Dolphins will do “everything [they] can” to avoid blackouts

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The Dolphins have yet to decide whether and to what extent they’ll take advantage of the relaxed blackout rule, which allows games to be televised with as few as 85 percent of the non-premium tickets sold.

Regardless of the final decision, team president Mike Dee tells Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post that the Dolphins will try their best to ensure that no game will be blacked out.

“Our goal is always to do everything we can to keep the games on local television,” Dee said.  “And market and sell and do everything we can to sell as many tickets as possible, and hopefully get to that point in time when we can sell out the games organically.”

On multiple occasions in 2011, the Dolphins paid 34 cents on the dollar to purchase the unsold non-premium seats, which ensured that the home games would be televised locally.  This year, they can reduce the requirement to as low as 85 percent of the non-premium seats.  If, however, the stadium sells out “organically,” the Dolphins automatically will be required to surrender 50 cents on the dollar for every ticket sold above the adjusted threshold to the league office, up from the usual 34 cents.

The challenge for the bean counters in Broward County will be to decide whether it makes more sense to spend 34 cents on the dollar to buy the remaining tickets if the chosen limit is too high, or whether to pocket only 50 cents on the dollar for any tickets sold over the minimum if the chosen limit is too low.

Either way, a choice has to be made, soon.  NFL spokesman Greg Aiello says the deadline is July 15.  The Dolphins believe there are two deadlines, with the final deadline coming on August 9.  Which would make the July 15 deadline, you know, not a deadline.

We’ve sought clarification from the league office, and we’ll update soon.  Obviously, if the deadline is July 15, all teams that may be struggling to sell tickets will have to spend one of the last sssslow weekends of the offseason fretting over the question of how low can we go?

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  1. what a mess! the Dominos have falling since the mustache and rick spielman were calling the shots… it was a slow demise with them… these clowns running things are really just the grim reaper! We can only hope that Coach Philbin is something very special… cause this team is almost in ashes

  2. I don’t get the new rule? It’s nice that the league is softening the blackout rule, but why punish teams for selling more tickets then expected?

  3. How about do better than 4-12 at home over the past two seasons? That’s probably the best way to start.

    The problem with this regime, is they thought if they put the movies stars, orange carpet, and Jimmy Buffett out there first, then everything else would fall into place. Babes, celebrities, and good times is what they thought people wanted from the stadium experience.

    What they didn’t consider is that Anna Kournikova isn’t going to be seen going to a game in 95 degree heat to see a team that’s 4-10. When you go 10-4, that’s when Anna Kournikova shows up. That’s when it’s a party. And that’s when you won’t have trouble selling seats.

  4. I live 3 minutes from our Practice Facility, and work even closer… All I can say is that we will surprise teams this year… We might go 8-8, guarantee half those wins are against playoff teams…

  5. It’s tough for the teams to give up 16% of their potential revenue just to gain some credit with the fans.

    With the advent of HDTV and the fan experience being so good at home will we start seeing smaller football stadiums in the future? Perhaps more intimate and tighter to the field? Then might be worth it for fans.

    But I’m not sure how many new stadiums are being built any time soon besides Minnesota and, perhaps, LA.

  6. I grew up in San Diego during the days when most of their home games were blacked out.The Black Out Rule had the complete opposite affect on me, as it was designed to have.Rather than to get me to go to the stadium, it drove me away from the team.I lost all interest in a team that I could not follow on tv.The NFL has always been bullheaded enough to ignore this fact, for the sake of, perceived, losses in revenue.I have always thought that they lost MORE revenue by alienating the fan base with blackouts verses cultivating a fan base by allowing the locals to see on tv, their team at home.Since 2007 game attendance is down every year.I believe this trend will continue because the NFL is pricing the average fan out of the stadium.As this trend continues,those Hugh TV Broadcasting Contracts will start to come DOWN. If this happens, the NFL will go to a 100 per cent Pay Per View schedule, which they have studied the feasibility of , many times in the past, and rejected up to now[ except for specific sports packages like “Red Zone, Sunday Ticket etc.When they go to 100 per cent PPV…I am all done !!

  7. WINNING. Also, try not to recruit your potential next head coach while the current lackey is still collecting checks. Players like Peyton Manning may notice this and decide not to take his talents to South Beach. LACES OUT!

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