Will Witherspoon appearing before Congress on livestock issue

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We sometimes forget that football players have lives away from the gridiron and interests that have nothing to do with the game of football.

A press release on Friday afternoon provided a reminder of that fact with a report that Titans linebacker Will Witherspoon will be appearing before members of Congress on July 24 about the Preservation of Antibiotics for Medical Treatment Act. If enacted, the bill would phase out the use of antibiotics on healthy livestock while continuing to allow it for sick animals.

Witherspoon raises grass-fed cattle on a farm in Missouri, a pastime that got him named one of the 10 Sexiest Environmentalists earlier this year. Witherspoon is in favor of the bill and will be making his appearance on July 24.

“Modern agriculture subjects animals to overcrowding and stress putting the welfare of the animal foremost removes/takes away the requirement for routine doses of antibiotics,” Witherspoon said in the release.

It’s unlikely that any of Witherspoon’s Titans teammates will have similar stories to share about their time off when the team gathers for training camp a few days later.

4 responses to “Will Witherspoon appearing before Congress on livestock issue

  1. Cool. As a steak eater, I like grass fed beef better than grain fed. And with less antibiotics to boot? I’m in!

  2. Hobby farmers should have no say with these kind of regulations, have enough as it is. Farmers that do this for a living are the ones that should be heard. And would image very few support this! On every antibiotic in animal feed there is a withdraw period. which means you can’t slaughter any animals with it in there system. So there is no reason for this law. Just like the NFL farming is about making money and confinement animals are easier to raise and maximize profits.

  3. @catchhester23…Everyone should have a say in the food production that goes into their and their children’s mouth. Big AG should not have ultimate control because all they care about is their bottom-line! Do you actually think that Big AG is going to adhear to the withdraw rates when profits are at stake? Doubt it…look at all the e-coli outbreaks.

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