Witten thinks Romo should ignore outside opinions, good or bad

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A week after former Giants receiver Amani Toomer picked current Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo over current Giants quarterback Eli Manning, a current Cowboy said that the current Cowboys quarterback should tune out that kind of noise.

“You usually don’t hear that from Giants fans,” tight end Jason Witten told ESPNDallas.com.  “It was good to hear for Tony.  I think for all of us, especially Tony, you have to be able to block that out — good or bad.”

And then Witten offered up one of the assessments that he thinks Romo should ignore.

“I think he’s an elite league quarterback,” Witten said.  “Many people have said that.  I think that’s great that Amani said that, but at the end of the day, Eli is a Super Bowl champ.  He’s won two out of the last five years.  They’re doing a lot of good things right up there.  They’re the poster boys of how you do it and not let adversity get in the way because of where they’re at.”

So, um, is Witten saying Eli is a better quarterback than Romo?

8 responses to “Witten thinks Romo should ignore outside opinions, good or bad

  1. Genius advice Witten….. Obvious advice, but impossible. I have gave Tony my fair share of hate and criticism, but come on Witten. Even you have to recognize being the starting QB of the Cowboys and avoiding the hate is impossible without a ring. He has to accept it, because there is so much hate, he can’t deny it. Embrace it and win. Romo wins 1 ring and no one can deny him of greatness. Being the Cowboys QB has to be as stressful as being the president…. Probably more stressful because they actually care about their supporters. Win and you are in.

  2. I’d expect Witten to want Romo to block ou the things people are saying.

    Things like the fact you just pretty much did say eli is better, or ex team mates saying Romo forcing the ball to his buddy Witten is bad for chemistry on the offense?

  3. No, he’s just keeping it real. Just like me, I’m a Bronco fan, but the book on the best Manning QB isn’t complete yet, & I’m almost content in believing that it’s not Archie, or the Manning of the Mile High variety. Eli is still not respected as much as he should be for a 2x champ…

  4. I think that what Whitten really said is that results speak for themselves, and that the Giants have better results than the Cowboys. Until Romo cracks through the Super Bowl ceiling, he can’t be considered on a par with Eli.

  5. “So, um, is Witten saying Eli is a better quarterback than Romo?’

    Um well no but good try at manufacturing controversy.

  6. I’m still embarrassed that romo’s only playoff W came against us. But at least on the bright side, that L finally got rid of Donovan mcpuke.

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