Rashard Mendenhall: “My knee has healed wonderfully”


Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall has been saying this offseason that he thinks he can play in Week 1 this season despite suffering a torn ACL in Week 17 last season, and as training camp draws near, Mendenahll isn’t changing his tune.

Mendenhall took to Twitter today to give his fans an update, saying the knee has healed.

“My knee has healed wonderfully, thanks for all the well wishes!” Mendenhall wrote.

Mendenhall likely won’t be ready to go when training camp starts for the Steelers on July 25, but if he’s ready to go when the regular season opens on September 9, that would be an impressive recovery. And wonderful news for the Steelers.

12 responses to “Rashard Mendenhall: “My knee has healed wonderfully”

  1. Well, from what I have seen of Redman, I would think that a lot of Steeler fans are wondering what the running game would be like w/ Redman and NOT Mendenhall.

  2. Rashard needs to have his head fixed as well. It’s one thing to say you want to do it and another to do it. So far Rashard has been incconsistent in showing that he wants to do it. If he’s right in the head, then bring it on…..

  3. Who cares about this Usama-lover? I sure don’t. Guy isn’t even good, never was, now for sure won’t ever be. Sorry Stoolers but it’s true.

  4. Mendenhall then took to Twitter to question how he could have suffered such an injury. “Looking at the video, it’s clear that someone planted explosives in my pads” Mendenhall speculated. “There’s no way the turf maid my knee crumble like that”…

  5. Great news.. He is a solid running back. Not elite but with blocking, he is statistically a top 10 back in this league. With the reshaped line and Hailey’s former top rushing attack like he had in KC, I can’t wait to see Rashard hit the gaps.

    We have a McCluster like scat back in Chris Rainy as well. If the guys can learn the new offense and gel, this could be a solid season for my Steelers in a “retooling” year.. Still too early to make predictions though.

  6. Dwyer is the most talented runningback on that team and he will show it this coming season and be the starter for the remainder of the way.

  7. Mendenhall played a valuable role in the team’s 2010 success, and despite an untimely forced fumble was a surehanded as well as a surefooted back. His recovery would mean we were well-stacked in a backfield that should get more work this season. That’s good for the Steelers, and that’s my only concern. I don’t care what nonsense he tweets on his off-time.

  8. Rashard in the eyes of the steelers fan in one of the leagues best running backs… Ive talked with alot of them. However numbers from last year do not lie…. He was 21st in rushing yards with 928 yards. that was on 2 good knees. He was 33rd in yards per attempt with 4.1 yards on two good knees. He was 22nd in yards per game with 61.9 ypg on two good knees. He only had 3 rushes for over 20 yards on two good knees. We all know athletes with torn acl never really return to preinjury form so a running back that was never any good to start is just going to be worse…

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