Chiefs at No. 21 in our preseason power rankings

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The Kansas City Chiefs are the subject of our latest preseason preview, checking in at No. 21 our preseason power rankings.

Last year the injury-riddled Chiefs got off to a disastrous start and didn’t right the ship in time for a return to the playoffs, despite playing in a mediocre AFC West that was ripe for the taking. This year the Chiefs should be healthier, but we see the Chiefs falling short in their division again.

But what do you see, PFT Planet? Is our ranking of the Chiefs as the No. 21 team in the NFL too low, given that they’ve got a good chance of getting better just by getting healthier? Or is it too high, given that Matt Cassel still hasn’t proven himself as a strong starter at quarterback, and given that a very good cornerback in Brandon Carr left in free agency?

Or did we hit the nail on the head? Vote below.

14 responses to “Chiefs at No. 21 in our preseason power rankings

  1. Valid comments about Carr and 7. I think it should be said that we’ve upgraded the OL considerably which gives any QB a better shot. We’ll see what the new OC has going (still missing Charlie over here in my world) – but 7’s got a decent amount of weapons around him IF health isn’t a factor.

    I agree that the loss of Carr will be pretty significant – hopefully Stanford Routt can ball up a bit. Honestly though, Carr was one of those guys that I think the media started hyping a bit more while those of us that watched him play game-in/game-out saw some weaknesses there.

    I’d like to see Baldwin step up and be the presence that he was drafted so highly to be. I know it’s not everything, but I absolutely loved that video he posted at like 1am of him running up and down hills in his neighborhood. We needed to see that of this kid, especially after the way he started his career in here (the fight/injury ordeal).

    Overall, I think we’ve got a chance to be an 8-8 team or really play to our potential and rise to that 10-11 game level. Still a lot of questions to be answered on whether or not JC bounces back after that knee injury (same with Berry) – but there’s a lot of fight in this team and I think we’ve got a good shot at turning some heads for sure.

  2. Carr is certainly good, but he has been highly over-hyped this offseason. I’m glad that he got the contract that he did from the Cowboys, but I’m more glad that the Chiefs didn’t offer that large of a contract for a clear #2 CB. The Chargers have Rivers, the Raiders have McFadden, and the Broncos have Miller, but the Chies have the modern day Barry Sanders back from the IR in Charles.

    I would bet against this standing, and for a much higher standing in February 2013.

  3. If they still had Weis and could get Quinn as their QB they would probably be ranked in the top 2 or 3.

  4. Carr was very over-rated from day one. He didn’t earn his starting job if you remember, it fell to him due to injuries. No loss there with Rout coming in. The O-line will be miles better with Winston anchoring the right side. Getting 3 of the teams best 5 back from injury will be huge.

    Raiders are in a shambles.
    San Diego has missed their window.
    Adding Payton to Denver is just shining a turd.
    Chiefs will win the division.

  5. Chiefs should be ranked 16 or 15 or somewhere like that in the middle of the pack. Like always. Champions of excellent mediocrity.

  6. Btw. Funny how they flip their lid over the departure of a #2 CB as such a devastating blow. I’m sure the return of Berry, Charles, Moeaki, will make up for that just fine. Cassel stinks though, they will never do any better than a one and done with him there

  7. Not sold on RC as a head coach. Chefs are very bipolar at the moment so it’s hard to predict anything with them. So yeah putting them somewhere close to the middle is safe. That way you’re not too far off when they either tank or secure a playoff birth.

  8. lanjoith says:
    Jul 14, 2012 9:43 PM
    $1,000 says the Chiefs don’t win 7 games.

    ————————/—/—————— ————————
    I’ll take that bet and ask why your $1,000 would say such a thing

  9. I’m a Raiders fan and I look at the Chiefs roster on paper and see a loaded team. They have a lot of promising young talent. Cassell is not an elite QB but the Chiefs are not asking him to play in a pass happy offense where he has to carry the team. The biggest concern is Charles and if he’s able to come back to where he was this year. Ligament tears in the knee usually take 2 healthy seasons before a player truly comes back into his own if he will ever come back to where he was. He could be a lucky case and return to form early.

    Stanford Routt was unfairly ref’ed last season due to the fact that the Raiders are just given loads of penalties. He played in a man system that asked for physical play so he suffered from his hand checking in coverage. I have a feeling that he will do just fine on the Chiefs as they do not get the anti-ref bias in coverage and they probably do not play as much man defense as the Raiders relied on. Sorry to mention the rival team so much but I was a fan of Routt and thought he had talent.

    Chiefs have a lot of good players in important positions and it’s up to them to put it all together, imo. If they can limit Cassell’s influence or reliance on him and be successful running it then they should have a team that can finish above .500.

    I disagree with CBally in that the Raiders are in shambles. They would’ve won the division if it weren’t for an awful defense. I think the Chiefs and the Raiders will be battling for the division this year with an edge towards the Chiefs due to their talent at many positions.

    Good luck to the AFC West and may every team battle it out for the division with as healthy as possible rosters throughout the year. It’s time we bring the division back as the one of the strongest in the NFL.

  10. jgrange says: Jul 15, 2012 11:04 AM

    Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson have Super Bowl rings…
    As bad as they were, they were way better than Casel.

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