Bucs take full advantage of new blackout rule


Three teams have said “no thanks” to the new blackout rule, but the team that has had the toughest time selling tickets over the last few seasons has embraced the revised provision with arms and empty seats wide open.

The Buccaneers have announced that they will take full advantage of the new rule, dropping the minimum percentage of non-premium seats to avoid a blackout from 100 percent down to 85 percent.

“We hope that this move, along with lower ticket prices, starting at $30 for  adults and $15 for children, will lead to more televised Buccaneer home games  this year,” Vice President of Business Administration Brian Ford said in a statement.

The Chargers, Bills, and Colts have opted not to reduce the percentage, which can be set anywhere between 85 percent and 100 percent.

Teams have until Sunday, July 15, to make a decision, but then they can make a final adjustment by August 9.

Here’s more from Friday’s PFT Live on how this all came to be and the teams other than the Bucs that could take advantage of the new rule.

Coincidentally, they’re both in Florida, too.

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10 responses to “Bucs take full advantage of new blackout rule

  1. I appreciate the team doing the best thing for the Bucs fans. It’s hard to build a fan base if you can’t watch your team.

  2. They still play in a blast furnace until late November. Terrible conditions, sweating buckets, water at about a buck an ounce, it seems. NO THANKS. DIRECTV for me.

  3. Been a Bucs fan for 28+ years, and last season was easily the worst I’ve ever seen them perform, and that really says something. I totally quit watching them the last 4 games, as it was tough to stomach watching millionaires play a game with little to no enthusiasm. With that kind of effort you don’t deserve fans.
    I couldn’t care less if someone doesn’t think I’m ‘loyal’ enough of a fan for quitting on the Bucs last season. Last time I checked the NFL is a business, and the best product is on the field. If it isn’t then demand goes down.
    The tide is turning, and this team is on the rise again. Attendance is going to increase as people watch at home and will want to start going to games as this team starts winning again.
    You jags fans can go ahead and laugh, but our franchise has been here since 1976, have a world championship and, most importantly, aren’t going anywhere. Can you say the same for your team?

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