Report: Raiders agree to deal with Tyvon Branch

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It’s not a Drew Brees deal, but it’s a deal.

According to Jason LaCanfora of, the Raiders and franchise-tagged safety Tyvon Branch agreed to a four-year contract Saturday. LaCanfora reports the deal will be finalized today.

Branch had signed his $6.2 million tender and worked out with the team through the offseason, and his was seen as one of the least contentious of the tag issues around the league this year.

Monday’s the deadline for tagged players to get a long-term deal, or else they’ll have to play under their one-year tenders. Branch becomes the ninth of the 21 tagged players to get a deal this year, following Brees’ mega-deal yesterday.

(UPDATE: 11:43 a.m.) Steve Wyche of the NFL Network reports the deal is worth $26.6 million over four years, with $17.1 million guaranteed.

21 responses to “Report: Raiders agree to deal with Tyvon Branch

  1. Bouya!

    He’s one of the very top safety’s in the game, just love this guy, crazy speed too.

    This frees up some cap room too, bonus.

  2. Nice. Now, watch the Bergstrom and Criner deals get done quickly. Also, it wouldn’t surprise me if Benson followed next. Michael Bush is the only guy we’ve lost that means anything.

    You listening, Silva? This is a slepper team with a top 10 offense, a defense that should be greatly improved through coaching and scheme alone, and the best kicker/punter combo in the league. This is a team ready to take the West.

    The haters and so called “experts” that don’t really know what they’re talking about are going to be eating some crow in about two months when this thing is finally under way.

    Oh, and as far as the style the Raiders will play, that’s tough, physical football in all phases. That will never change.

  3. Probably the most underrated player in the league! Guy can cover has crazy speed high iq nd put a lick on ANYBODY..if we sign Benson our offense will be back to last years form before dmac got hurt. What I’m most excited about with my silver and black iz we finally got a above average O-LINE!! we havnt been able to protect our qbs since the Lincoln Kennedy dayz…#RAIDER-NATION

  4. never was a doubt….i just hope coach allen and coach tarver utilize him with the right schemes to compliment Branch, Huff, and Mitchell.

    GO RAIDERS!!!!! Keep it going Reggie!

  5. Big Reg has it all going in the right direction. Despite the obstacles, Big Reg has put together a nice little offseason so far.

    The RAIDERS will hurt some feelings in the division this year.

  6. Humdolt? Humdolt? Paging Mr. Humdolt? Remember how we couldn’t sign our own players? You seem really quiet right now. (Gosh – I hope she’s okay. Broken heel jumping off that bandwagon?)

    Lemme guess Hummer: you see the Raiders in panic mode? Mark Davis just trying to impress his father’s ghost? The numbers are too high for a Safety not wearing a pastel uniform? Do I have to do all the work for you?

    What’s worse than a trolling Powder Puff fan? Our own fellow Raider Nationals so blinded by myopia they are unable to see how good Reggie has been for this team. Oh well. This ain’t gonna change over night.

    Slow corners? Seriously? How did Routt’s speed work out for us in real life football? C’mon man. Al would’ve announced this contract extension two months ago… And it would’ve been for 40 million, 30 guaranteed. Be stoked! There is only ONE NATION. (And this year will show how not being completely built on a bandwagon pays off. Pay attention, Powder Clouders. )

  7. To me, we I see how the Raiders are ranked by experts you really have to question the sensationalism in the articles. Why not rate Denver lower, they have Manning but what else? Their defense lacks major talent and has issues with age. They don’t exactly have a safety value TE for Manning like they did in Indy and they needed more than just obtaining Manning.

    Raiders had a top 5 offense at one point last season, a top 10 to finish last season. Wisniewski is far better than Satele at C, but they needed a LG. Their offensive line surrendered some of the fewest sacks compared to last year, and they lead the way in rushing with McFadden before dropping off to 7 due to injury. Defensively people forget that Bresnahan was their DC…Under Marshall Raiders were top 10 in the league in yards allowed and 15 in points allowed, which put them in the middle of the pack and heck that was with a handicapped defensive scheme. Did people forget Raiders were 3rd in the league in sacks with moderate (and thats just being friendly) blitzing that same year.
    They took care of their overpriced contracts, freed up cap space and took legitimate (players who were pretty good in college) depth players to fill ST and back-up rolls instead of raw talent alone.
    No team can put together an All-Pro team, they had their starters in place for most of their vital positions for 2 years now, the problem was depth players came in too raw at the pro level and production dropped off, top that with an old fashion defensive philosophy not particularly suited in today’s NFL you have a mediocre team.
    Raiders are the sleeper team of the year. They have the talent to be an elite team, especially with QB issues taken care of with Palmer. The question is can they finally live up to potential?

  8. routt is way better than the the retreads they got, still a raider fan though. If you cant see that you dont know football. Penalties are part of the game vampire kid…

  9. Raider fans won’t admit this, but with the Raiders defense showing more 2 high this year. They better pray Branch can play the zone as well as he plays a box safety, otherwise that great player you had might look like a fish out of water, like Nhamdi in Philly.

  10. danightwatchman says:
    Jul 14, 2012 9:49 PM
    routt is way better than the the retreads they got, still a raider fan though. If you cant see that you dont know football. Penalties are part of the game vampire kid…


    For me the name brings Rod Serling to mind, but if you read it and think Dawson’s Crypt… hey man, whatever you’re into.

    I’ve been a Raider fan since the grand ol’ year of ’76.

    Yup: penalties are part of the game. Like… one or two occasionally. Interceptions are also part of the game and for the price of 10 million a year, there better be more than one or two occasionally. Stanford Routt has never been the difference between a win or a loss for us, but if he had been…. again… it should have been more than one or two times. He’s terrible and if Al hadn’t paid him all that cash, no one would know who he was. He would be in Fabian Washington/James Trapp – aka, unemployed.

    The guys we’ve signed are football players, not track stars. Are they slower? Yeah. So are quite a few other starting CBs in this league who’ve done more than Stanford Routt ever will. If these guys don’t pan out – and they still actually might – we’re on the hook no further than this year and we can keep looking… we might even be able to draft a guy who’s in the league longer than three or four years.
    Plus, with a defense that hasn’t been outdated for 15 years, we might not really need guys that run 4.2 40’s. Imagine that.

  11. Great news. Branch can finally play in a real defense and not one from the 1970s. Allen will use his defensive players where they are strongest and he won’t be hung out to dry on one side of the field as a deep safety any more. He will be in a modern defense that will actually mask its coverage/blitzes which will be a huge help to him and Huff.

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