Adrian Peterson appears in court, case reset to August


Adrian Peterson had his first court appearance today after he was arrested last weekend in Houston, although his appearance was brief and uneventful.

The attorneys agreed to reset the case for Monday, August 6, which could disrupt Peterson’s training camp schedule if he needs to be in Houston. Peterson’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, has consistently insisted that the charges should be dropped because Peterson did nothing wrong. He faces a misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest.

Hardin says six witnesses are prepared to testify that Peterson didn’t shove an officer, contrary to what the police claim, and that Peterson was on the way out of the downtown Houston bar he had patronized when the incident with off-duty officers working security began. Hardin has painted Peterson as a victim, not a perpetrator, and says Peterson wants to be completely exonerated. Even if the case does go forward, Peterson is unlikely to face any more than a fine.

One autograph seeker in the courtroom got Peterson’s signature. No word on whether Peterson charged him $125.

7 responses to “Adrian Peterson appears in court, case reset to August

  1. Well, I guess that is a better reason for missing training camp than because it’s “Adrian Peterson Day” in Palestine.

  2. He will not have to be in Houston August 6. The charges will probably be dropped before then. Rusty wouldn’t agree to changing the date to the middle of training camp if he thought this was going to be a problem.

  3. Well, the precedent has already been set by Goodell. You only need to be ACCUSED of a crime, and NEVER charged with anything to receive a 4-6 game suspension. Oh wait, that doesn’t apply to everyone – what was I thinking !!! except for the Saints.

  4. Peterson is spending more on his defense than the fine would cost … that’s because he wants his name cleared completely. I’m glad to see him standing up to the clowns in Houston.

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