Terrell Owens declares his love for Jerry Jones, begs for work


The Terrell Owens “Please Hire Me” tour continues, as the controversial wide receiver tries to get past his ill-fated stint with the Allen Wranglers.

In an interview with Yahoo.com (via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News), Owens expressed his admiration for Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. (The full video can be seen here).

“Jerry’s a great guy,” Owens said. “Obviously, he gave me an opportunity in 2006 and I had a great three years there with the Cowboys. That’s the type of guy Jerry is. It goes beyond just the football relationship. I think he’s done that not only with myself, he’s done that with a number of his players. You think about the Troy [Aikamn]s, the Emmitt [Smith]s the Michael [Irvin]s, Charles Haley.

“These relationships continue to go on even when football stops. So I think that’s what’s most notable and admirable about Jerry.”

Jones said he’d be happy to help Owens, so long as everyone knew it wasn’t a job offer.

Owens also said he doesn’t care how a team wants to label him, and would be willing to compete for a backup job.

“My numbers speak for themselves,” Owens said. “It’s not a matter of performance, I think everyone saw that my last year in Cincinnati. Once I get on the field I play football. Everything else is out the window.”

In 2010, Owens caught 72 passes for 983 yards and nine touchdowns with the Bengals. Last year, he didn’t play while recovering from a torn ACL.

30 responses to “Terrell Owens declares his love for Jerry Jones, begs for work

  1. Proof that at times, even adults can learn ‘life’s-lessons’ TOO late.

    Little too little too late TO.

    Too much poison in the water.

  2. Like randy moss, I’d like to see T.O. get his last year in and go out right. If he actually wants to be a backup/mentor…..

  3. I really am not a TO “fan” per se, but I can;t believe nobody will give the guy a chance.

    I know for the Redskins, he would immediately be the 2nd best WR here.

  4. The NFL is more entertaining with TO playing, so I say yes to TO, yes to Favre, and yes to anything else that makes my Sundays a little more fun.

  5. bcjim says: Jul 12, 2012 2:27 PM

    I really am not a TO “fan” per se, but I can;t believe nobody will give the guy a chance.

    I know for the Redskins, he would immediately be the 2nd best WR here.


    First of all, you claiming to be skins fan and making that ridiculous comment gives the REAL skins fans a bad name. I would take Santana Moss, Pierre Garcon, Leonard Hankerson, Josh Morgan, Anthony Armstrong over this idiot. How dare you make such an asinine statement.

  6. I would be glad to have him play for our Bears. Cutler having Marshall on one side, Bennett and/or Hester in the slot, Terrell on the other side and Forte and Bush in the backfield. I would love it!

  7. Someone give this guy a hug and then a workout.

    Seriously, Ocho got a team! Antonio Bryant got a tryout in Seattle and Donte Stallworth is surprisingly still in football (of-field issues aside)!!!

    I’m okay if Plax gets a job before T.O. does, but my point is that others that are lower got looks before they did.

  8. “Jones said he’d be happy to help Owens, so long as everyone knew it wasn’t a job offer”

    You mean Jerry couldn’t use another janitor in his new palace?

  9. Sad, sad story – and I mean that for his kids more than anything.

    As a Giants fan, he played for two teams I hate. However, that performance in the Superbowl, for the Eagles, was absolutely one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen on a pegged up ankle.

    It just shows when this guy gets pissed off and emotional, he can do the unthinkable (both positive and negative).

  10. Maybe Jerry can help him in some fashion, however, Mr. Jones is an owner. The way owners generally help players is by providing jobs/employment. If a doctor said he could help somebody, just not medically, ” somebody ” would be in a mighty tenuous position. In this situation, T.O., it appears as though you are the ” somebody.” How can Jerry possibly sell T.O. to another owner if Jerry has no interest/place for him?

  11. Call me crazy but he would be great for Dez Bryant to learn from. Then he may actually learn how to work and how to actually study a play book!

  12. I know that Garrett and Witten, who blackballed him before – behind his back, would convince Jones not to sign him, but he would be an awesome #3 WR for Dallas. TO has a big mouth, but never has come into camp out of shape, never has had off-field issues, and has desire for the game. With 1 playoff win in 15 years, bring him back.

  13. I think the Dolphins ought to give him a shot with an incentive laden contract. He could help them stretch the field and give the running game some room. If he’s got anything left?

  14. To this day I still dont understand all the hate for TO…..I find it VERY odd that guys can get multiple DUI’s, Kill others while driving drunk, beat women, allegedly rape women, even fight dogs and go to federal prison can always get a job but a guy that speaks his mind and doesnt hold is tongue is one of the most frowned upon people EVER…….call me stupid but it doesnt make sense to me….

  15. Owens is a great receiver, but a lousy team member.

    If I can sit at home 4000 miles away watching TV and see Owens tip-off the defence by his lack of effort on running plays, I’m absolutely sure pro-coaches can.

    Owens is a ‘me’ guy. No place for his attitude on an NFL roster IMO

  16. I hope T.O. gets a chance somewhere. He could really help a lot of teams. If T.O. does get a chance, the best tbing for him to do would be to play his heart out and just be humble. A little less attitude would save his career. He could still have 3 good years left in him. I hope he does it! Good luck T.O.!

  17. there are a lot worse out there with jobs…
    ultimately though, he’s the maker of his own demise…

    think about it…even though he can be cut before the season opener, no team is willing to potentially poison the preseason for him.

    i think there is a lot more baggage and dirt on him then we realize circulating throughout the world of the players. i would be surprised if those sentiments didn’t get conveyed to management.

  18. @ cowboys8819, If you honestly believe T.O. would be a good role model then you’re crazy. Dez will do great this year having training camp and no lock out! Dallas got rid of T.O for a reason…One of the main reasons was because he was bringing down moral on a regular basis. They’re several teams that need to do a lot better then they did last year including Dallas. T.O is not the answer to any team that already has things to prove.

  19. Thus the problem with da’ boys. Jerrah is more concerned about the players “liking him” than the players respecting whoever the headcoach might be.

  20. Pathetic. And to those who think he has learned his lesson too late, you’re kidding yourselves. Everything he does or says has a selfish motive.

  21. Hey TO, wonder if Romo will come to your defense….you know, the way you cried for him…..being your QB and all……..Face it son, you are not w0rth the trouble even if you could still get it done on the field…..you proved throughout your career that you are an IDIOT and NO OWNER in his right will entertain thoughts of adding you to his team…….I suggest you start to mend bridges with people you bad mouthed and acted like a spoiled 2 year old with. Hopefully you’re not broke…….go away!!!!!!

  22. They should give T.O. a job. Let him finish his football career, an just like anybody else he has bills to pay. It not like T.O. cant play the game, hes still far better than a lot of the WRs in the league. To name a few T.O. is better than Donald Driver, Santana Moss, Jason Avant, Miles Austin, Nate Burleson, an the VIKINGS dont even have a WR, so stop black balling T.O. an let him play… cause your QB will be happy to pad his T.D numbers

  23. So T.O. is broke, dam, you mean the Arena football league didn’t give him a contract, dam,ha,ha,ha, sorry dog I’m not laughing at you, yes I am. Now he’s own Jerry’s nut sack again, dam, I got one for you bro, go ask your baby mama’s you paid all that child support to, oh that’s right, I’m sorry, your arrogant pompous broke ass was too high and mighty to pay child support hun bro, karma is a bi#ch ain’t it. She we give the superstar contract, how about, hell no, go flip some burgers, what goes around comes around. With the kind of money you blown, your arrogant attitude, no child support paying ass, you reap what you sow.

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