Seahawks land at No. 22 in preseason power poll

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We like what the Seattle Seahawks are doing in the front office, and the product Pete Carroll has put on the field despite average to below average talent through two seasons. Slowly but surely, the talent is catching up. And that makes Seattle a possibly dangerous 2012 team.

Bang it here for our 2012 Seahawks preview.

In the end, we couldn’t get Seattle any higher than 22nd in our preseason power poll. We want to know what you think.

8 responses to “Seahawks land at No. 22 in preseason power poll

  1. Top 5? LOL

    Everyone is a Superbowl contender in July…

    The people who cover football for a living have Seattle at 22. They probably have a better idea of reality than local fans spoon fed by local media. For the mathematically challenged, that is close to the BOTTOM of the NFL, certainly not in the top 5.

  2. Ok now for the people who are truly off (matt2calvin this is for you)

    the seahawks can definitely have a top 5 defense based on how they played last season. 22 in a preseason poll is meaningless. Seattle can and will have a solid chance to make a run at the playoffs this year.

    BTW if you choose to rely on so called people who cover football for a living, don’t be surprised if you sound as narrow minded, east coast agenda, and shallow as most of those people do. example ESPN

  3. Thats funny Matt2calvin because last I checked ESPN was in Bristol and not Seattle. If you watched NFL live at all or any of their NFL shows on ESPN a lot of the experts have Seattles D pegged to be a top 5 defense and some are picking them to win the NFC west this year based on what kind of quarterback play they get.

  4. @matt2calvin… He was speaking of the Seahawks DEFENSE. It is entirely possible to have the #5 defense and still be ranked 22 overall…trust me! lol the 9ers had been making a habit of solid D, but putrid offense for YEARS! Next time read (and then re-read!) what somebody writes BEFORE responding. You’ll come across better. This is where somebody would say “typical Lions fan”, but I had the pleasure of hanging with a few Lions fans last year at the sports bar during the 49ers/Lions game and they were knowledgeable and fun. Try that next time!

  5. I think the Seahawks will have a top 10 Defense and will NEED it! Playing Pats, Lions,Packers, Cowboys, etc. They have no easy Teams: Dolphins, Jets, Bills and Vikes and all can Win. Rams and Cards twice are no slouch. Seattle finishes 8-8 and has a shot at a Wildcard but must atleast split with the 49ers and sweep the Cards. Not a Hater, but unless the QB issue is figured out quickly, it won’t happen. Also, the sooner R. Wilson gets on the field the better. Matt Flynn could be good (I dont have a crystal ball), but Wilson will be the future.

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