Home schedule could lead to five or six Colts wins

In Peyton Manning’s first year with the Colts, the team won three games.  In his last year, they won two.

In the first year without him, the Colts could perhaps win as many as they did in those two seasons combined.

Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star joined PFT Live on Friday to discuss a variety of Colts issues, and Chappell ultimately suggested that the team could emerge with five or six wins, thanks to a home slate that includes games against the Vikings, Jaguars, Browns, Dolphins, and Bills.

And let’s not forget a Week 17 visit from a team that never has won in Indianapolis:  the Texans.

Chappell also discussed the delayed signing of quarterback Andrew Luck, the team’s decision not to take advantage of the new blackout rule, and issues on both sides of the ball as the 2012 season approaches.

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18 responses to “Home schedule could lead to five or six Colts wins

  1. That is feasible, 5 or six wins while playing in the afc south is not unrealistic! Luck is going to be a future star, and a whole new philosophy on defense could either be a complete bust, or a huge blessing. The colts cover 2 scheme was terrible, we have never had a defense that blitzes, or pressures anywhere but from the bookends. I am a huge optimist, but in 2 years, we will be back to the normal colts 12 win seasons, and owning the afc south for another decade. Sorry texans (who even in our worst season couldn’t sweep us) take advantage of your short lived 2 season reign as afc south champs. We will be back, and real soon…. The rest of the league will get sick o us once again real soon!!! Colts all day!!!

  2. The funny thing is, all 5 of those teams are thinking the same thing and hope the Colts will be an easy win for them. I doubt they will win all 6 of those games, but that will really depend how good Luck is in the NFL most likely.

  3. They won’t beat the dolphins, bills, or texans who will still be battling for a playoff spot. They may eek out 3 wins. I find it hard to believe Luck will make that much of a difference in year one. Expect him to look similar to Curtis Painter this year, but he will be the best QB in 5 years.

  4. It’s too bad the Colts don’t play the Steelers in the regular season.

    It took a Troy Polomalu fumble recovery touchdown for the Steelers to win 23-20 against Curtis freakin’ Painter.

    With Andrew Luck at QB the Colts would be a lead pipe cinch to beat the elite Pro Bowler Roethlisberger and his 16 points of offense.

  5. Funny how people talk about their predictions with such certainty. For example, no one gave the 49ers a chance of being more than a 5-11 team last year, and you were laughed at if you suggested otherwise. The Colts seem to have waayyy more talent than your average 2-14 team, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they contend for the playoffs. But the truth is that nothing is yet written. The new HC, OC, and DC will have to do crackerjack jobs to make that happen, and a handful of young players will have to get up to speed quickly.

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