Dez Bryant: I’m quicker, faster, stronger this year

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Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant says that a full offseason working with the team’s strength and conditioning staff has him in much better shape this year than he was at the end of the lockout last year.

Bryant told the Dallas Morning News he’s “a lot stronger” than he was before, and that working with Cowboys strength coach Mike Woicik has made a big difference.

“It affected me big time,” Bryant said. “I feel much quicker. I’m coming out of my breaks faster. I got in shape real quick. I know all the other guys have been going through the same workouts, so I’m pretty sure they feel the same exact way. I feel like the team is just really ready to go. I’m not going to predict anything, but I know for a fact that we’re ready to go.”

Bryant has said he was never at peak form last season after suffering a deep thigh bruise in Week One. This season he thinks he’s better than ever.

17 responses to “Dez Bryant: I’m quicker, faster, stronger this year

  1. I think the Cowboys are overrated every year, but Im gonna go ahead and say that this year I expect them to be a great team and possibly be a sleeper for the Super Bowl.

  2. Dez Bryant: I’m quicker, faster, stronger this year

    ———I don’t see smarter. I’d preffer smarter. Those off the field worries tend to also have some impact to a player’s game.

  3. 6thsense79 says: Jul 15, 2012 12:57 PM

    Dez Bryant: I’m quicker, faster, stronger this year

    ———I don’t see smarter. I’d preffer smarter.
    Oh the irony.

  4. This is Bryants true first full offseason. His rookie year he was injured and last season was the lockout. So yeah I can believe that he is getting stronger and faster and thats pretty exciting given the talent he has flashed in his small time in the league. As far as the criticism of him I never recall reading any headlines of him getting arrested for dwi, assault or any substance abuse. Sure he made some mistakes with money but that was over a year ago. Let the young man mature a bit and watch him blossom into a star receiver

  5. Demarco Murray is the game changer. When he went down you could see it took the life out of the team. If he stays healthy and we have a defense that doesn’t choke in the 2nd half it “could” (probably not) be a good year. A good year in Dallas is a Lombardi, anything else is a failure. However, I stopped letting my hopes get too high about 3-4 years ago.

  6. Everyone that plays for, and coaches for, and owns the Cowboys seems to need a lot of attention.

    Getting it by winning is for people on other teams.

  7. Dez Bryant has got talent and potential. Unfortunately for him, every NFL player has talent and potential and there are no guarantees in this league to be successful. All he can do is work hard and see if it pays off.

  8. If Dez can grow up & keep his mind football-focused, I expect him to have a big big year.

    Dude can be a flatout playmaker if he’s driven enough. Hopefully that increased strength will keep him healthy enough for 16 weeks.

    With the extra offseason work w/ Romo & the Cowboys offense/playbook, I think he’ll have hell of a year.

  9. His success will be measured by his attitude. Lots of talented guys fall by the waist side because they cannot sustain a level of maturity on and OFF the field.

    Good luck Dez, we definitely need you.

  10. Just the fact that he’s yapping about how great he is tells me he still doesn’t get it.

    He probably never will.

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