PFT Live: Seahawks talk with Eric D. Williams and Bills talk with Tim Graham

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Thursday’s edition of PFT Live is going to travel from Washington state to upstate New York in under an hour.

That might sound impossible without Star Trek transporters (come on already, science), but we’ll make it happen by talking to Eric D. Williams of the Tacoma News Tribune and Tim Graham of the Buffalo News.

We’ll chat with Williams about the Seahawks, particularly about the question of who will be playing quarterback for them when the season gets underway. Matt Flynn, Tarvaris Jackson and Russell Wilson have all been given a shot with the first team thus far, so we’ll hear Williams’ take on which one should be in the lead when camp gets underway.

Graham will be talking Bills, a team that is generating quite a bit of buzz thanks to their busy offseason. It has been a while since there’s been this much excitement about a Bills team and we’ll ask Graham if it is justified or if people’s expectations are too high for a team that was 6-10 last season.

You can watch it all live at noon ET.

4 responses to “PFT Live: Seahawks talk with Eric D. Williams and Bills talk with Tim Graham

  1. It’s funny to me that people pretend that Russell Wilson has even the slightest chance of being the starter.
    Let’s get real. This so obviously comes down to Jackson or Flynn that it’s almost insulting that we have to continue to read about it as a 3 way contest.

  2. So I take it from all the thumbs down on my above post that some of you actually believe that Russell Wilson has a chance to be the starter. You are clearly delusional. I would love to bet any of you any amount of money that you’re willing to lose that this doesn’t happen.
    Step up. Let’s do it.

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