Police recover a 1985 Bear’s stolen Super Bowl ring

Getty Images

Stefan Humphries, an offensive lineman who played for the 1985 Bears (and was a drummer in the “Super Bowl Shuffle” video), got some good news recently when police in Spokane, Washington, recovered the Super Bowl ring that was stolen from his home last month.

Humphries, who may be best known for a 1984 Sports Illustrated story that labeled him The Can’t-Miss Kid for his excellence both on the field and in the classroom, went to medical school after retiring from the NFL and is now a doctor. He said that when his home was ransacked while he was on vacation, he was a lot less worried about the monetary value of the items stolen than the sentimental value.

I was in a funk for a couple of weeks as a result of it,” Humphries told the Spokesman-Review. “It’s that sentimental attachment that you really can’t replace. . . . It’s priceless, it’s personal and it definitely is associated with some wonderful memories.”

The Super Bowl ring, a Rose Bowl ring Humphries earned at Michigan and other property were stolen, but Spokane police detectives, working as part of a U.S. Marshals task force that could track down suspects across state lines, found much of his property in a motel room in Post Falls, Idaho, after arresting a convicted felon named Jonathan R. Andersen. Police say Andersen was driving a stolen SUV that had thousands of dollars worth of stolen jewelry in it.

Unfortunately, Humphries’s Big Ten championship ring, Michigan senior ring and diamond and gold Super Bowl pendant have not been recovered.