probably will when the draft comes. Good pick, God Bless, And GO BROWNS!!!!!

  30. 3rd round pick would have done it and Cleveland blinked and wasted getting another starter next year! Super Bowl or nothing this year huh Holmgren??

  31. The bills were apparently going to take him in the 3rd round and the bills had the first pick in the supp. draft. So the browns had to take him then if they wanted him. They could not wait. The browns had the 2nd pick in the Supp draft

  32. This is hilarious. Gordon isn’t remotely as good a prospect as Stephen Hill or Reuben Randle, guys they could have had in the 2nd round this season. Instead they reach for a guy nobody else wanted in that round and weaken themselves when they won’t be able to take a better player with that pick next year.

  33. It may have been a reach, but this has been the Browns MO since they have returned. They reach and they get smoked on trades. The ATL one they came out ahead, but every other one in the new era (Butch Davis sending a 2nd rounder to move up one pick while the Ravens gave us a 6th rounder, whom we cut, to move up in 2006 for Ngata, the Jets got Sanchez and we got some broken toys, and we gave up way too much to get Richardson).

    We always get got. Hopefully this is different.

  34. Nice move. Great risk for a franchise with nothing to lose.

    Glad Pats or Eagles didn’t land him. No doubt they would have taken him with the multiple picks they have collected.

  35. Nice Move, now he may have been there in the third round, but he may not have. This kid looks like a stud. If RG3 who just got handed two great free agency acquisitions was pushing for the skins to take him who is to say he’s not great.

    Either way the Browns need another strong reciever and we may have just got him. (Or maybe not, but time will tell.)

    The Browns missed on 3 key pieces they tried to get this off season, the went up for Richardson to secure the guy they wanted and they may have stepped to high for Gordon, but if he does well, I could possibly care less that we gave up a 2nd rounder.

  36. Funny picking out posts from butt-hurt Skins fans, Steelers fans just lurking around to fling mud and idiots that think Holmgren is the Browns GM.

    We’re going to find out real quick on Gordon. The Browns FO are already saying they got a bargain and expect him to step right in. Not that there’s much competition.

  37. There were 8 players available for the sup. draft; Gordon was the only one selected. That indicates to me that the Browns were in the right place at the right time to pick this player.

  38. If he stayed in college another year and the Browns drafted him next year no one would blink an eye. Everyone loves to dog-pile the bad teams no matter what they do.

  39. Considering that there is no “sure thing” in the draft, why not? WR needed help in depth. I am still concerned that WR’s in the NFL take 2 years to develop, but this kid looks like he may have a better time of it. OK, as a life-long Browns fan, I’m always optimistic & I’m happy when all hope of the post-season hasn’t evaporated by Halloween.

  40. Go Browns! Great get for a team that has to take chances to get better. Weeden will be the key for this offense. I like all three rookies.

  41. Browns draft lookin better and better. Can’t wait to beat the steelers twice this year…book it

  42. Yes, another quality move from the organization that brought you other quality moves like:

    1 Firing Bill Belichick
    2 Drafting Tim Couch
    3 Listing players like Tommy McDonald as a former player and hall of famer in point of fact he was not drafted by the Browns or even had a Pro Bowl year with them.
    4 Hiring Romeo Crennel
    5 or needing at least 2 full seasons of wins to have enough to get into the playoffs

    This is one Dog with a lot of fleas!

    Play the Browns = Tune up game

  43. I’d be more confident of this if Holmgren had a better record figuring out wide receivers. For a guy all about offense his track record on them isn’t very good.

  44. I love it that no one is giving the Browns any love. We’ll surprise a little bit this year but next year this team will be a juggernaut and will roll a lot of good teams into the ground. This is a young team that will take some lumps and have some growing pains this year but watch out for the year after when they start collectively becoming all pro’s on both sides of the ball.

  45. Okay first off for the guy who said we (the browns) can’t run on the steelers or the ravens did you forget what a white boy did to your defense for the past two yrs and this yr we got someone who is stronger and quicker than him (T Rich) second off how in the hell do you know this kid from Baylor was a reach at the 2rd were you there in there in the middle of the draft my guess is you weren’t so shut our mouth. And all you guys at like your team is the best please for you steelers fans try not to get beat by Tim T. Again and ravens fans just worry about how old Ed Reed and Lewis are and if you are going to resign rice. Cincinnati fans I like you nothing bad to say

  46. ” How many 4-12 seasons does Mike Holmgren get before we start to question whether or not he really knows what he is doing?” –dalucks

    If he knows that he can count on patience from ownership, then several “4-12” seasons is the way to go. Four years of that will yield you (1) 4 elite players, at least three of whom are very likely to be no worse than above average starters, and at least one of whom will probably be an all-pro; (2) 4 blue chip players (top 45-50), who are maybe 70% probabilities to be above average starters; (3) 4 players who are maybe 60% shots at being average starters or quality sub-package guys.

    That is a LOT better than what you get drafting, say, 4th, 12th, 15th, 18th.

  47. archetypeobscure:

    Are those who think that Jerry is the Cowboys GM also dummies?

    A thing is what it is, not what someone else chooses to say it is.

  48. “I’d be more confident of this if Holmgren had a better record figuring out wide receivers. For a guy all about offense his track record on them isn’t very good.”

    Hmmm. Isn’t Tom Heckert the Browns G.M? When he was with Philly didn’t they take Jackson and Maclin. Pretty good wideouts I’d say…

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