Hall of Famer Dermontti Dawson joins concussion lawsuit

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We can’t possibly document every concussion lawsuit that’s filed, because the rolls seem to grow every day.

Some of them, however, still grab your attention.

Former Steelers center Dermontti Dawson, weeks away from his induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, is among the latest to file suit against the NFL.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Dawson and three other former Steelers were among 47 players filing suit in Mississippi.

The suit doesn’t specify Dawson’s injuries, but makes reference to Mike Webster, another Hall of Fame former Steelers center. Webster died of heart failure in 2002, but struggled with mental problems which were tied to head injuries from his playing days.

Dawson’s not the first Hall of Famer to file suit, but any time a player of his stature joins the more than 2,600 players suing, it adds visibility to the claim.

5 responses to “Hall of Famer Dermontti Dawson joins concussion lawsuit

  1. Enough already,

    its like police and firefighters suing and claiming they didn’t realize the job could be dangerous.

    NFL = A job that could be extremely dangerous and could even kill you. You know the risks going in, if you don’t want to except reality then don’t play. Because there are 10-million people behind you that will gladly take your place and not sue the NFL over things that should be common sense.

  2. Remember Commissioner Goodell’s pre-emption argument in support of his motion to dismiss Vilma’s defamation suit? Aren’t the more than 80 concussion-related suits (now consolidated under the “master complaint”) arguably also pre-empted under federal law by the various CBA’s? Hopefully, the NFL will prevail on its anticipated motion to dismiss, which, if I recall correctly, is expected to be filed on August 9th.

  3. I can’t ever imagine the NFL wanting to fight this out in front of a jury, where the public hears it all. At the same time I can’t imagine a settlement. By the time the deadline to join the suit comes, there will likely be 5000 players involved. It would take $5B for every $1M per player the settlement would be for. Even at 200k per player that is $1B. It’s unthinkable that the NFL would pay out more than 200-300M. Which is 50K per player. I don’t think these guys joined the suit for 50K. Hard to see how this avoids trial. The NFL is probably hoping it can delay the suit for 5-15 years. I’ve heard of extreme cases where class action suits have taken 20 years or more to rectify within the system.

  4. Wow. Once it became known there was a gravy train via concussion lawsuit —-> the lines started forming. You see how many players AMAZINGLY “lost their memory” or “have headaches” and want cash to “fix” their problems.


    P.S. This is ALSO what will ruin the NFL. Instead of having a physical game, it’ll be penalties and fines to “show” the NFL “cares” about its players. Thanks Dermontti and everyone else trying to collect free cash.

  5. There is no excuse for the NFL & NFLPA to not take take of these guys. There is more than enough money to do it. And for those throwing out the lame “they knew the risk” and “it’s common sense” … to this day the NFL still hasn’t acknowledged the risk, so how could players possibly know about it?

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