Chiefs, Dwayne Bowe not making progress on new contract

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While one franchise player got the biggest contract in NFL history today, there are multiple reports that negotiations for another franchise player are going nowhere.

Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe has gotten nowhere in contract talks, according to Jason La Canfora of CBS, and ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that they do not expect a long-term deal to get done before the Monday deadline for franchise players to sign long-term contracts.

The Chiefs have seemed throughout the offseason like they’re not all that interested in getting a deal done with Bowe. Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel shrugged off any questions of Bowe holding out, saying, “We’re going to win with whoever we have.”

It will be easier to win with their No. 1 receiver in the fold. And barring a totally unexpected agreement in the next three days, Bowe will only be in the fold on the one-year franchise tender.

6 responses to “Chiefs, Dwayne Bowe not making progress on new contract

  1. With Baldwin in place, Bowe may be the odd man out after this season.

    I see a tag and trade coming in ’13.

  2. I hate to agree with Bigdawg but it’s true. All they needed was an o-line last year and they would’ve been in the playoffs. Every fan with a hint of football knowledge could see it. Yet they went into the season with scraps. And their QB’s were treated accordingly. In 2012, all we seemingly need is d-line help, but they bring in no one and are in hopes of an NCAA no-name Mephis player/project to replce Kelly Gregg. I hope he’s the next Ngata but…

    The bigger concern is we don’t have a legit #2 QB, Cassel is Dilfer, if all other parts function they can succeed, but he won’t be winning any SB’s, let alone playoff games, unless the entire teams is running at peak form. If captain average goes down we have to rely on journeyman Quinn, or better yet “Can’t beat out Palko Stanzi”…

    Bowe, please buy in to the dope they’re selling, I hope Baldwin is like you or better but you’re at least somewhat proven.

  3. Keep treating Bowe like crap. Hopefully he comes back home to the bayou. With Drew getting the bulk of his payday in his signing bonus we should be able to add good talent like Bowe in the next few years. Bowe and Colston as a duo with Graham in the middle, and Sproles out of the backfield the offense would be that much more unstoppable. Nightmares for every team. It would be stupid for the Chief’s (my favorite AFC team) to let him go but I can always hope. One of the most memorable moments from last season was Bowe tipping the ball to himself in the endzone several times for a TD and it was great. Pay the man or let him get paid elsewhere!

  4. pettytom- he’s from miami not “the bayou”.

    anyway, yes they may have the future #1 already here in Baldwin (stress may), but the chiefs need Bowe on the team THIS YEAR. without an elite qb, dwayne might want to go elsewhere. this might be his last year in kc, which pains me.

  5. Bowe will be on the team THIS YEAR and will get paid around what 9.5 million. If Baldwin steps it up then a trade will surely be in the cards with KC getting a high pick for him unless of course he gets hurt or has a crappy year then he is on the wrong side of the ball. We shall see. All these reports don’t mean much anyway hell he could sign tomorrow for all we know.

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