Benson issues congratulations on Drew Brees deal

Getty Images

The guy who will be signing a $37 million check is congratulating the folks responsible for taking that money out of his account.

Saints owner Tom Benson has reacted to the signing of quarterback Drew Brees to a five-year, $100 million contract with $60 million guaranteed.

“Congratulations are in order for our organization, our city, Drew and Brittany and certainly for Mickey Loomis and his staff for all of the hard work put in to make this possible,” Benson said in a statement.  “Now we must turn our focus to getting ready for the start of training camp and to keeping with our goal of being the first team in NFL history to host and play in a Super Bowl.”

Teammate Lance Moore was more pragmatic.  “Well, first and foremost, it means Drew’s paying for dinner this whole season,” Moore told Jim Miller and Amani Toomer of SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“It’s awesome,” Moore added.  “It’s kind of what we’ve been waiting for obviously, and what most of us expected to happen.  Sometimes the [business] side of it kind of gets in the way and things kind of get drawn out and we, as players, kind of have to do what’s right for us, first and foremost, and I think most of the guys who have been in the league long enough understand that and people want to get what they’re worth and what they deserve and I think Drew definitely got that.”

He definitely did.  And now the question is whether the Saints will be able to make up for Drew’s absence from the offseason program when training camp opens.