Tom Benson writes some big checks

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As the saying goes, if you have to ask, you can’t afford it.

Saints owner Tom Benson apparently can afford to commit to $158 million worth of contracts.  In two days.  For two players.

On Friday, Saints quarterback Drew Brees received a five-year, $100 million contract.  On Saturday, Benson’s Hornets matched a four-year, $58 million offer sheet signed by Eric Gordon with the Suns.

It’s not a bad haul for Gordon, given that he appeared in roughly 10 percent of the team’s games last season.

The two contracts total nearly half of the $338 million Benson paid for the Hornets earlier this year.

So, yeah, Benson is loaded.  And he can attribute much of that to the fact that he bought the Saints before the NFL became as wildly popular as it now is.

17 responses to “Tom Benson writes some big checks

  1. Gordon has clearly stated he doesn’t want to be here in NO and that his heart is in Phoenix. Why match the offer sheet? But I guess it ain’t my money to spend.

  2. Add in the contracts of all the Hornets and Saints players, coaches and from office members and he’s dishing out over billion dollars. Must be nice… Lol

  3. Ii saw this on my iPhone’s browser and with the tiny script I thought it said “Tom Bemson wrings some big chicks”

  4. Don’t forget that Benson’s Louisiana Media Company also owns WVUE (Fox 8) in New Orleans, which it acquired from Emmis Communications in 2008. In that sense, there is major long-term motivation for the Saints to exceed the blackout threshold should attendance issues become a problem on down the line, since a blackout means not only fewer fans at the game but also the Saints home games that FOX carries (up to six in the regular-season plus any home playoff games) not airing live on WVUE.

  5. Cause he and now Austin Rivers are all you have to show for once having the best point guard in the Nba. Franchise suicide to let that good of a talent walk for nothing. Now he’s signed for 4 years at less than max salary, so it’s good. If he doesn’t play well or in good faith he won’t receive a next contract.

  6. Gordon was just playing Phoenix for leverage, he’s a top 5 SG with an incredible ceiling. If anything, Gordon is worth more money than Brees, because the guy has a good 10 years of high level play ahead of him.

  7. @ckirklin79…C’mon dude, if Gordon truly wanted to leave..he would’ve signed 1yr. qualifying offer hornets offered to him and become unrestricted to hit free agency..of course he will tell suns that he didn’t want to be here in NO and his heart is in phoenix..gordon, just wanted to test market and get a max contract which he accomplished and received 8M more in his pocket…Gordon says, he is happy in NO and will do what it takes to make hornets successful after hornets matched suns offer…u say why match offer sheet? because he is a top 5 guard when healthy and hornets will build a team around him…second of all, folks get upset all the time..just a misunderstanding between coach and player, but it’s resolved and gordon is onboard with hornets 100%.

  8. If so, why did Benson make Sean Peyton pull $250K out of his own salary to pay Gregg Williams to come on board 4 years ago?

  9. Tom Benson is a businessman if the Suns want Gordon let them pay Tom Benson top dollars for him. The name of the game is to make money not give it away its not what Gordon wants its what Tom Benson wants then if Gordon not happy then Tom Benson can put him on the market and make that paper. Like I said before the New Orleans Saints & Hornets has a masterminded staff so the people’s need to learn you looking at accounts masters that knows how to turn money not lose it.

  10. And now he will write a big check to Lois Freeh, just to be told his team is guilty of cheating!

  11. thanks mr benson for all you have done and all you continue to do for the city and the fans. we’ve definitely had our moments of disagreement but you have come through in a big way since katrina and we the fans appreciate it. WHO DAT BABY!!!!!!!!!

  12. To show Benson how out of touch he was, I once asked him: “Hey Tom, how much is a quart of milk?”.
    His reply: “it costs me nothing, I own the dairy”.

    Kind of puts it in perspective.

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