Nothing to prove and no more percentages for Peyton


As Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning prepares to embark on his 15th NFL season and his first with a team other than the Colts, he has made two things clear.

Asked at the annual Manning Passing Academy whether he has anything to prove, Peyton tersely said, “No,” according to the Associated Press.  (Which of course means, “Yes.”)

Asked how close he is to being fully healthy, Peyton said he has “stopped giving percentages.”  (Which of course means, “Not as close as I’d like to be.”)

But he did say that his rehab continues, months after his most recent neck surgery, and his younger brother expressed optimism for the upcoming season on their joint behalf.

“Peyton is a four-time MVP, a Super Bowl champion,” Eli said.  “He’s coming off an injury, but he’s going to be ready to play. . . .  We’re both looking forward to a great season ahead of us.”

After one of the craziest offseasons in league history, we’re all looking forward to a great season.  And it all gets started pretty soon.

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  1. It’s not irresponsible at all for a journalist to put words in an athletes mouth, or to insert his own dimwitted opinions as if they are facts.

    Nope, not at all.

  2. Couldn’t just say he is in football shape and ready to play? Seems like you are always grinding an axe o. Peyton and the Colts. We still thank Peyton for all he did as a Colt and wish him much more success.

  3. He still has to prove he can play in cold weather. Look at old clips of him playing in cold conditions. His body language completely sucks. I’m betting the Bronco’s will suck this year.

  4. the only think peyton has to prove is to take the 1st snap in the 1st game. he’ll get 28 million once the ball is snapped. And when he’s taken out on the stretcher before the end of that game the camera shows elway crying.

  5. I can’t get what the purpose is of using that pseudo-comedy that’s just putting words in people’s mouths. Why do those statements “of course” mean anything like that? You say it like its obvious common knowledge.

    You’re better when you don’t sound like you hate 95% of football, its personnel, and its players. I realize that’s not often, but still.

  6. Avg temp at kickoff over the last 50 plus years has been 60 degrees. Not as cold as one would think.

  7. “Come the playoffs Denver will be there and go deep because of Manning.”

    FYI – They went to the playoffs LAST year (after a long drought) because of Tebow, and they went to the 2nd round.

    IMHO, it’s honestly going to be a MAJOR embarrassment to this organization that dumped Tebow and went all in with Peyton if they don’t make it to at LEAST the championship game.

  8. Sorry for the hopeful but manningis done. He went with Denver to get the biggest guaranteed payroll. It was all over last year. The Broncos think they’re getting the 2004 version but alas, they’re getting the 2012 wreck.

  9. “nyyjetsknicks says:
    Jul 14, 2012 7:42 PM
    Eli has 2 rings, Peyton has 1. That’s something to prove.”

    The rings are team rings and not individual..heck Trent Dilfer has a ring. 4 time MVP…now that is special. I am glad the guy is out of the AFC South as he led a team to dominance there.

  10. s11ekans says: Jul 14, 2012 7:35 PM

    Please! Someone get arrested so we don’t have fillers from the Manning’s. Who have as many rings combined as one Tom Brady!


    Now that was just petty. Would it be also petty to mention one of those Mannings is 2-0 head to head against Brady in Superbowls? It’s a good thing Brady’s team didn’t face the Giants in other Superbowls.

  11. No live NFL action for 18 mths, 4 neck surgeries later, and will be 37 in November, I’ll believe it when I see it, let’s face it he”ll never be the same as he once was

  12. Tom Brady was awarded Super Bowl rings back when the Patriots had a defense.
    Peyton Manning collected a Super Bowl ring back when the Colts had a defense.
    Ben Roethlisberger has two Super Bowl rings, which is one more ring than he has completed TD passes in those two Super Bowls.
    Maybe it helps to be a quarterback on a team that has a great defense…

  13. He’s got to prove that he can play consistently outdoors, in cold weather. He’s got to prove he’s good enough / recovered to play in the NFL. He’s got to prove he’s worth all that money. He’s got to prove he’s as good as his brother (which is insane.)

    He’s got a lot to prove. I wish him well and can’t wait for the Broncos to play the Pats. We all know that it wasn’t really Colts vs. Patriots, it was Manning vs. Brady/Belichick.

  14. “FYI – They went to the playoffs LAST year (after a long drought) because of Tebow, and they went to the 2nd round.”

    The Broncos did not go to the playoffs because of Tebow, they made the playoffs DESPITE Tebow! He did more to hurt his team than he did to help them. Seriously, look at his footballoutsiders stats. Few people seem to understand exactly how bad Tim Tebow was last year, the man has no business starting at QB in the NFL.

  15. Translation, he’s 100% healthy, look out afc west. The so call tough schedule is gonna seem easy when we’re steam rolling pass teams on our way to the superbowl, don’t expect less

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