Drew Brees shakes hands, eats sandwich, takes physical, gets rich


Drew Brees took care of some important business Sunday.

Took some pictures with fans, ordered food and signed a $100 million contract, not necessarily in that order.

Brees made his contract official with his signature after taking a physical at Saints headquarters. He then stopped off for something to eat before a flight back to California, and was good enough to let folks know where. He asked fans on Twitter if anyone wanted to stop by his Jimmy John’s sandwich shop for “a celebratory #9”

(For the record, that’s the Italian Night Club, which features Real genoa salami, Italian capicola, smoked ham, and provolone cheese all topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, and homemade Italian vinaigrette.)

Brett Martel of the Associated Press caught him at the restaurant, where Brees said he looked forward to getting back to work. Brees only did one interview with WWL Radio Friday night, so Martel wins the Sunday Hustle Award, unless he just happened to be getting lunch.

It’s been a little surreal just because of the process throughout the offseason, and just how challenging an offseason it’s been for everyone, obviously everyone within the Saints organization, this city,” Brees said. “It’s just been a crazy offseason and I think we’re all just ready to get back to work and excited that it’s all starting here in a week. It’s hard to believe.”

Brees said he had numerous conversations with interim coach Joe Vitt and backup quarterback Chase Daniel, but looks forward to seeing a new look on defense, hoping new coordinator Steve Spagnuolo’s system gives him a challenge when camp starts.

“I just look forward to getting back to work,” Brees said. “It does feel like it’s been a while since I’ve been out there with my guys and we were running our offense.

“Camp, for me, especially now with Spagnuolo and a new defensive scheme, that’s fun for me because just as a competitor, you go through about a four-week period where you’re competing against your own defense and they’re scheming you up and you’re scheming them up,” Brees added. “I missed the guys; I missed the competition. I’m just excited to get back to work.”

13 responses to “Drew Brees shakes hands, eats sandwich, takes physical, gets rich

  1. WOW! there goes the haters once again try a 13-3 season and yes a super bowl contender. BOO YAA

  2. I feel like Drew Brees earned the contract, but aren’t you getting tired of the media glossing this man as the “perfect guy”? “Oh he so classy”. I wish the media could look past the political answers and realize no athlete is as original as you make it. Maybe, Tebow.

  3. Backup the Brinks Truck…Drew Got Paid! he set bar for new quarterback salary, but in next few years this contract will be old compared to younger quarterbacks due for a new contract and I’m quite sure as with new tv contracts kicking in 2014..quarterbacks will be earning 20+ per season

  4. 19-0, and saints fans can’t wait to “welcome” Goodell to the Superdome when he has to hand the Superbowl trophy to Brees.

  5. fballguy says: Jul 15, 2012 7:45 PM

    “May those millions comfort him during the upcoming 5-11 season.”


    Really? You take the 5-11 and I will take better than that for $5K. You want some of that action?

    Saints are a legitimate Super Bowl contender, even without their head coach. The Defense should be much improved and the offense should be at least 95% of what it was last year. That is 10 wins easy and 12-13 wins with a little luck. The don’t even need to be the #1 seed, because the Packers will lose in their first playoff game anyway……

  6. but looks forward to seeing a new look on defense, hoping new coordinator Steve Spagnuolo’s system gives him a challenge when camp starts.


    Unlike last time, maybe it won’t take til garbage time in the 4th quarter to finally throw a TD pass and keep his streak alive

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