Adrian Peterson: I didn’t push, shove, touch anyone


After he appeared briefly in court on Friday, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson spoke to reporters and continued to maintain his innocence on charges that he resisted arrest after shoving an off-duty police officer in a Houston bar.

“I would just like to assure my family, my friends, and all my fans that I’m 110 percent — 200 percent — innocent,” Peterson said. “I didn’t push, shove, touch, anything to anyone that night, especially an officer.”

Peterson hired attorney Rusty Hardin, who has insisted that it was the police officers — not Peterson — who acted badly during the incident in question. Peterson made clear, however, that his issue is only with the two officers who were working security at the bar that night, and not with the Houston Police Department.

“I definitely don’t have a problem with the Houston P.D. This involves two individual officers that I have an issue with,” Peterson said. “Once everything is settled, the truth will come out.”

If the case isn’t dropped before then, Peterson’s next court date is set for August 6.

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  1. AP hasn’t had much in the way of trouble before, so this seems totally out of character.

  2. It’s obvious AP is telling the truth and those videos they have along with the witnesses will prove it. I hope they turnaround and sue the cops that started this crap. Everybody jumped right to conclusions when this happened. AP always seemed to be one of those guys that “got it”… When all is said and done I hope those officers get reprimanded for acting like idiots. I’m a Bears fan by the way… 🙂

  3. The security tape doesn’t exist or was disposed of by the security people, because they claim there is no video. That right there means reasonable doubt for a criminal prosecution. But a civil suit against the bar? Much lower burden of proof, go get their money Adrian. Hit them where it hurts.

  4. Go sue the pants out of Houston P.D. to show teach them a lesson when working with civilians. Just because you are in a position of authority doesn’t give you the right to treat people without respect whether it’s a athlete, movie star, or joe the accountant. Sue the pants off them, teach them a lesson, and donate the money to the charity of your choice. Hold them accountable.

  5. If AP didn’t have celebrity status there would never have been an arrest. As a Criminal Defense Attorney, I can tell you that no Prosecutor will want to pursue this case, and even a rookie defender could have this dismissed by the close of the Government’s case in chief. Total Nonsense. FREE ADRIAN!!!

  6. Not sure how familiar the rest of you are with Houston PD, but they have a reputation for being a little aggressive. A few years ago the HPD responded to an indie folk music show at a bar they had deemed “too loud.” One officer ended up tazing nearly the entire bar, including one of the musicians (while he was sitting on stage playing guitar), a father and his 13 year-old song who were attending the show.

  7. “its obvious Adrian is innocent”… Why? Because his lawyer said so? He was just recently Roger Clemens attorney….was he obviously innocent as well because Rusty said so?

  8. If A.P. is telling the truth, and I believe that he is, the desire not to drop charges indicates the desire of the officers in question to commit perjury.

  9. I believe Adrian. Please stay out of bars sir. 20-years from now you will like yourself much better for the decision.

  10. Police officers should not be permitted to work side jobs where alcohol is involved. It creates a conflict of interest as we see here. HPD is just asking for trouble by allowing their officers to do this.
    The real problem arises if you have a hot tempered cop in this side job who uses his position for leverage. The police officers would not be in uniform so if someone did shove them, its not assaulting a police officer b/c they have to be in the execution of their duties….and at thus side show job, they are not a cop.
    Ii believe the player in this situation. HPD should show some smarts and not allow their officers to work side jobs as bouncers.

  11. If this happened and the guy wasn’t AP, or a celebrity, or a Sooner in Texas 🙂 the bouncer/cop would never have gone so far as to arrest the guy. In fact if it was Colt McCoy they would have driven him home,… maybe, …ok maybe not, but you get the point.

  12. if AP was a trouble maker he would have had other issues in the past. hes been in this league long enough. fights in bars with police officers and being drunk out of his mind just doesnt fit his character.

  13. As I recall, the DA offered to allow Peterson to pay a $1000 fine (no jail time) to make this all go away. It appears to me that AP is spending more than the cost of that fine to have his reputation cleared.

    This is looking more and more like a case of a couple of idiots telling AP to “Respect my Authoritah!” and then trying to teach him a lesson for refusing to bow. And now they are getting a civics lesson.

  14. He didn’t do anything wrong. In fact, it was the police officers that were drunk and obnoxious. Peterson was helping to escort the officers out of the building when one of the drunkards jumped on his back. People are getting the truth twisted.

  15. Is this the same Houston PD that tried to arrest the football player for trying to see his mother in law who was dying pretty much right then and there? Correct me if I’m wrong, its been a little while. Yea, its fine if u don’t Adrian, but I’m starting to see a problem.

  16. Security video tapes are not a necessary componet for a criminal conviction lol. And drunken athletes and club goers out at 2 or 3 am arent good witnesses. This is a bull#$% minor case with a top flight lawyer that should be handling major murder cases. A little attorney overkill here. It will be dropped soon, end of story.

  17. Cops working as private security should never be able to use police powers to do the private job with the exception of stooping violent attacks.

    It would end rediculous situations where the bouncer in a bar arrests someone for ‘resisting arrest.’

  18. Adrian Peterson: I didn’t push, shove, touch anyone
    He brazenly says after knowing a video of the occurrence doesn’t exist. It’ll be funny when he perjures himself under oath and someone steps forward with a cell phone video which contradicts his statement.

  19. I wish I could see AP bulldoze some jerkoff Longhorn Loving cops who are just out to flex their muscle as he runs away from the rest of them spiking his shoe in a makeshift endzone…wait, what…I miss football 🙁

  20. mjkelly77 – This is like the hundredth post from you supporting the idiot cops in this situation. Peterson has a huge number of eye witnesses backing up his story, the cops have only each other. If you are a cop, which I suspect you are, you know as well as I do that if Peterson had done something worthy of being arrested, the cops WOULD HAVE CHARGED HIM. They didn’t, which means they beat down and arrested a man for no reason.

    I hope at the end of the day Peterson gets a public apology from the DA on behalf of the Houston PD, the two idiot cops get fired and Peterson owns that bar.

  21. Seriously, how many years has this guy been in the league and i may be wrong but isn’t this the first run in with the law for him?

  22. This is 2012… NO TAPE.. NO TAPE.. PLEASE.. AP didnt do anything wrong an the police knew THE TAPE would have proved that AP didnt push anyone. NO TAPE… in a night club an everybody knows you cant go NOWHERE an a camra anit in your face anymore. There are camras on the street lights all over Chicago right now

  23. Theres no tape because the tape didnt show what the club wanted it to show. It didnt show what their security said it would show. So the tapes – all of them from all those cameras every nightclub like this has, positioned so security can watch over the entire club – magically disappeared. I believe A.P.

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