LaDainian Tomlinson sees potential problems with Santonio Holmes


LaDainian Tomlinson wasn’t shy about sharing his displeasure with Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes in the days after the 2o11 season ended and he’s not shy about speculating about more problems with Holmes in the year to come.

In an appearance on NFL Network host Rich Eisen’s podcast, Tomlinson outlined where he thinks the trouble could come. Tomlinson, who retired in June, said that he thinks new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano’s grinding approach to offense could become a problem for Holmes, who complained about the offense last season before sparking an in-huddle argument with Mark Sanchez during the season-ending loss to the Dolphins.

“Santonio was brought there to be the No. 1 receiver and catch a lot of balls through the passing game and if you are a team that’s not going to throw the ball very much that’s going to make for an unhappy receiver, right?” Tomlinson asked. “So, if Week 6 they haven’t thrown the ball more than 15 times a game and Santonio is not getting his catches you may hear some things: him speaking out, him saying things that may rub some teammates the wrong way. It could very well happen, but I hope Santonio learned from last year and that’s all you can really do. You have to learn from your previous mistakes.”

There have been less plausible hypotheticals put forth than the one Tomlinson outlines above. The Jets have talked a lot about more accountability in the locker room this season, but it remains to be seen how well one of the leaders of last year’s dysfunction will handle things if they don’t go his way this time around.

14 responses to “LaDainian Tomlinson sees potential problems with Santonio Holmes

  1. 1. tremendous respect for Tomlinson
    2. Enough said already about jets problems- no need to get sucked in by the media
    3. No respect for Holmes – infantile
    4. If Holmes even thinks of starting up again with his drama he will get a beating at the hands of teammates before it gets a chance to go anywhere.
    5. Tomlinson, you look good on TV, so you’ve got that going for you.
    Just stop airing out their dirty underwear. Not cool.
    6. Send Homes to Cleveland.

  2. Duh. So what? Not surprising at all. Holmes is a selfish head case, and LT is no rocket scientist.

  3. I love hearing comments like this one from LT..the guy has shared huddles, practices and locker rooms with Holmes (only months removed), so he knows what he is talking about….shout out to LT for giving us starving NFL fans some unedited, informed insight; and not some blanket statement about how is former team will simply be “fine”.

  4. “So, if Week 6 they haven’t thrown the ball more than 15 times a game and Santonio is not getting his catches you may hear some things…”
    This is the main problem with some of the athletes of today. “his catches” I agree that many receivers feel that way. They need stats for their own personal glory and bragging rights (and yes, to use as leverage in contract negotiations) There is no concept of “team”. Many of these guys would rather lose with 10 catches and 2 TDs than win with 3 catches and no TDs.

  5. Tomlinson, who couldn’t get any team to offer him a contract in June
    Fixed it.

  6. Yet more proof that the Steelers were wise for dumping Holmes for a 5th rounder. Everyone criticized it at the time… but Pittsburgh doesn’t tolerate “Me-First” players… and Holmes is the King of Me. Sanchez + Tebow + Holmes = drama + problems 2012 version.

  7. As a Ravens fan I can say without a doubt ditching Holmes was the best move the Steelers ever made. LT speaks the truth. He’s a me-first player who throws tantrums and thinks he’s above everyone else. Peter Pan syndrome: he’ll never grow up.

  8. Tomlinson: you’re retired; act like it. Until you land a gig (ie; when some desperate network dripping with diversity actually pays you for your worthless opinion) quite selling out your ex-teammates.

  9. Maybe Holmes will end up on the bench, all by himself, sulking for no apparent reason, just like Tomlinson.

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