Matt Forte optimistic a deal with the Bears gets done this weekend

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Matt Forte and the Bears are running out of time to reach an agreement on a long-term contract, but Forte says he still holds onto hope that a deal can get done this weekend, before the Monday deadline for franchise players to sign.

I’m a very optimistic guy, so going into this weekend I’m pretty optimistic that it will get done,” Forte told ESPN’s Adam Schefter. “Saying my prayers and everything, hopefully it will get done.”

That optimism is surprising, because most indications have been that the Bears aren’t inclined to pay Forte the kind of money he wants, and that they want him to simply sign the franchise tender and play this year on a one-year, $7.749 million contract.

That will be Forte’s 2012 salary if the Monday deadline comes and goes without a new contract, and Forte has acknowledged that he’ll play on the franchise tender this season if he has to. But he might wait until just before Week 1 to sign: When Schefter asked if he’ll show up to training camp if he doesn’t get a deal, Forte refused to answer and (in an awkward moment in the televised interview) just sat there silently.

The good news in that scenario is that Forte insists he’s in excellent shape and will be ready to play as soon as he’s signed. He hopes that’s this weekend.

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  1. I hope the Bears & Forte come to some kinda deal that both sides can live with. The team needs a deal as bad as Forte cause his whole franchise tag… the 7.7 million will count against the cap this year. A longer term deal will be 3 or 4 million less an that opens up money for the second round of free agents, cuts will be coming soon an I wouldnt mine picking up a offensive tackle, an a defensive tackle, but who knows what good player might wanna come to Chicago

  2. I hope Forte an the Bears are locked in a comfortable room right now trying to hammer out something reasonable for both sides, an please lock that greedy agent outside the door then the two sides will have the same goal

  3. He controls whether or not he signs–nobody else. The Bears offered him a decent deal last year and he turned his nose up. Waiting until right before the regular season to sign a deal that won’t change is just a bush-league move. If they don’t relent before the deadline, just sign the deal, take your seven million – 8 million dollars and play football.

  4. if he’s still listening to his agent who thinks he’s going to get chris johnson money, no it won’t

  5. The Bears don’t respect Forte and what he’s done for them. He should sign the franchise tender and claim that he’s lame. He can take the year off at their expense which will extend his playing career. I guarantee that they’ll cut him or trade him and he can go wherever he wishes where he’ll be respected.

  6. Given Forte’s optimism, I would be shocked (shocked, I say!) if he doesn’t sign this weekend – oh, wait – By saying that, did I just hurt Forte’s leverage?

  7. Hey Matt Forte and also the rest of the NFL players who are holding out for a few extra million dollars,

    How about you do this – join the military for just 2 years – do “only” 1 tour. 2 months into that tour look at your LES (that is a detailed description of what you get paid) after looking at what you get paid to put your “LIFE” on the line for your country then tell me how hard it must be to make millions and bitch about it.

    Just a thought

  8. NOT a Bears fan, but they are jerking Forte around! Have they offered him ANYTHING? Damn, a 3 yr deal at least! In his case, I’d holdout.

  9. Talk about a cut throat business, the guy has only played the game under his rookie contract (which was seriously under paying da dude) and didn’t make a fuss about, jus went out and produced as a top RB..then nearly suffers a scary knee injury that he was able to get healthy from and now they still don’t want to pay him, thats crazy!

    @jbd0304, I really do cherish the men/women who fight for this country but trying to compare the unparalleled two is ludicrous. See, as a average fan, we see $7 million as alot of money (don’t get me wrong it is), but to an athlete of Forte’s caliber, it’s really not that much after he pays his agent, his attorneys, his taxes, his bills. And yes he’s a helleva good RB, but he is not a superstar so his endorsements are minimum, so from a financial stability standpoint to make sure that his family is taken care of when the game it’s done with him. And the last time I checked, U.S.A. was not drafting for the armed forces so if u choose to go to the military, thats ur decision so don’t blame somebody else cause they try to do whats best for their family in using the talents they endure.

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