Seahawks release Mike Williams

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Wide receiver Mike Williams revived his career with a big 2010 season for the Seahawks, but he won’t be around for a third year in Seattle.

The Seahawks announced Friday afternoon that they have released Williams. The 10th overall pick of the 2005 Draft had 65 catches for 751 yards for the Seahawks in 2010, his first season with the team after failed stints in Oakland and Tennessee following his departure from Detroit as one of Matt Millen’s many draft misses. The big season got Williams a new contract in Seattle, but he caught just 18 passes in 2011 and is trying to come back from a fractured fibula suffered late last season.

“We would like to thank Mike for his contributions over the past two seasons and we wish him well in the future,” said General Manager John Schneider in a release from the team.

The move solidifies Sidney Rice, Doug Baldwin and Golden Tate as the top three receivers with the Seahawks. Williams’ departure means that Ben Obomanu, Ricardo Lockette, Kris Durham and Deon Butler are left in the competition for spots behind them on the depth chart.

Injuries and weight issues have hampered him throughout his career, but his size will likely make him intriguing enough to get looks around the league. Williams wasn’t able to work in the spring because of his leg injury, though, and he’ll have to show he’s healthy before he lands with another team.

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  1. With the Bowe situation seemingly at a standstill and with Williams being a former teammate of Matt Cassel, I wonder if KC will look at him. Couldn’t hurt, I guess.

  2. This is why it’s so hard to be great in the NFL: as soon as you hit your stride, you might get injured.

  3. That’s unfortunate. Willaims, of his own fault, pissed away his first few years in the NFL. But he really made a great comeback in 2010. Hope he keeps it up. Can be a dominant WR if he can stay focused, motivated, and healthy. Cassel to Williams could be good. In any event, a healthy Williams can be a matchup nightmare for smaller DBs.

  4. Its too bad that he bloomed so late, he could have made a huge mark in the league playing across Calvin Johnson when he was in Detroit. I don’t get what the scouts seen in this kid during the draft? Over hyped.

  5. When he was told he was released he jumped for joy screaming thank god I can leave this boring ass city and lame football team..

  6. It’s not that he bloomed late. Look who his his qb was in Oakland; Jamarcus Russell. Seattle isn’t exactly a QB haven either. How many Qb’s did they go through last year? All of which suck by the way. He’ll catch on with a decent qb and show his stuff.

  7. EJ says:Jul 13, 2012 6:49 PM

    Its too bad that he bloomed so late, he could have made a huge mark in the league playing across Calvin Johnson when he was in Detroit. I don’t get what the scouts seen in this kid during the draft? Over hyped.


    Did you see him play at USC? He was a man amongst boys there. Helped Carson Palmer win the heisman didn’t he? That’s gotta count for something too.

  8. I remember when Kiper told America that we’ll see him in Canton at his induction speech on Draft Day 2005. Welp.

  9. Here’s his MO

    1. Play good get drafted and paid
    2. Get fat
    3. Get dumped
    4. Get in shape play good,get paid
    5. Get fat
    6. Get dumped
    7. .one more in him to get in shape and get paid

  10. Anyone who thinks the Lions are interested in a slow and unreliable receiver like Mike Williams is crazy – especially after he burned Detroit for millions and was a total bust as first round pick.

    I think his NFL days are over. Hopefully he has a good backup plan.

  11. Williams can play, watch the season where he had an accurate passer (Hasselbeck) he beat so many DB’s one on one like a monster. Jackson didn’t throw him any balls because he never sees the play unless its wide open. Any team looking for a physical big WR will find a solid player in BMW.

  12. It’s sad what happened to BMW, but it’ll be sadder if he’s replaced with Antonio Bryant.

  13. I don’t think the staff was liking what they were seeing from his rehab/conditioning. He was noticeably heavy back in May, and a lot of people said “Well, it’s May, let’s see if he can get back into shape.” This annoucement is a strong indicator is that the answer was “No, he can’t.”.

    I think it also means the staff feels good about the group they have at the position. Kris Durham is a big kid with good hands who will probably take Williams’ roster spot. Doug Baldwin will be solid. Ricardo Lockette will have a change to get more reps and get his speed on the field. Golden Tate was starting to play well at the end of last year. Biggest remaining question mark is Rice’s health.

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