Longtime NFL G.M. on Ochocinco: “I would not have touched him”

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League-wide interest in wide receiver Chad Ochocinco was scant following his June 7 release from the New England Patriots’ roster. Ochocinco’s shortage of production in Foxboro and age (34) were obvious concerns, and the Dolphins seemed to be the only team in serious pursuit.

Ocho wound up signing a one-year deal with a base salary of $925,000, and nothing guaranteed. He can earn up to $2 million in 2012 via incentives.

One longtime NFL general manager explained to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald why few teams — and perhaps only one — were willing to take a flier on the six-time Pro Bowl receiver.

“His best asset is his ability to get separation on routes,” said the G.M. “But you want a disciplined receiver to be in the right spots, and that’s not what this guy is.

I would not have touched him. His personality issues are not going to change. I don’t know if he’s ever going to get it.”

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  1. That 1 year vacation in New England sure hasn’t rehabbed his reputation. That is a shame because 85 seems like a good dude. Good luck Chad.

  2. “I don’t know if he’s ever going to get it”

    Ummm wasn’t he in the Pro Bowl 5 times. don’t talk about him like he’s never done anything.

  3. Wish I knew who the gm was that said this, accept for the last 2yrs ocho has been very reliable, you can count on him to always work hard, play hard, and not be in trouble with the law, even when he played for the Cincy outlaws his personality and character never led him to jail, and he’s always been good to the fans. Being outspoken or quiet doesn’t say you can play or not it only means that you’re outspoken or quiet…

  4. I would rather have five Chad Ochocincos than five DeSean Jacksons…

    Ochocinco has never been a problem off the field and his only on the field issues come from penalties when he’s having too much fun…

    People need to get off his back, because his skill has declined as he’s gotten older (funny how that happened) doesn’t make him a bad person.

  5. As a GM, I am going to tell you I did not want him. But just in case he nails it in Miami, please keep my name out of it. If he fails, next year you can say it was me.

  6. A 6 Time Pro- Bowler and it cost League Minimum with No Guaranteed money. We “kick his tires” and see. If he does not have it, he gets cut and cost the Team a nothing. Asva Fins Fan, I am happy to have any help especially at WR. His social antics are just fun, he is not the criminal type, like other Diva WR’s. Pick on Ireland all you want, but the Guy knows talent. His social skills and management style is the problem. Who knows, maybe Chad teaches Jeff how to have fun and be a human being.

  7. I think for some he gets linked with TO as a bad seed, its a shame, he is far from a TO. NE was a bad fit for him, Belicheck squashes all personalities and Ocho is obviously the type that plays better when he is not under the pressure to be something he is not. Yes he is 34, so what, I for one hope that he is at peace in his life now and has a major chip on his shoulder and has an great year.

  8. While it is true he has never been charged w/ breaking the law, on the civil court side the story is different.
    Been sued and lost a few times for bad debt

  9. While I understand regarding the personality issues (Ocho at times was one of the Bengals opponents best defensive players with the amount of dumb penalty yards he accrued) the dual threat of him and TJ Houshmandzadeh was second to probably only Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne for quite awhile. Ocho and the ultra disciplined Patriots were never going to work. He needed to go to one of the franchises that are still trying to find their offensive identity that way they’ll work around his strengths and not force him into their way of playing.

    He might have a good year in Miami but that I believe is more dependent on who’s under center there than anything regarding his own ability.

  10. Sounds a lot like a Bill Polian comment…he’s been spewing off about alot of things as of late…

  11. Ever going to get it! Get what? This guy is a fun personality type of person, who has never been into any SERIOUS trouble, come on people. I see there is still a double standard in this sorry world we live in. Mr. Johnson, keep on living your life, having fun day to day. I mean come on, the only thing he was really guilty of was being fined for end zone celebrations, not MURDER! Come on people, get the sticks out of our behinds!

  12. So being sued in civil court is now a black eye to a person and who they are as a person. Come on, I can just about do the simplest thing to anyone and be sued for it. Come on!

  13. Hey Longtime GM, if you are gonna speak it, own it! Don’t keep your name to yourself! I personally would like to see Chad Johnson succeed! He needs to focus on the guy who came into the league. I think he still has the physical ability, just needs to exercise the mental control! As for his “antics”, players have done this for years and years, and fans loved it! Goodell has tried as hard as he could to try to take the JOY out of football! If you get a TD…..CELEBRATE!

  14. have you heard of any other of the fish wr? LOL The big question is weather the draft two qb’s in the first rd back to back years!

  15. I am follow the guys on twitter and let me tell you that he is training harder than I’ve ever seen a pro athlete train. He begs quarterbacks in the Miami area to have throwing sessions, he is always training with Antonio brown.. He has had throwing sessions with devone bess and Ryan tannihill, running routes in the sand and he also is boxing and has been for a while. He got married and seems way more grounded. The phins got a steal! He is a definite sleeper in my fantasy draft for sure!

  16. Whatever the amount of time and energy Chad needs to divert toward improving his craft please do it. The clowning, defiance of authority, and rascally behavior should be toned down. You don’t have to become colorless, odorless, and tasteless like in New England, just concentrate on improving the glaring weaknesses in your game.

  17. I just think it’s funny how all of the Dolphin fans who were ripping Ocho last year and calling him worthless and washed up are suddenly rushing to his defense every time somebody says anything negative about him now that he is in teal and orange.

  18. Don’t really know what happened in NE, other than what was in the press. But….considering the QB’s that had thrown to him in the past weren’t exactly Pro Bowl. Look’s to me like he was pretty good……………..and he was!!! Good Luck Chad!!!

  19. Chad gets a chance to come home to his ALL time favorite team with a chip on his shoulder. So, it didn’t work out with the smelly hodie. Others there haven’t worked out either lately.

    I don’t see much downside on this one. Give him a chance first and then decide.

  20. I think its funny how all the New England fans were elated to have Ocho last season and were all about 85 and how he was going to have a monstaa year. Now he s just another stupid receiver that is over the hill! Can’t wait until he torches the Pats lame secondary this year!

  21. Even though this is one general manager he is a good one. Ocho does not know how to take care of himself well and was joking about the game at the wrong time of his career.

    He is at best a 45 catch wide receiver, but I could get anyone off the street and have him catch that many.

  22. A probowler is always a premadonna. However for the cheap rate we got him… who cares he’s better than Bmarsh in allot of ways except maybe his strength and height.

  23. Few in New England had any issues with Chad’s personality. He’s a good guy and proved he can “behave”

    He just could never learn the offense and even lacked the skills to run straight and deep and get open.

    If he had those skills he’d still be on the Patriots

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