Josh Gordon claims he never failed a drug test at Utah

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We noted today that an report said Josh Gordon, the wide receiver chosen by the Cleveland Browns in the supplemental draft this week, has failed three drug tests, including one at Utah, where he enrolled after he had been kicked off the team at Baylor.

But Gordon says that’s not true.

On Thursday, before the report was published, Gordon told the Cleveland Plain Dealer that he hadn’t failed any drug tests at Utah.

The whole time I was in Utah, I never ended up testing positive for any administrative test given by the administrative people there,” Gordon said. “It was just their choice to test me and just make sure I was staying clean.”

After the report was published, Gordon told the Plain Dealer that the quote was accurate, although he declined to elaborate.

Whatever the facts of Gordon’s positive tests, and whether he had two or three of them, the Browns were well aware that Gordon’s marijuana use had derailed his college career at Baylor. And they still thought he was worth a second-round pick.