Jags lineman arrested for outstanding traffic tickets

Last weekend, a big-name running back (Adrian Peterson) was arrested, obscuring the arrest of a lesser-known running back (Dion Lewis).

This weekend, the arrest of a high-profile defensive end (Elvis Dumervil) has caused many not to notice the arrest of a low-level defensive lineman.

Odrick Ray of the Jaguars was arrested Friday night, according to FOX23.com.

Ray, who played college football at Tulsa, was arrested in Tulsa for outstanding traffic warrants.

Undrafted in 2011 and later cut by the Jags but re-signed in 2012, Ray was pulled over for speeding and not wearing a seat belt.  Officers then discovered the outstanding warrants, and arrested him.

14 responses to “Jags lineman arrested for outstanding traffic tickets

  1. You have the admire the creativity of some of these younger players who are finding new ways to get arrested.

  2. thegreatgabbert says:
    Jul 15, 2012 7:10 PM

    They let him off on the littering charge. Overlooking the fact that he threw one of the tickets on the ground in frustration.

    They issued him a littering ticket BECAUSE he threw the ticket on the ground.

    That was in addition to the Speeding and seatbelt tickets that will be added to his existing warrants.

  3. This is on the verge of laughable. Can these idiots be responsible,,,even for a little while. Too much money, too young, everyone told them growing up that they are the best. They dont respect the law and its catching up to these guys.

  4. Perhaps it was noticed by other news media, but they just chose to not run any articles. It is news, but for news to be reported it must be newsworthy. That it is not!

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