Gregg Williams: “I will coach again”


It’s not much of a statement, but it is fairly straightforward.

Former New Orleans defensive coordinator Gregg Williams showed up today at his own charity golf tournament in Missouri, his first appearance since being suspended for his role in the Saints bounty scandal.

Williams declined to comment on the ongoing bounty scandal, telling’s Elizabeth Merrill the event was “all about the kids.”

When Merrill asked again about his future, Williams said, “I will coach again.”

That’s more than he’s said so far, and that’s undoubtedly for a reason.

The kids, obviously.

4 responses to “Gregg Williams: “I will coach again”

  1. As Goodell’s “evidence” against the players continues to unravel, and his “documents” are found to be fabricated and/or embellished, it becomes clearer that he must be relying on the testimony of the their coaches and teammates to back up his charges. Gregg Williams believes he will coach again because he plans to deliver for Goodell. He will take the stand and say that he personally knows that Vilma offered ten grand to get Favre. There you have it. Williams knows that if he doesn’t, his “indefinite” suspension will be “permanent.” But if he does as Goodell has instructed, he’s been promised that the suspension will be lifted. In the law this is called extortion.

    Williams starts a bounty program, causes his players to participate in it, then rats them out so that he can come back and lead other men. But what player in the future will trust him?

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