Pierre Thomas on Drew Brees contract: It’s about time


Pierre Thomas’s reaction to Drew Brees getting his contract done was the same as most New Orleans fans: It’s about time.

Hours after Brees signed a five-year, $100 million contract, Thomas said that Brees isn’t the least bit overpaid. With everything Brees does for the Saints, Thomas thinks the team got a deal.

“My reaction was, about time. It’s about time,” Thomas said on ESPN. “He deserves it. He does a lot for this organization, he does a lot for New Orleans. He busts his butt to get the position where he’s at in his career. He’s set so many records, the man is a coach of the game, a teacher of the game and he’s a player too. He’s a great guy and you want to see greatness for him. I’m proud and I’m happy for him.”

Although it’s been a rough offseason in New Orleans, Thomas said getting Brees in the fold puts the focus back on the field.

“We got our captain back. We got our general back,” Thomas said. “We’ve got to move forward, move on and get ready for this season.”

The Saints now have a real reason for optimism as they get ready for this season.

20 responses to “Pierre Thomas on Drew Brees contract: It’s about time

  1. Very nice Pierre. You do realize you and your teammates will now be eating leftovers for the next five years. The idea that one player deserves that big a piece of the pie in a team sport that requires so much from so many players, is simply absurd.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Mega Deal actually provide salary cap relief? That is how you work the system! Thomas should be excited. The delay in this deal was mind boggling! He is easily a top 5 QB and for some reason his GM was dissing him with that “good not great” garbage.

  3. Not hating on Drew or the Saints, but this is an all-in contract. The signing bonus is jaw dropping. Having a couple of years with a cap charge over $26 million will seriously restrict their roster. Within 2 years, Jimmy Graham has watched the Gronk and Brees contract and will be saying “Where’s mine?”

  4. With many hard working people out of work and the country going down the tubes this guy feels he deserves this kind money to play a game.

  5. The haters are going to hate. The argument about his teammates are going to have to play for crumbs is absurd. His cap numbers are actually below the 20 mil mark the first three years. We’re the same people complaining about Detroit paying Johnson his 17 mil a year to run routes? What about Denver with Manning? He has the same cap number as or even less then Tom Brady! Mickey Loomis and Brees obviously structured this contract that was both front loaded for Brees (first year payout) and backload last two years of increase salary cap hit.

    The notion that the Saints are going to be cash strapped is ridiculous, look at the free agent signing this year along with Brees. Wait till Aaron Rodgers is up think he will give a home team discount after playing for 8 mil this year and next? The saints have their franchise QB locked up for the rest of his career, bottom line!

  6. 49erstim says:
    Jul 14, 2012 7:57 AM
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Mega Deal actually provide salary cap relief? That is how you work the system! Thomas should be excited. The delay in this deal was mind boggling! He is easily a top 5 QB and for some reason his GM was dissing him with that “good not great” garbage.


    You are correct. The Saints are now 6 mil under the cap. Before Brees signed,they were 1 Mil. over. It reminds me of what former MNF host Al Michaels once said. He quipped the MVP for teams now is their accountant who probably has a doctorate from Wharton.

    It’s a little more complex than this,but essentially the signing bonus is pro rated over the course of the contract. In reality,it’s a 3 year 60 million deal Brees signed. If Brees is healthy and playing well in years 4-5 of this contract, the remaining money will be turned into another signing bonus. The rest will be pro rated again and the Saints will release him to avoid getting hit by a huge figure against the cap again. This is pretty much common practice for the very elite players in this league. The Saints are also banking when the new TV contracts come up,the cap will increase substantially as well.

  7. philyeagles5 says:
    Jul 14, 2012 9:29 AM
    am i the only one that hopes they miss the playoffs?


    Am I the only one who hopes your team never wins a Super Bowl?

  8. What is it with all these arm chair GMs worrying about Brees’s contract impacting the Saints salary cap? You guys are funny. It’s the General Manager’s job to figure out how to fit contracts under the salary cap. In the NFL there are many ways to do that. The last two years they can always rework part of the massive base salary of $20+ million into bonuses which are not as damaging against the cap, if they think Bree’s isn’t worth it any more they can always cut him before the end of his contract like the Colts did Manning….there are many, many, options.
    You guys are too funny.

  9. Poor uneducated posters above don’t even understand how cap friendly this genius deal is….get your facts straight idiots before making such asinine comments…and, stop hating andissour second ring…..

  10. shutupbrees says: Jul 14, 2012 7:43 AM

    They’re gonna get dropped week 1 by Washington
    what will happen after week 1 is the first of many fan bases demanding an explanation of why a team without their head coach beat their team

  11. @patriots42…your statement seems pretty unfair. The money that flows through the NFL is its own. My tax dollars do not pay a dime of what these guys make so as far as I’m concerned they can all make a gazillion dollars a week. Pure and simple they have a marketable skill and are trying to maximize their earning potential. If the owner at your place of employment offered you that kind of money there is NO WAY you’d turn it down. That is the definition of hypocrisy. Maybe instead of falling into your current line of work you should’ve learned to throw a football 60 yards. Just a thought. Enjoy your capitalist society Sir!

  12. all the haters and jealous whiners trying to say brees is greedy brees is this brees is that. after signing brees, they are 6m under the cap as opposed to 1m over. the last 2 years are the only 2 with big cap numbers and if they want to they can extend the deal and lower the cap number. this is how every team does it including your teams. your just jealous we have the best qback in the game locked up for the next 5 years and your team does not. it’s natural to hate when your jealous it’s just not very attractive. you should consider some therapy to work it out. WHO DAT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!BLACK AND GOLD SUPERBOWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Brees is worth every penny. Franchise, city leading, team leading, record breaking, consistent NFL quarterbacks don’t exactly grow on trees. He is the whole package, and a great guy. New Orleans is lucky to have him, and probably 25 other NFL teams would roll out a dump truck full of cash to get him to play in their city. I’m still rooting for New Orleans, and for the Saints.

  14. Mickey Loomis made for his job the best in the NFL so Saints Fans don’t worry about next season salary cap. The same way Mickey Loomis worked Drew Brees in I’m sure he can work the others. Just be happy and enjoy the season because it going to be another record broking season for the New Orleans Saints. All the ones say the Saints want make the playoffs must be smoking jungle weed or some hay we have a important mission to fulfill know team in the NFL going to stop them. So many was hoping that Brees contract would have failed wrong once a WHODAT always a Saints so get a life and a bag of popcorn.

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